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Auto Generate Invoice Number In Excel | Template Invoice and Card

Auto Generate Invoice Number In Excel

Can Excel accelerate Alerts? Yes, but with some limitations. Excel cannot email an active to you automatically unless you abode a macro in the Visual Basic (VBA) editor to accomplish this function. And, the admonition Active alone works if the Excel software is open. Not absolutely the acceptable adjustment you were acquisitive for, right?

Excel Automated Invoice Generator (FREE DOWNLOAD) - auto generate invoice number in excel
Excel Automated Invoice Generator (FREE DOWNLOAD) – auto generate invoice number in excel | auto generate invoice number in excel
Microsoft Excel Invoice 8 How to Make Auto Generate ..
Microsoft Excel Invoice 8 How to Make Auto Generate .. | auto generate invoice number in excel

Another option, although complicated and bound (at this time) to the XLS spreadsheet formats only, is to set up your spreadsheet like an Outlook Calendar, afresh acceptation the abstracts from one to the other. But this adjustment is not absolutely a satisfactory aftereffect either. So, until Microsoft decides to accommodate a activity solution, we accept to achieve for work-arounds, application macros added a little chiral action for the email.

We’ve created two archetype spreadsheets for you to use while practicing these tasks: 

The archetype spreadsheet in full, including macros: 

Use this spreadsheet to convenance creating Excel alerts and autograph macros for them. Note: This spreadsheet includes the macros. JD Sartain

The archetype spreadsheet afterwards the macros, in case you’re clumsy to download the one with the macros. 

Use this spreadsheet to convenance creating Excel alerts and autograph macros for them. Note: This spreadsheet does NOT accommodate the macros. JD Sartain

You can bureaucracy your spreadsheet to active you aback a borderline is abutting or aback the balance is due application the Conditional Formatting feature. Afresh it can accelerate an email to admonish you that the balance is due.

1. Download the Excel Alerts spreadsheet aloft (without macros) or actualize or use one of your own. 

2. In corpuscle A1, access the function: =TODAY().

3. If you’re architecture a spreadsheet from arena zero, access the afterward acreage names in columns A, B, D, and E: Invoices/Debts, Bulk Due, Due Day of the Month, Active Basal #, and Active Basal # on row 4. For cavalcade C, blazon Due Day, columnist Alt Access (to add a added line), afresh blazon of the Month. Do the aforementioned for the ample headers in the Active columns E and F.

4. Highlight both columns C and D, afresh select Home > Merge & Center > Merge & Center (from the Alignment group). Center the absolute acreage names in columns A, B, E, and F.

5. Abide the database/spreadsheet with some abstracts that matches the fields/column headers.

Because we do not appetite to actualize a abstracted spreadsheet for every ages of the year, we can use Excel functions to bout the canicule of the ages to the =TODAY() function, which enters the accepted date in corpuscle A1 for every distinct day, 365 canicule a year. But, unfortunately, day 10 (or the 10 th day of the month) does not bout the accepted date; for example; February 27, 2019 does not = 27 or 27th. So, we’ll use functions to accomplish them compatible.

6. Access the action =DAY(1) in corpuscle C5; =DAY(2) in C6; =DAY(3) in C7; and so alternating bottomward to C34 (for 30 days). (You may access 31 canicule if you like, but best bills are not due on the 31st because that day is not accessible in every month.)

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7. Next, in corpuscle A2 access the action =DAY(A1).

8. If you adopt basal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3 rd, etc.), you can access the basal numbers (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) in C5:C34, afresh add this blueprint in corpuscle D5: =DAY(C5)&IF(OR(DAY(C5)={1,2,3,21,22,23,31}),CHOOSE(1*RIGHT(DAY(C5),1),”st”,”nd “,”rd “),”th”).

9. Archetype the blueprint from D5 bottomward through D34 (D5:D34).

10. Add this aforementioned blueprint to corpuscle B2 (just archetype it from D5 to B2, and Excel adjusts the blueprint to atone for the new location).

The DAY() action converts the =TODAY() date to a cardinal (e.g., 1, 2, 3), which corresponds with one of the 30 canicule in any month. So, behindhand of what ages the TODAY() action displays, A2 displays alone the day. 

11. Now we charge the Active formulas for columns E and F. Access this blueprint in corpuscle E5: =IF(C5=$A$2,”DUE NOW”, 0). Use Action key F4 to add the $ (dollar) sign, which makes A2 an complete corpuscle advertence (that is, aback we archetype this formula, cavalcade C changes as we archetype down, but corpuscle A2 charcoal the same).

12. Archetype the blueprint in E5 bottomward from E6 through E34.

13. If you adopt the Basal numbers, archetype this blueprint into corpuscle F5: =IF(D5=$B$2,”DUE NOW”, 0), afresh archetype the blueprint in F5 bottomward from F6 through F34.

Create and abide the spreadsheet, afresh access formulas.

Now we can actualize a Conditional Formatting Rule to analyze the bills that are due now.

1. Highlight E5:E34, afresh baddest HOME > Conditional Formatting > New Rule.

2. In the New Formatting Rule chat box under Select a Rule Type, accept the added advantage on the list: Format Alone Beef that Contain.

3. In the Adapt the Rule Description box beneath Format Alone Beef With, accept Specific Text from the aboriginal field’s drop-down list, Containing from the added field’s drop-down list, and afresh access the words DUE NOW in all caps in the third acreage box.

4. Next, bang the Format button beside the Preview box.

5. The Format Beef chat opens. In the Underline acreage box, accept None anatomy the drop-down list.

6. Beneath Effects, ensure that none of the boxes are arrested or blacked-out.

7. Bang the arrow beside the Automated acreage box and accept a blush from the palette (e.g., Red). Apprehension that the acreage box name changes from Automated to Color.

Using If formular to create auto number in excel 8 - auto generate invoice number in excel
Using If formular to create auto number in excel 8 – auto generate invoice number in excel | auto generate invoice number in excel

8. In the Font Style box aloft the Automatic/Color box, baddest Bold, afresh bang OK and you did it!

Look bottomward cavalcade E Active Basal # for today’s date (in this case, February 27th, row 31): The words DUE NOW arise in corpuscle E31, in adventurous red. Tomorrow, the DUE NOW words will arise on row 32, which corresponds with tomorrow’s date of February 28th.

NOTE: If you adopt to assignment with the Basal numbers, chase the instructions above, exactly, except use the Alerts Basal # columns, that is cavalcade F, which agency the ambit will be F5:F34.

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Use Conditional Formatting to actualize your Alerts

Hmmm, that works abundant if you don’t apperception cat-and-mouse until the absolute aftermost due date to pay your bills. Let’s actualize a blueprint that gives us a few days’ notice.

This accession to your spreadsheet is abundantly simple. In corpuscle A1, you accept the blueprint =TODAY() and Excel allotment today’s date. Columnist Action key F2 to adapt corpuscle A1 and add 4 to the end of your formula; that is: =TODAY() 4.

Notice that Excel KNOWS that Feb 27th added 4 equals March 3 rd, alike admitting we’re alone alive with day numbers and not canicule of the month. Otherwise 27 4 would according 31. Pretty acute program, huh? So, now you accept four days’ apprehension afore your DUE NOW bills are absolutely due.

Modify one blueprint for a four-day apprehension on bills due.

As I mentioned previously, this is not automatic. You could abode a macro to do this, but you would still accept to accessible Excel to run the macro.

If you appetite to use a macro, which is a bit faster than manually assuming these steps, chase the instructions below.

NOTE: Afore you activate the macro, adjudge whether you appetite to use cavalcade E Basal Numbers or cavalcade F Basal Numbers. Annul the cavalcade you adjudge not to use. Apprehension that the keystrokes are printed in Adventurous and the comments are in (parentheses).

1. Bang the Developer tab, afresh bang the Almanac Macro button

2. Beneath Macro Name, blazon Alerts.

3. Beneath Adjustment Key, blazon Shift- M. Excel adds the Ctrl key, so the absolute macro adjustment keys are Ctrl Shift- M.

NOTE: This is a accompanying keystroke, which agency you columnist the Ctrl key and hold, columnist the Shift key and hold, afresh columnist the letter M, and absolution all three keys simultaneously.

4. Beneath Store Macro In, accept This Workbook (from the list).

5. Beneath Description access this text: Located the DUE NOW bill and moves the creditor and bulk owed to the top of the spreadsheet.

6. Bang OK.

Begin recording the afterward keystrokes (carefully):

1. Columnist Ctrl Home

2. Right, Right, Right, Appropriate (to annul cavalcade E) 


3. Right, Right, Right, Right, Appropriate (to annul cavalcade F)

NOTE: Do not annul both the E and F columns, aloof one or the other.

4. Bang the Home tab.

5. Bang Annul (in the Beef group).

6. Bang Annul Sheet Cavalcade (from the drop-down list).

7. Ctrl Home

8. Ctrl F (The cursor automatically defaults to the Find What acreage box. Blazon the chase chat in this box.)

9. Enter: DUE NOW (in all caps).

10. Bang the Options button.

11. Bang the Look In acreage box and accept Values from the list.

12. Bang the Find Next button.

13. Bang the Close button.

14. Left, Left, Left, Left

15. Authority bottomward the Shift key and columnist Appropriate (one time).

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16. Ctrl C

17. Ctrl Home, Appropriate (one time).

18. Ctrl V

19. Bang the Home tab, and accept the Font group.

20. Bang Font Blush Red, afresh bang Bold.

21. Ctrl Home

Now A1 displays today’s date (plus 4), B1 displays the creditor, and C1 displays the bulk you owe. It doesn’t assume like abundant of a account if you alone accept 30 or so records/rows assuming on a distinct screen, but if you accept 500 records/rows, it’s nice to accept the bill that’s due pop up at the top of the spreadsheet on row 1. 

 NOTE: If you do not accept the Email button on your Ribbon menu, bang File > Options > Customize Ribbon, and add the Email button to the View tab. Read my adventure on customizing the Chat Ribbon card for added advice (it works the aforementioned in Excel as it does in Word). Do not stop in the average of the macro to do the aloft procedure. Add the button first, afresh go aback and almanac the macro.

The afterward instructions are allotment of the aloft macro; however, the macro pauses while you’re in Outlook.

22. Bang the View tab.

23. Bang the Email button.

Excel opens Microsoft Outlook with a New Email displayed on the screen.

24. The cursor is in the To field; access the recipient’s email abode here.

25. Access added email addresses in the CC: acreage for anyone who should accept a archetype of this email.

Notice that the Alerts spreadsheet is already attached, and the name of the adapter spreadsheet, Alerts.xlsx, is in the accountable line.

26. Position the cursor in the anatomy of the email and access the following:

Electric Bill: $2500.00 due March 3

NOTE: Don’t bother Copying beef A1:C1 so you can adhesive them in Outlook. It won’t work. Already you access Outlook, the macro pauses. Everything you do in Outlook charge be re-keyed every time. And, you cannot acknowledgment to Excel until afterwards the accessible email is beatific or cancelled. 

27. Bang the Accelerate Email button.

Outlook closes and allotment you and your cursor to Excel.

28. Bang the Developer tab > Stop Macro button.

Record the macro and email the spreadsheet.

1. Columnist Ctrl Shift- M. (Press the Ctrl key and hold, columnist the Shift key and hold, columnist the letter M, and afresh absolution all three keys simultaneously.)

2. The macro runs in a second, afresh opens Outlook for you to access the email information.

3. And, already again, afterwards you bang Send, you’re alternate to the accessible Excel spreadsheet.

Save the spreadsheet as a macro spreadsheet, such as Alerts.xlsm, and exit.

Auto Generate Invoice Number In Excel – auto generate invoice number in excel
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