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Commercial Invoice Meaning In Kannada | Template Invoice and Card

Commercial Invoice Meaning In Kannada

It’s become a ceremony attitude at Datamation to broadcast an complete assembly of all the attainable antecedent projects we’ve featured throughout the year. This year’s amend includes a all-inclusive accession of attainable antecedent software: 1,343 altered projects, from 138 altered categories, including two cast new categories.

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GST Full Form & GST Meaning – Explained in Hindi & English – commercial invoice meaning in kannada | commercial invoice meaning in kannada
Receipt - Wikipedia - commercial invoice meaning in kannada
Receipt – Wikipedia – commercial invoice meaning in kannada | commercial invoice meaning in kannada

This year’s attainable antecedent annual has absolutely a few new additions accompanying to billow computing, the Internet of Things (IoT) and bogus intelligence (AI). It additionally has absolutely a few new projects accompanying to business software.

Please agenda that this is not a ranking. The projects are organized into categories and afresh listed alphabetically aural the categories.

As always, if you apperceive of added attainable antecedent software that you’d like to see us awning in approaching lists, feel chargeless to agenda them in the Comments beyond below.

Table of Contents

Sure, you’re a Windows user – in actuality you’re apparatus an up to date Windows OS. But in today’s world, it’s still absolutely acceptable you’re adorable for the best attainable antecedent software for your PC. This annual gathers some accustomed names with bottom accustomed apps, all with an eye adjoin advancement your Windows 10 machine. Which app do you anticipate is the best attainable antecedent software for Win10

There are amaranthine websites that action all-encompassing lists of attainable antecedent software to download. But accolade the best attainable antecedent website is easier said than done. To help, we’ve aggregate a annual of the absolute best attainable antecedent websites – let the downloading begin.

In this accession of attainable antecedent BI tools, you’ll absolutely see some acclaimed names: MySQL, Pentaho, forth with some names that get beneath fizz as well. Of beforehand in the rapidly alteration business intelligence market, today’s big names could calmly be surpassed over time by a little accustomed apparatus – affection sets change quickly. Which attainable antecedent BI apparatus on this annual will be best accustomed in the years ahead?

There’s no agitation about it: Windows XP is an crumbling operating system. For those adorable to adapt it – and yes, it’s time – with an attainable antecedent operating system, this is the annual for you. This assay of attainable antecedent operating systems includes superstars like Ubuntu forth with solid players like Knoppix. Appear on, adapt that old Windows OS!

It makes complete sense: you’re apparatus cyberbanking software to clue your expenses, so artlessly you’re absorbed in attainable antecedent cyberbanking software. Attainable antecedent – abundant of which is a chargeless download – is fabricated for penny pinchers. The attainable antecedent cyberbanking software in this annual may save you, in some cases, hundreds of dollars. A penny adored is a penny earned.

It’s bright that, as bulk propositions go, this one’s a no-brainer: adapt your big-ticket apps with bargain or chargeless attainable antecedent applications. Absolutely there’s agitation about affection sets: some bartering software partisans altercate that the affection sets for attainable antecedent applications do not bout their bartering counterparts. Undoubtedly the added ancillary disagrees strongly. You can be the adjudicator – download a few attainable antecedent applications and assay them out. Do they compare?

Open antecedent business software is, in abounding cases, the ideal band-aid for baby businesses. If you’re as cash-strapped as abounding SMBs, you’ll absolutely appetite to attending at this annual of attainable antecedent business software. Bottom line: chargeless or low bulk is bigger than aerial priced, akin if that requires giving up some accustomed software choices to assay options that are bottom known. If money is tight, attainable antecedent business software can about be a advantageous option.

1. The Accessibility Project

Launched in 2013, this armpit aims to accommodate advice on authoritative added websites attainable to bodies with a arrangement of impairments, decidedly those who are blind. You can apprehend the agreeable at the articulation above; if you’d like to contribute, appointment the project’s GitHub page. Operating System: OS Independent

2. Edoceo Imperium

This web-based accounting amalgamation was created with baby and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in mind. It includes CRM, assignment adjustment and balance capabilities as able-bodied as accustomed accounting features. Assay out the online admirers to see it in action. Operating System: OS Independent

3. FrontAccounting

Another web-based accounting advantage for SMBs, FrontAccounting boasts annual tracking and accomplishment administering abilities. It’s been downloaded added than 200,000 times. Operating System: OS Independent

4. GnuCash

GnuCash combines claimed accounts software with baby business accounting software, which some baby business owners accretion helpful. It can clue investments, actualize graphs, acceptation cyberbanking data, set up appointed affairs and achieve accustomed double-entry accounting. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

5. LedgerSMB

LedgerSMB combines ERP and accounting capabilities in a distinct package, and it additionally includes a adjustable development framework for extending its features. It has been downloaded added than 86,000 times aback 2006. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

6. TurboCASH

Used by added than 80,000 businesses, TurboCASH is a adjustable accounting amalgamation that compares agreeably with QuickBooks and Sage. It was created in the UK but additionally has a blueprint of accounts and bill actualization advised for U.S. businesses. Operating System: Windows

7. OpenDisc

The OpenDisc action collects abounding of the best accustomed attainable antecedent applications for Windows into one download. You can additionally get the action on a CD for a donation of $10. Operating System: Windows


ASSP claims to be “the complete best SPAM angry weapon that the apple has anytime known!” It offers easy, browser-based bureaucracy and works with best mail servers. Operating System: OS Independent.

9. MailScanner

Downloaded added than 1.3 actor times, MailScanner is based on SpamAssassin and works with anti-virus software like ClamAV to assure mail servers at companies or ISPs. Abutment is attainable through third-party companies. Operating System: OS Independent.

10. Scrollout F1

This full-featured mail aegis band-aid incorporates anti-spam, anti-virus and added capabilities with an interface that the action creators say is as attainable to use as a car radio. Paid abutment is available. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

11. SpamAssassin

This Apache action claims to be the “#1 Action Open-Source Spam Filter.” It uses a avant-garde arrangement of methods to assay and block spam, and it works with about all mail servers. Operating System: primarily Linux and OS X, although Windows versions are available.

12. SpamBayes

SpamBayes uses statistical algorithms to annual the anticipation that an admission bulletin is spam, and it adapts over time as spammers change their methods. It’s attainable as a constituent for abounding accustomed email casework and clients, including Outlook, Thunderbird and others. Operating System: OS Independent.

13. ClamAV

One of the best accustomed attainable antecedent aegis applications, ClamAV has been congenital into abounding altered accessories and has been alleged “the de facto accustomed for mail aperture scanning.” The bulk affairs works on UNIX-based systems, but the website additionally offers advice on Immunet, a ClamAV-based Windows band-aid that is attainable in both chargeless and paid versions. Operating System: Linux, but front-ends and added versions are attainable for added OSes.

14. ClamTk

This aberration on ClamAV adds an easy-to-use GUI to the accustomed anti-virus engine. Now ten years old, this is a complete action that is included in abounding Linux distributions. Operating System: Linux.

15. ClamWin Chargeless Antivirus

This Windows-based adaptation of ClamAV boasts added than 600,000 users. It offers a scanning scheduler, affiliation with Windows Charlatan and Outlook, automated downloads of the acclimatized malware database and abutment for Windows 7 and 8. Operating System: Windows.

16. Caffe

The absorption of a UC Berkeley PhD candidate, Caffe is a abysmal acquirements framework based on animate architectonics and adaptable code. It’s affirmation to acclaim is its speed, which makes it accustomed with both advisers and action users. According to its website, it can action added than 60 actor images in a distinct day apparatus aloof one NVIDIA K40 GPU. It is managed by the Berkeley Eyes and Acquirements Centermost (BVLC), and companies like NVIDIA and Amazon admission fabricated grants to abutment its development.

17. CNTK

Short for Computational Arrangement Toolkit, CNTK is one of Microsoft’s attainable antecedent bogus intelligence tools. It boasts outstanding accomplishment whether it is animate on a arrangement with abandoned CPUs, a distinct GPU, assorted GPUs or assorted machines with assorted GPUs. Microsoft has primarily activated it for assay into accent recognition, but it is additionally advantageous for applications like apparatus translation, angel recognition, angel captioning, altercation processing, accent compassionate and accent modeling.

18. Deeplearning4j

Deeplearning4j is an attainable antecedent abysmal acquirements library for the Java Basal Apparatus (JVM). It runs in broadcast environments and integrates with both Hadoop and Apache Spark. It makes it attainable to configure abysmal neural networks, and it’s accordant with Java, Scala and added JVM languages.

The action is managed by a bartering aggregation alleged Skymind, which offers paid support, training and an action administering of Deeplearning4j.

19. Broadcast Apparatus Acquirements Toolkit

Like CNTK, the Broadcast Apparatus Acquirements Toolkit (DMTK) is one of Microsoft’s attainable antecedent bogus intelligence tools. Advised for use in big abstracts applications, it aims to achieve it faster to alternation AI systems. It consists of three key components: the DMTK framework, the LightLDA affair archetypal algorithm, and the Broadcast (Multisense) Babble Embedding algorithm. As affidavit of DMTK’s speed, Microsoft says that on an eight-cluster machine, it can “train a affair archetypal with 1 actor accommodation and a 10-million-word cant (for a absolute of 10 abundance parameters), on a certificate accumulating with over 100-billion tokens,” a accomplishment that is unparalleled by added tools.

20. H2O

Focused added on action uses for AI than on research, H2O has ample companies like Capital One, Cisco, Nielsen Catalina, PayPal and Transamerica amid its users. It claims to achieve is attainable for anyone to use the adeptness of apparatus acquirements and predictive analytics to breach business problems. It can be acclimated for predictive modeling, accident and artifice analysis, allowance analytics, announcement technology, healthcare and chump intelligence.

It comes in two attainable antecedent versions: accustomed H2O and Sparkling Water, which is dent with Apache Spark. Paid action abutment is additionally available.

21. NuPIC

Managed by a aggregation alleged Numenta, NuPIC is an attainable antecedent bogus intelligence action based on a admission alleged Hierarchical Temporal Memory, or HTM. Essentially, HTM is an beforehand to actualize a computer arrangement modeled afterwards the animal neocortex. The ambition is to actualize machines that “approach or exhausted animal akin accomplishment for abounding cerebral tasks.”

In accession to the attainable antecedent license, Numenta additionally offers NuPic beneath a bartering license, and it additionally offers licenses on the patents that underlie the technology.

22. OpenCyc

Developed by a aggregation alleged Cycorp, OpenCyc provides admission to the Cyc adeptness abject and commonsense acumen engine. It includes added than 239,000 terms, about 2,093,000 triples, and about 69,000 owl:sameAs links to conflicting semantic abstracts namespaces. It is advantageous for affluent beyond modeling, semantic abstracts integration, altercation understanding, domain-specific able systems and bold AIs. The aggregation additionally offers two added versions of Cyc: one for advisers that is chargeless but not attainable antecedent and one for action use that requires a fee.

23. OpenNN

Designed for advisers and developers with avant-garde compassionate of bogus intelligence, OpenNN is a C programming library for implementing neural networks. Its key actualization accommodate abysmal architectures and fast performance. All-encompassing affidavit is attainable on the website, including an anterior tutorial that explains the basics of neural networks. Paid abutment for OpenNNis attainable through Artelnics, a Spain-based abutting that specializes in predictive analytics.

24. SystemML

First developed by IBM, SystemML is now an Apache big abstracts project. It offers a highly-scalable belvedere that can apparatus high-level algebraic and algorithms accounting in R or a Python-like syntax. Enterprises are already apparatus it to clue chump annual on auto repairs, to absolute airport cartage and to articulation amusing media abstracts with cyberbanking customers. It can run on top of Spark or Hadoop.

25. TensorFlow

TensorFlow is one of Google’s attainable antecedent bogus intelligence tools. It offers a library for afterwards ciphering apparatus abstracts breeze graphs. It can run on a avant-garde arrangement of altered systems with single- or multi-CPUs and GPUs and akin runs on adaptable devices. It boasts abysmal flexibility, authentic portability, automated cogwheel capabilities and abutment for Python and C . The website includes a absolute all-encompassing annual of tutorials and how-tos for developers or advisers absorbed in apparatus or extending its capabilities.

26. Torch

Torch describes itself as “a authentic accretion framework with avant-garde abutment for apparatus acquirements algorithms that puts GPUs first.” The accent actuality is on adaptability and speed. In addition, it’s adequately attainable to use with bales for apparatus learning, computer vision, arresting processing, alongside processing, image, video, audio and networking. It relies on a scripting accent alleged LuaJIT that is based on Lua.

27. Celestia

Travel about to anywhere in the accustomed cosmos at any time with Celestia. It displays hundreds of bags of angelic bodies as they would arise in the night skies. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

28. KStars

Similar to Stellarium, KStars lets users actualization “up to 100 actor stars, 13,000 deep-sky objects, all 8 planets, the sun and moon, and bags of comets and asteroids.” It additionally includes a cardinal of accoutrement attainable for abecedarian astronomers, such as an ascertainment list, an FOV editor, a sky calendar, supernova alerts and a comment of abstruse terms. (Note that in adjustment to use KStars on Windows, you’ll admission to download KDE for Windows.) Operating System: Windows, Linux

29. Stellarium

Another advantage for alpha astronomers, this one borders the point of actualization to planet apple rather than acceptance users to zoom throughout the universe, but it is so authentic that it is acclimated by abounding planetariums. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

30. Amarok

Amarok invites users to balance their music. It integrates with a arrangement of Web casework and includes actualization like activating playlists, accumulating management, bookmarking, book tracking and acceptation from added music databases, including iTunes. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS.

31. Ardour

Designed for use by able audio engineers, musicians, soundtrack editors and composers, Ardour is a complete audio recording, bond and alteration suite. Key actualization accommodate abutment for best hardware, adjustable recording, absolute multichannel tracks, absolute undo/redo and abundant more. Operating System: Linux, OS X

32. aTunes

This Java-based music amateur and administrator displays complete information—including lyrics—for the song currently playing. It’s a acceptable advantage for users with decidedly ample music collections. Operating System: OS Independent

33. Audacious

Unlike some audio players, Audacious doesn’t use a lot of arrangement resources, so it doesn’t abase arrangement accomplishment aback you’re apparatus your PC for added tasks as able-bodied as alive to music. The latest amend offers bigger playlist shuffling, easier recording of Internet streams and a bigger blaster interface. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

34. Audacity

A abiding admired amid Linux desktop users, Audacity gets hundreds of bags of downloads per month. It was acclimatized in July with new ablution and gluttonous features, preset furnishings and bigger constituent installation. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

35. CDex

Downloaded added than 60 actor times, CDex is a simple, attainable apparatus for converting CDs to abstracts files. It supports assorted book formats, including WAV, MP3, FLAC, AAC, WMA and OGG. Operating System: Windows.

36. Cdrtools

This apartment of command-line accoutrement includes the cdrecord CD/DVD/Blu-ray recording software, as able-bodied as accoutrement for annual optical media, extracting audio, and more. It’s a complete action that has been about for absolutely a few years. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

37. cdrtfe

Cdrtfe serves as a front-end for cdrtools and some added command-line recording applications. It can bake audio CDs, abstracts discs, bootable discs, DVD-Video discs, ISO images and added types of optical media. The latest adaptation supports Windows 10. Operating System: Windows.

38. Clementine

Based on an beforehand adaptation of Amarok, Clementine focuses on accouterment “a fast and easy-to-use interface for analytic and amphitheatre your music.” It supports Internet radio streams, billow accretion casework like Dropbox and Google Drive, CUE sheets, alleged playlists, audio CD playback and abundant more. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, Android.

39. DeaDBeeF

This self-proclaimed “ultimate music player” supports a absolute affiliated annual of book formats. Key actualization accommodate cue beyond support, alleged playlists, awning art display, 18-band bright equalizer, tag editor, gapless playback and more. Operating System: Linux, Unix, Android.

40. EasyTAG

EasyTAG allows users to actualization and acclimate the tag fields on MP3, MP2, MP4/AAC, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, MusePack, Monkey’s Audio, and WavPack files. It includes a tree-based browser and CDDB abutment for chiral and automated searches. Operating System: Windows, Linux

41. Exaile

Another advantage for Linux users, Exaile offers both playback and a able music manager. Key actualization accommodate acute playlists, avant-garde clue tagging, assorted plug-ins, automated anthology art, lyrics and abundant more. Operating System: Linux.

42. FlacSquisher

This apparatus was fabricated for audiophiles who like to accumulate their aboriginal music in the lossless FLAC book format. FlacSquisher converts those files to MP3s so that users can booty them with them on adaptable accessories afterwards demography up too abundant space. Operating System: Windows.

43. Fre:ac

Fre:AC stands for “free audio converter,” and it can rip audio CDs or catechumen amid abundant book formats. It’s additionally portable, acceptation that you can run it from a USB deride drive afterwards installing it on your system. Operating System: Windows.

44. Frinika

Java-based Frinika is a failing but adequately complete music workstation. It includes a sequencer, soft-synths, real-time furnishings and recording capabilities. Operating System: OS Independent

45. Giada

Giada describes itself as “a free, minimal, hardcore audio apparatus for DJs, animate performers and cyberbanking musicians.” It’s not absolutely as full-featured as the added options on the list, but it is an effective, failing looping tool. Operating System: Linux.

46. Guayadeque

Created for “all music enthusiasts,” Guayadeque is a full-featured music administering arrangement that can handle ample book collections. Noteworthy actualization accommodate a configurable crossfader engine, configurable blackout detector for gapless playback, labeling, acute brawl mode, last.fm abutment and more. Operating System: Linux

47. Hydrogen

“Professional yet simple and intuitive,” Hydrogen is a boom apparatus for Linux only. The video on the armpit helps you apprenticed see how it works and what it can do. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

48. Jajuk

Java-based Jajuk works on assorted platforms. Aimed at avant-garde users, it offers a absolute abounding affection set as able-bodied as an automated interface. Operating System: OS Independent.

49. Jams

Formerly a paid app, Jams is now an attainable antecedent Android music amateur with an affected interface. It can affix to Google Brawl Music for purchasing songs and includes actualization like tag support, blacklisting, 9-band equalizer, scrobbling, crossfade, anthology art download and more. Operating System: Android.

50. KMid

This KDE app plays both Midi and karaoke files, authoritative it attainable for you to carol your sweetheart. It includes a piano amateur interface and additionally accepts ascribe from conflicting keyboards. Operating System: Windows

51. Linux MultiMedia Studio (LMMS)

“Made by musicians, for musicians,” LMMS is a full-featured music assembly arrangement with affluence of presets and samples congenital in. Agenda that admitting the babble “Linux” in the name, it is attainable for Windows and OS X as well. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

52. Mixxx

Made for able DJs, Mixxx offers “everything you charge to alpha authoritative DJ mixes in a tight, dent package.” It supports added than 30 DJ MIDI controllers, integrates with iTunes and includes BPM apprehension and sync. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

53. MOC

Simply baddest a directory, and the MOC (Music On Console) audio amateur will brawl all files in that directory. Authentic book formats accommodate MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, Musepack, Speex, WAVE, AIFF, and AU. Operating System: Linux/Unix, OS X

54. Mp3splt

Mp3splt is an audio annual that does aloof one thing—it lets you cut mp3 and ogg files into abate files and rename them. It’s abnormally advantageous if you charge to breach an absolute anthology into abandoned tracks. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

55. MuseScore

If you are a musician, abecedary or artisan absorbed in breeding your own beyond music, MuseScore makes it absolute attainable and offers best of the aforementioned actualization you’ll accretion in the proprietary software. The website includes some tutorials and affluence of added advice to get you started, and the interface is absolute intuitive. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

56. Nightingale

Nightingale promises users “a admirable interface with a avant-garde ambit of authentic audio formats, all with multi-platform support.” It has a ample library of add-ons that extend its capabilities. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

57. orDrumbox

Another attainable antecedent advantage for creating your own boom loops and feeds, orDrumbox offers an easy-to-use interface. Actualization accommodate auto-composition, poly-rhythms, an arpeggiator, automated sounds/track analogous , custom soft-synths and low-fi rendering. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

58. Qmmp

Qmmp, which stands for “Qt-based MultiMedia Player,” offers actualization like abutment for skins, 10-band equalizer, animate playback, awning art, cue beyond abutment and assorted playlists. Its interface is absolute simple and agnate to beforehand apps like Winamp and XMMS. Operating System: Windows, Linux

59. Radio Downloader

If your admired online radio abject abandoned offers animate content, you can about-face it into a podcast you can admission to any time with Radio Downloader. It comes with congenital abutment for BBC agreeable and a attainable “favourites” tab. Operating System: Windows

60. Rhythmbox

Rhythmbox is a Linux-only audio amateur for the GNOME desktop. The interface and affection set are adequately basic. Operating System: Linux.

61. SoX

This cross-platform command band apparatus calls itself the “Swiss Army knife of complete processing programs.” It can catechumen files from one blazon to another, almanac and brawl audio files, and add effects. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

62. TEncoder

This app provides an interface to three added accustomed attainable antecedent video tools: FFMPEG, MEncoder and Mplayer. It can catechumen video files, rip caught DVDs, add subtitles, download from YouTube, abstruse audio or video and more. Operating System: Windows.

63. XiX Music Player

This cross-platform amateur supports anthology art and lyrics, about-face play, crossfading, trimming, shuffle, repeat, song rating, search, and more. It’s additionally baby abundant to run on a Raspberry Pi board. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

64. xwax

This Linux-only apparatus was advised for exhausted bond and blemish mixing. Actualization accommodate aggravate drops, angle changes, scratching, spinbacks and rewinds. Operating System: Linux.

65. Yoshimi

Yoshimi is a Linux-only software synthesizer angled from an beforehand adaptation of ZynAddSubFX. The action name comes from a song by The Flaming Lips. Operating System: Linux.

66. ZynAddSubFX

This software synthesizer comes in Windows and Linux versions. Actualization accommodate real-time, polyphonic, multitimbral and microtonal capabilities and a affiliated annual of furnishings and filters. Operating System: Windows, Linux.


The Avant-garde Maryland Automated Arrangement Deejay Archiver, or AMANDA, is a accustomed arrangement advancement band-aid that can save abstracts from Linux, Unix or Windows systems to adamantine drives, band or optical media. Zmanda, which sponsors the project, offers bartering accessories based on the aforementioned technology. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

68. Areca Backup

For standalone systems, Beyond is an easy-to-use but able advancement solution. Key actualization accommodate basin backup, compression, encryption, filters, as-of-date accretion and more. Operating System: Windows, Linux

69. Attic

If you are adorable to abbreviate the bulk of accumulator amplitude you charge for backups, accede Attic, which includes congenital deduplication. It additionally includes accession 256-bit AES encryption and can alteration files to conflicting hosts via SSH. Operating System: Linux

70. Backup

This Ruby-based apparatus promises “easy abounding assemblage advancement operations on UNIX-like systems.” It includes a apparatus for clay backups. Operating System: Linux, OS X

71. Backupninja

This apparatus makes it easier to akin and administer backups on your network. It incorporates several of the added accoutrement on this annual including Duplicity and rsync. Operating System: Linux

72. BackupPC

Robust abundant for action use, BackupPC backs up abstracts from Linux and Windows systems to disk. Noteworthy actualization accommodate a altered pooling scheme, accession compression, a web interface and abutment for adaptable devices. Operating System: Windows, Linux

73. Aback In Time

Inspired by an beforehand band-aid alleged FlyBack, Aback in Time takes snapshots of authentic directories. It’s attainable to bureaucracy and includes a simple scheduler. Operating System: Linux

74. Bacula

Another advantage for enterprises, Bacula is a arrangement advancement band-aid that aims to be attainable to use and absolute efficient. Bartering abutment and casework for the band-aid are attainable throughBacula Systems. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

75. Bareos

Forked from Bacula, Bareos is a accustomed attainable antecedent advancement advantage that is beneath absolute animate development. Bareos.com offers paid abutment and casework for the tool. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

76. Box Backup

This “completely automatic” advancement band-aid creates backups continuously and can additionally actualize snapshots aback desired. It includes encryption and accession RAID capabilities. Operating System: Windows, Linux

77. BURP

Short for “BackUp And Restore Program,” BURP is a arrangement advancement band-aid based on librsync (see below). It is advised to be easier to configure than some added attainable antecedent solutions, and it can do basin backups. Operating System: Windows, Linux

78. Clonezilla

Designed to adapt Acronis Authentic Angel or Norton Ghost, Clonezilla is advantageous for both arrangement deployment and advancement and recovery. It comes in two flavors: animate for standalone systems and SE for arrangement advancement or cloning assorted systems at once. Operating System: Linux

79. Actualize Synchronicity

Powerful but lightweight, this advancement apparatus takes up abandoned 220KB of amplitude on your drive. It supports assorted languages, has an automated interface and includes a scheduler. Operating System: Windows

80. DAR

Disk Archive, a.k.a. DAR, is an beforehand command-line apparatus for backup. For those who adopt a GUI, one is attainable through DarGUI. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

81. DirSync Pro

This “small but powerful,” annual offers incremental backup, clarification and scheduling capabilities. It additionally boasts a convenient interface, and it offers the adeptness to assay two sets of files or folders and ascertain the changes amid them. Operating System: Windows

82. DriverBackup!

While this annual isn’t a complete arrangement advancement solution, it does aback up Windows drivers. It can additionally abolish exceptionable drivers. Operating System: Windows

83. Duplicity

Based on the librsync library, Duplicity creates encrypted athenaeum and uploads them to conflicting or bounded servers. It can use GnuPG to encrypt and affirmation athenaeum if desired. Operating System: Linux

84. FOG

FOG offers cross-platform cloning and imaging capabilities for networks of any admeasurement from 5 to 50,000 systems. It boasts that it “offers commercial-grade abutment at no cost.” Operating System: Linux, Windows, OS X.

85. FreeFileSync

A apparatus for standalone systems, FreeFileSync aims to save users time aback ambience up and animate backups. It is cross-platform and includes 64-bit support. Operating System: Linux, Windows, OS X

86. FullSync

Although it was advised to advice web developers beforehand updates to their sites, FullSync can additionally be acclimated by anyone to actualize backups. Key actualization accommodate assorted modes, adjustable rules, buffered filesystems, abutment for assorted book alteration protocols and more. Operating System: Linux, Windows, OS X

87. Grsync

Grsync takes the beforehand rsync synchronization apparatus and adds an easy-to-use GUI. Noteworthy actualization accommodate absolute sessions, accent errors, accumulation capabilities and more. Operating System: Linux, Windows, OS X

88. LuckyBackup

Like Grsync, LuckyBackup was additionally based on rsync. It has won several awards, but development on this action has slowed. Operating System: Linux, Windows

89. Mondo Rescue

For Linux and FreeBSD only, Mondo Accomplishment is a adversity accretion band-aid that supports tape, disk, arrangement or optical media backups. According to its website, its users accommodate “Lockheed-Martin, Nortel Networks, Siemens, HP, IBM, NASA’s JPL, the US Dept of Agriculture, dozens of abate companies.” Operating System: Linux, Chargeless BSD

90. Obnam

Easy-to-use and secure, Obnam is a snapshot advancement band-aid with congenital deduplication and encryption capabilities. It aliment abstracts to adamantine disks or online via SFTP. Operating System: Linux

91. Partimage

This apparatus saves partitions of drives as angel files, authoritative it advantageous for advancement or installing the aforementioned angel on assorted systems. It can run aloft networks or on a standalone PC. Operating System: Linux

92. Redo

Redo boasts that it can get a comatose arrangement aback up and animate in as little as 10 minutes. It’s absolute attainable to use and has bare-metal restore capabilities. Operating System: Windows, Linux

93. Rsnapshot

As you adeptness apprehend from the name, this annual makes a snapshot of your book arrangement for conflicting or bounded backup. According to the website, it can be set up in aloof a few minutes. Operating System: Linux, OS X

94. Rsync

Rsync is a Unix-based file-transfer annual that has synchronization capabilities that achieve it acceptable for creating backups or mirroring. It’s a advantageous apparatus but is best acclimated by avant-garde users. Operating System: Linux, Windows, OS X

95. SafeKeep

For Linux users only, SafeKeep focuses on aegis and simplicity. It’s a command band apparatus that is a acceptable advantage for a baby LAN. Operating System: Linux

96. SMS Advancement

This apparatus allows you to advancement your altercation belletrist and anxiety logs on Gmail. You can additionally alteration abstracts from Gmail aback to your phone. Operating System: Android


Designed to be as attainable to use as possible, SnapBackup backs up files with aloof one click. It can archetype files to a beam drive, conflicting adamantine drive or the cloud, and it includes compression capabilities. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

98. Synkron

While this app is focused primarily on synchronization, it can be acclimated for creating backups as well. Key actualization accommodate assay capabilities, blacklisting, restores and cross-platform support. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

99. Unison

Like Synkron, Unison is a book synchronization tool. It can archetype files amid any two systems affiliated to the internet, and it has actualization in accustomed with antecedent bare administering accoutrement as able-bodied as with advancement utilities. Operating System: Windows, Unix

100. UrBackup

This client-server advancement band-aid does both angel and book backups. It promises “both abstracts affirmation and a fast apology time.” Operating System: Windows, Linux

101. Weex

The Weex developers advised it primarily as a apparatus for blame agreeable to websites, but it can additionally be acclimated to accord or advancement files. It supports FTP book transfer. Operating System: Windows, Linux

102. Win32DiskImager

Averaging added than 50,000 downloads every week, this apparatus is a absolute accustomed way to archetype a deejay angel to a new machine. It’s absolute advantageous for systems administrators and developers. Operating System: Windows

103. XSIbackup

XSIbackup can advancement VMwareESXi environments adaptation 5.1 or greater. It’s a command band apparatus with a scheduler, and it runs anon on the hypervisor. Operating System: VMwareESXi

104. Alluxio

Formerly accustomed as Tachyon, Alluxio describes itself as “a memory-centric broadcast accumulator arrangement enabling reliable abstracts administering at memory-speed aloft arrangement frameworks.” It works with accoutrement like Spark and Hadoop to dispatch accomplishment on big abstracts queries. Operating System: Linux, OS X

105. Ambari

Part of the Hadoop ecosystem, this Apache action offers an automated Web-based interface for provisioning, managing, and ecology Hadoop clusters. It additionally provides RESTful APIs for developers who appetite to accommodate Ambari’s capabilities into their own applications. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

106. Avro

This Apache action provides a abstracts serialization arrangement with affluent abstracts structures and a bunched format. Schemas are authentic with JSON and it integrates calmly with activating languages. Operating System: OS Independent.

107. Cascading

Cascading is an apparatus development belvedere based on Hadoop. Bartering abutment and training are available. Operating System: OS Independent.

108. Chukwa

Based on Hadoop, Chukwa collects abstracts from ample broadcast systems for ecology purposes. It additionally includes accoutrement for allegory and announcement the data. Operating System: Linux, OS X.

109. Abstracts Torrent RTS

Data Torrent has been about a while, but it aboriginal attainable sourced its Bulk RTS technology in June of this year. It claims to be “the industry’s abandoned attainable antecedent enterprise-grade unified beck and accumulation platform.” It comes in community, accustomed and action versions. Operating System: Linux

110. Disco

Originally developed by Nokia, Disco is a broadcast accretion framework that, like Hadoop, is based on MapReduce. It includes a broadcast filesystem and a database that supports billions of keys and values. Operating System: Linux, OS X.

111. Flume

Flume collects log abstracts from added applications and delivers them into Hadoop. The website boasts, “It is able-bodied and accountability avant-garde with tunable believability mechanisms and abounding failover and accretion mechanisms.” Operating System: Linux, OS X.

112. Genie

Created by Netflix, Genie allows IT administrators to administer Hadoop jobs animate on billow accretion services. Netflix uses it to run abounding bags of Hadoop jobs every day. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

113. Hadoop

This Apache-sponsored action is the best-known big abstracts apparatus available. Abundant companies, including Amazon Web Services, Cloudera, Hortonworks, IBM, Pivotal, SyncSort and VMware, action accompanying accessories or bartering abutment for Hadoop. Acclaimed users accommodate Alibaba, AOL, eBay, Facebook, Google, Hulu, LinkedIn, Spotify, Twitter and Yahoo. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

114. Hadoop Broadcast Book System

HDFS is the book arrangement for Hadoop, but it can additionally be acclimated as a standalone broadcast book system. It’s Java-based, fault-tolerant, awful scalable and awful configurable. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

115. HPCC

This accession to Hadoop additionally offers massive alongside processing and accumulator of big abstracts workloads. Paid action casework are available. Operating System: Linux

116. Hypertable

Very accustomed with Web companies, Hypertable was developed by Google as a way to achieve databases added scalable. Its users accommodate Baidu, eBay, Groupon and Yelp. It is accordant with Hadoop, and bartering abutment and training are available. Operating System: Linux, OS X

117. Ignite

This Apache action describes itself as “a high-performance, dent and broadcast in-memory belvedere for accretion and transacting on all-embracing abstracts sets in real-time, orders of consequence faster than attainable with acceptable disk-based or beam technologies.” The belvedere includes abstracts grid, compute grid, annual grid, streaming, Hadoop acceleration, avant-garde clustering, book system, messaging, contest and abstracts anatomy capabilities. Operating System: OS Independent.

118. Kudu

Currently in beta trials, Kudu is an Apache action that is allotment of the Hadoop ecosystem. It combines a simple abstracts archetypal with columnar storage, low cessation and broadcast architecture. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

119. Lipstick

This Netflix action provides an easy-to-understand graphical representation of Hadoop Pig jobs. It updates as the job executes so that administrators and developers no best charge to assay through log data. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

120. Lucene

Java-based Lucene performs full-text searches absolute quickly. According to the website, it can abject added than 150GB per hour on avant-garde hardware, and it includes able and able chase algorithms. Development is sponsored by the Apache Software Foundation. Operating System: OS Independent.

121. Lumify

Created by a aggregation alleged Altamira Technologies, Lumify describes itself as an “open antecedent big abstracts assay and accommodation platform.” It makes it attainable to actualize 2D or 3D graphs that actualization the accord amid entities or to bury abstracts on maps. For those who are absorbed in acquirements added about how it works, the website offers several videos that actualization Lumify in action, and it additionally has a admirers armpit that allows users to upload their own abstracts and try out the software. Operating System: Linux.

122. MapReduce

An basal allotment of Hadoop, MapReduce is a programming archetypal that provides a way to action ample broadcast datasets. It was originally developed by Google, and it additionally acclimated by several added big abstracts accoutrement on our list, including CouchDB, MongoDB and Riak. Operating System: OS Independent.

123. Mesos

Apache Mesos is a adeptness absorption apparatus that makes it attainable for enterprises to amusement their absolute abstracts centermost as a distinct basin of resources, and it is accustomed with companies that are additionally animate Hadoop, Spark and agnate applications. Organizations that use it accommodate Airbnb, CERN, Cisco, Coursera, Foursquare, Groupon, Netflix, Twitter and Uber. Operating System: Linux, OS X

124. Oozie

This workflow scheduler is accurately advised to administer Hadoop jobs. It can activate jobs by time or by abstracts availability, and it integrates with MapReduce, Pig, Hive, Sqoop and abounding added accompanying tools. Operating System: Linux, OS X.

125. Pandas

The Pandas action includes abstracts structures and abstracts assay accoutrement based on the Python programming language. It allows organizations to use Python as an accession to R for big abstracts assay projects. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

126. Pig

Apache Pig is a belvedere for broadcast big abstracts analysis. It relies on a programming accent alleged Pig Latin, which boasts simplified alongside programming, admission and extensibility. Operating System: OS Independent.

127. Pinot

Developed by LinkedIn and attainable sourced in June 2015, Pinto is a broadcast OLAP datastore that enables real-time scalable analytics. Key actualization accommodate cavalcade orientation, pluggable indexing technology, abstracts assimilation from Kafka and Hadoop and abutment for a SQL-like language. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

128. Pivotal GemFire, Greenplum Database and HAWQ

Pivotal, a aftereffect of EMC and VMware, arise beforehand this year that they would be attainable sourcing key pieces of their big abstracts suite, including GemFire, Greenplum Database and HAWQ. Gemfire helps organizations anatomy data-driven applications, Greenplum is an analytics-enabled database, and HAWQ is a SQL analytics abettor for Hadoop. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

129. Presto

Developed by Facebook, Presto describes itself as “an attainable antecedent broadcast SQL concern abettor for animate alternate analytic queries adjoin abstracts sources of all sizes alignment from gigabytes to petabytes.” Facebook says that it uses it for queries adjoin a 300PB abstracts warehouse, and added users accommodate Airbnb and Dropbox. Operating System: Linux

130. Solr

This “blazing-fast” action chase belvedere claims to be awful reliable, scalable and accountability tolerant. The companies apparatus it accommodate AT&T, Ticketmaster, Comcast, Instagram, Netflix, IBM, Adobe and SAP Hybris. Operating System: OS Independent

131. Spark

Apache Spark boasts that it can “run programs up to 100x faster than Hadoop MapReduce in memory, or 10x faster on disk.” Organizations “powered by” Spark accommodate Amazon, Baidu, Groupon, Hitachi Solutions, IBM, MyFitnessPal, Nokia and Yahoo. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

132. Sqoop

Enterprises frequently charge to alteration abstracts amid their relational databases and Hadoop, and Sqoop is one apparatus that gets the job done. It can acceptation abstracts to Hive or HBase and consign from Hadoop to RDBMSes. Operating System: OS Independent.

133. Storm

Apache Storm offers to do for real-time abstracts what Hadoop does for accumulation data. Its website lists The Acclimate Channel, Twitter, Yahoo, WebMD, Spotify, Verisign, Flipboard and Klout amid its users. Operating System: Linux

134. Samza

Originally developed by LinkedIn, this Apache top-level action does broadcast beck processing. It relies on the Kafka messaging arrangement as able-bodied as Hadoop YARN broadcast processing technology. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

135. Terracotta

Calling its BigMemory technology “the world’s arch in-memory abstracts administering platform,” Terracotta boasts 2.1 actor developers and 2.5 actor deployments of its software. The aggregation additionally offers bartering versions of its software, added support, consulting and training services. Operating System: OS Independent.

136. Tez

Built on top of Apache Hadoop YARN, Tez is “an apparatus framework which allows for a circuitous directed-acyclic-graph of tasks for processing data.” It allows Hive and Pig to abridge complicated jobs that would contrarily booty assorted steps. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

137. Zookeeper

This authoritative big abstracts apparatus describes itself as “a centralized annual for advancement agreement information, naming, accouterment broadcast synchronization, and accouterment accumulation services.” It allows nodes aural a Hadoop arrangement to akin with ceremony other. Operating System: Linux, Windows (development only), OS X (development only).

138. jBilling

Downloaded added than 120,000 times, jBilling claims to be “world’s arch attainable antecedent action announcement solution.” It’s decidedly acceptable for subscription-based billing, and notable barter accommodate Deutsche Telecom, Constant Acquaintance and Rackspace. In accession to the chargeless version, paid abutment and casework are available. Operating System: OS Independent

139. SimpleInvoices

This web-based invoicing arrangement is attainable to use, sending cyberbanking invoices as PDF files. You can download the bare and host it on your own server or use the hosting casework provided by Smarter Invoices. Operating System: OS Independent.

140. Siwapp

Another Web-based invoicing option, Siwapp allows users to actualize professional-looking, defended invoices with a minimum bulk of hassle. Assay out the screenshots and admirers on the armpit to get a feel for how attainable it is to use. Operating System: OS Independent.

141. OpenBazaar

Formerly accustomed as DarkMarket, this action allows users to barter BitCoin for appurtenances and casework freely. Based on BitTorrent technology, it emphasizes aloofness and requires no fees for trades. It is currently in beta trials. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

142. B2evolution

B2evolution can run a standalone blog, assorted blogs or an absolute website. It additionally includes actualization for ambience up a affiliation and business your site, and lots of advice about hosting is attainable on the website. Operating System: OS Independent

143. Ghost

Downloaded added than 340,000 times, Ghost is an attainable antecedent blogging belvedere based on Node.js. You can run it on your own Web server for chargeless or use the hosted service, with prices starting at $10 a month. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

144. WordPress

Used by added than 60 actor bodies and organizations, WordPress is one of the best accustomed blogging platforms available. Users can host their own blogs apparatus the attainable antecedent software or use the annual provided at WordPress.com. Microsoft has additionally partnered with the alignment on Scalable WordPress, a Web apparatus that runs on Azure. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, others

145. Chromium

Chromium is the attainable antecedent action abaft Google’s Chrome browser. It aims to be safer, faster and added abiding than added browsers. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, Chrome OS, iOS, Android

146. Dooble

Less acclaimed than some of the added attainable antecedent browsers, Dooble was created in adjustment to action bigger aloofness on the Web. It encrypts best of the advice it saves, and it includes the advantage of automatically deleting cookies. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

147. Firefox

According to NetMarketShare, added than 13 percent of bodies use Firefox as their Web browser. It’s fabricated by Mozilla, which has been alleged the “most trusted Internet aggregation for privacy.” Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, Android

148. Tor Browser

Designed for aloofness protection, the Tor browser cloaks the character of users by bouncing communications of assorted servers about the world. It can be installed on a arrangement or run from a deride drive. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

149. BugTracker.NET

Boasting bags of users, BugTracker.NET is attainable to use and awful configurable. It supports Subversion, Git, and Mercurial, and the website includes a attainable admirers and a articulation to comparisons of assorted bug tracking systems. Operating System: Windows

150. Bugzilla

A admired in the attainable antecedent community, Bugzilla is acclimated by Mozilla, the Linux Foundation, GNOME, KDE, Apache, LibreOffice, Attainable Office, Eclipse, Red Hat and Novell, amid others. Key actualization in this bugtracker accommodate avant-garde chase capabilities, email notifications, appointed reports, time tracking, accomplished aegis and more. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

151. FlySpray

FlySpray describes itself as “an uncomplicated, Web-based bug tracking arrangement accounting in PHP for acceptable with software development.” It supports assorted databases, including MySQL and PGSQL, and it’s attainable to use. Operating System: OS Independent

152. GNATS

GNATS is the Gnu project’s bug tracking system. Gnatsweb provides a web interface for the command band tool, and several third-party interfaces are additionally available. Operating System: OS Independent

153. MantisBT

This Web-based bug tracker integrates with best SQL databases and can be accessed with any browser. It’s attainable to install and has an astronomic annual of features. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

154. BIRT

BIRT isn’t a complete BI suite; instead, it focuses on technology that can be “used to actualize abstracts visualizations and belletrist that can be anchored into affluent applicant and web applications.” It is sponsored by OpenText, Innovent Solutions and IBM. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

155. Jaspersoft

This accustomed business intelligence apartment is attainable in a Billow Analytics adaptation that runs on Amazon Web Services. It additionally comes in both chargeless and paid versions for on-premise deployment. Operating System: OS Independent.

156. JMagallanes

This Java-based advertisement apparatus can actualize changeless or activating belletrist and charts. It can admission abstracts from SQL, Excel, XML and added sources, and it can actualize PDF, XML or application-specific files. Operating System: OS Independent

157. KNIME

KNIME offers a free, attainable antecedent Analytics Platform, with several bartering extensions available; these accommodate Claimed Productivity, Partner Productivity, TeamSpace, Server, Big Abstracts Addendum and Arrangement Execution. It claims to be “quick to deploy, attainable to scale, automated to use and attainable to all.” Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

158. OpenI

OpenI strives to advice enterprises go from “data to insights in 72 hours with attainable source.” It’s a advertisement apparatus that integrates with added attainable antecedent BI solutions and can be deployed to Amazon Web Casework absolute easily. Operating System: OS Independent.

159. Pentaho

Now endemic by Hitachi Abstracts Systems, Pentaho describes itself as “a absolute abstracts affiliation and business analytics platform.” Its barter accommodate Caterpillar, Halliburton, BR and Nasdaq. It allows organizations to accommodate big abstracts from a arrangement of sources, including Hadoop, NoSQL databases, analytic databases and relational databases. It afresh enables alternate analysis, advertisement and visualizations, acceptance users to actualize customized dashboards that clothing their altered purposes.

The attainable antecedent adaptation of the Pentaho software is attainable on the Affiliation website. In addition, the aggregation offers a chargeless thirty-day balloon of its paid action software, and it offers a arrangement of paid casework like custom visualizations, training, action support, consulting, acceptance and abstruse support. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

160. SpagoBI

SpagoBI is an attainable antecedent business intelligence and big abstracts analytics platform. The software is absolutely free, but paid user support, maintenance, consulting and training are attainable for purchase. It includes accoutrement for reporting, multidimensional assay (OLAP), charts, beyond intelligence, abstracts mining, ETL and more. It additionally integrates with accustomed in-memory processing engines and enables real-time processing. Operating System: OS Independent

161. Activiti

Designed for business people, developers and systems administrators, Activiti is a failing workflow and BPM solution. Paid action abutment is attainable through Alfresco. Operating System: OS Independent

162. Bonita Attainable Solution

Bonita claims to be “the best able BPM-based apparatus platform.” It comes in affiliation and cable editions, and paid training and consulting are additionally available. Operating System: OS Independent

163. ProcessMaker

Award-winning ProcessMaker offers accoutrement to advice enterprises automate workflow processes as able-bodied as assuming all-encompassing BPM. It comes in community, action and billow editions. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

164. Archimedes

Designed with architects in mind, Archimedes is a beneath full-featured CAD clay tool. It is based on Eclipse’s Affluent Applicant Belvedere and is awful extensible. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

165. BRL-CAD

Early development action on this absolute complete action began way aback in 1979, and the U.S. advancing has been apparatus it to archetypal weapons systems for added than twenty years. It includes added than 400 accoutrement for able solid geometry modeling. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, others

166. FreeCAD

Useful for hobbyists, educators and accomplished CAD professionals, FreeCAD is a accustomed purpose 3D clay tool. It has been about aback 2001 and has a absolute abounding set of features. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, others

167. GraphViz

Another accession for creating arrangement diagrams, GraphViz lets you use simple altercation or GXL (a accession of XML) to anxiety charts, and afresh it does the action assignment for you. See the Arcade for examples of the types of action it can create. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

168. Avogadro

For added avant-garde acceptance and able chemists, Avogrado offers an automated interface for creating visualizations of molecules. The website additionally includes some tips for educators on amalgam Avogadro into the classroom. Operating System: Windows, Linux

169. Jmol

This java-based app lets acceptance actualize diagrams of atoms, molecules, macromolecules, crystals, and more. The armpit includes a handbook and tutorials for allowance you apprentice how to use the software. Operating System: OS Independent.

170. Kalzium

Need advice with anterior chemistry? This KDE app allows acceptance to assay the alternate table, and it comes complete with a atomic weight calculator, an isotope table, a 3D atom editor and an blueprint solver for stoichiometric problems. (Note that in adjustment to use Kalzium on Windows, you’ll admission to download KDE for Windows.) Operating System: Windows, Linux

171. AXIOM Beta

Made by a aggregation alleged apertus, the AXIOM Beta is the world’s aboriginal attainable antecedent cinema camera. Beta prototypes began aircraft in August, and the aggregation has a well-developed alley map for eventually aircraft a complete accessory based on a modular attainable antecedent accouterments concept. Operating System: Linux

172. iTALC

Intelligent Teaching and Acquirements with Computers, aka iTALC, gives agents the accoutrement they charge to administer a computer-based classroom afterwards the aerial authorization fees of bartering software. Key actualization accommodate conflicting control, admirers viewing, overview mode, workstation locking and VPN admission for off-site students. Operating System: Windows, Linux

173. AppScale

AppScale allows users to run applications based on Google App Abettor on any infrastructure. It is acclimated by organizations like the Apple Wildlife Federation, Chico’s and Google itself. Operating System: Linux.

174. Billow Foundry

Cloud Foundry offers attainable antecedent accoutrement for architectonics a belvedere as a service. Claiming to be “built by industry leaders for industry leaders,” it lists IBM, Pivotal, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, VMware, Intel, SAP and EMC as its supporters. Operating System: Linux

175. CloudStack

This turnkey IaaS band-aid forms the abject for abounding attainable and clandestine clouds. It has an acutely affiliated annual of users that includes Alcatel-Lucent, Apple, Autodesk, BT, CA Technologies, Citrix, Cloudera, Dell, Fujitsu, SAP and Verizon. Operating System: OS Independent

176. Dasein Cloud

A Dell project, Dasein Billow is “an attainable antecedent billow absorption library for Java.” It allows developers to abode applications already that can be translated to any billow provider’s model. Operating System: Linux.

177. Eucalyptus

Now managed by Hewlett Packard Action (HPE), Helion Eucalyptus enables amalgam billow accretion by acceptance organizations to anatomy clandestine clouds that are accordant with Amazon Web Casework (AWS), which. Paid abutment is attainable from HPE. Operating System: Linux.

178. FOSS-Cloud

With FOSS-Cloud, users can anatomy their own attainable or clandestine billow accretion environments. It includes accoutrement for VDI, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and billow storage. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

179. ManageIQ

This billow administering band-aid is the attainable antecedent action abaft Red Hat CloudForms. It enables casework like chargebacks, annual orchestration, lifecycle administering and automated workflows, as able-bodied as enabling amalgam billow environments. Operating System: Linux, VMware

180. Oneye

Forked from eyeOS, which became bankrupt antecedent afterwards adaptation 2.0, Oneye allows users to set up their own servers for billow desktop functionality. There is a admirers attainable on the website. Operating System: Linux.

181. OpenNebula

OpenNebula promises “the simplest could deployment and administering experience.” Paid support, training, engineering and consulting are attainable through OpenNebula Systems. Operating System: Linux.

182. openQRM

Downloaded added than 400,000 times, the attainable antecedent adaptation of openQRM offers chargeless billow accretion software that is acceptable for baby deployments. It additionally comes in assorted paid action editions, and the aggregation abaft the action additionally offers paid hardware/software bundles and a arrangement of accompanying services. Operating System: Linux.

183. OpenShift

This Red Hat action aims to achieve it attainable for enterprises to develop, host and calibration cloud-based applications. Red Hat offers a attainable PaaS beneath the OpenShift name, as able-bodied as the attainable antecedent software and an action adaptation for organizations that appetite to anatomy a clandestine PaaS. Operating System: Linux.

184. OpenStack

This absolute accustomed billow accretion belvedere claims that “hundreds of the world’s bigger brands” await on it every day. Its sponsors accommodate AT&T, Ubuntu, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM, Intel, Rackspace, Red Hat, SUSE, Cisco, Dell, EMC, Symantec and abounding added acclaimed technology firms. Operating System: OS Independent

185. ownCloud

Designed to advice users set up their “own cloud,” this action emphasizes book syncing and sharing, as able-bodied as accord capabilities. A paid action adaptation is attainable through OwnCloud.com. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

186. Roboconf

This apparatus makes it easier to arrange applications to the billow or added broadcast accretion environments. It supports abounding attainable billow services, including AWS, Microsoft and Vmware, as able-bodied as best clandestine billow environments. Operating System: OS Independent

187. Scalr

This billow administering belvedere has been awful ranked by bazaar assay firms, and it simplifies the action of managing assorted billow environments. Its notable users accommodate Expedia, Samsung, the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Accenture, Sony and Autodesk. Operating System: Linux

188. Synnefo

Co-financed by Greece and the European Union, Synnefo offers a complete attainable antecedent billow accretion assemblage accounting in Python. It uses OpenStack APIs to abridge management, and it additionally relies on Google Ganeti for arrangement administering and Archipelago for accumulator management. Operating System: Linux.

189. Camlistore

Content-Addressable Multi-Layer Indexed Storage, or Camlistore for short, offers “formats, protocols, and software for modeling, storing, searching, administering and synchronizing abstracts in the post-PC era.” Stored abstracts can be accessed from any device. Agenda that it is for added technically absent users, not beginners. Operating System: Linux

190. CloudStore

An accession to Dropbox, CloudStore synchronizes abstracts amid a arrangement and online storage. Its actualization accommodate able encryption, password-less authentication, adjustable synchronization, fast bureaucracy and auto-resumes for disconnected abstracts transfers. Operating System: Linux

191. Cozy

Cozy invites individuals to “store, sync, and allotment your abstracts aloof the way you appetite it” by ambience up their own claimed cloud. It hopes to beforehand into “a accustomed apparatus that can advice you acclimate your action and achieve you added advantageous by automating accustomed tasks.” Operating System: Linux

192. DREBS

Designed for Amazon Web Casework users, DREBS stands for “Disaster Accretion for Elastic Block Store.” It runs on Amazon’s EC2 casework and takes snapshots of EBS volumes for adversity accretion purposes. Operating System: Linux

193. Duplicati

Duplicati works with billow accumulator casework like Amazon, Windows OneDrive, Google Drive and Rackspace to actualize encrypted backups. It does a abounding advancement on aboriginal use and incremental backups afterwards that. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

194. DuraCloud

With DuraCloud, users can advancement their files to assorted billow accumulator providers at already or move their files from one billow to accession at will. In accession to the attainable antecedent software, it is additionally offered as a paid service. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

195. FTPbox

This apparatus additionally allows users to set up their own billow accumulator solution. And as you adeptness assumption from the name, it transfers files via FTP. Operating System: Windows

196. LipSync

Another advantage for ambience up a DropBox-like annual for yourself, LipSync is a absolute failing apparatus based on OpenSSH, rsync and lsyncd. The action was congenital as an absorption in a blog post. Operating System: Linux

197. Pydio

Formerly accustomed as AjaXplorer, Pydio offers enterprise-class billow accumulator advised to accommodated the needs of developers and arrangement administrators. Downloaded added than a actor times, it claims to be scalable, secure, awful adjustable and admired by end users. A paid action administering is available. Operating System: Windows, Linux (Android and iOS admirers available)

198. Rockstor

Rockstor offers several attainable antecedent accumulator solutions, including billow accumulator servers for individuals and SMBs. It additionally offers an attainable antecedent NAS solution. Paid abutment is available. Operating System: Linux

199. SeaFile

SeaFile is both an attainable antecedent action for ambience up billow accumulator with client-side encryption and a paid billow annual with the aforementioned capabilities. It’s enterprise-ready and promises fast accomplishment Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, Android, iOS

200. Sheepdog

According to its website, Sheepdog is “a broadcast commodity accumulator arrangement for aggregate and alembic casework and manages the disks and nodes intelligently.” It supports snapshotting, cloning and attenuate provisioning, and it is accordant with OpenStack Swift and Amazon S3. Operating System: Linux

201. Skylable

Downloaded added than 285,000 times, Skylable allows users to actualize their own commodity accumulator band-aid that is accordant with Amazon’s S3 service. A paid, authentic adaptation is additionally available. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

202. SparkleShare

With SparkleShare, you actualize a acclimatized binder on your arrangement that is automatically synchronized with a host folder. It’s a acceptable advantage for collaboration, but beneath than ideal for abounding arrangement backups. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

203. StackSync

This apparatus describes itself as “the attainable antecedent claimed billow for organizations.” Like Dropbox, it syncs files aloft assorted devices, and it additionally includes client-side encryption for security. Operating System: Windows, Linux

204. Syncany

Syncany can encrypt and accompany files stored on any billow accumulator service. It is still an alpha release, but is working. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

205. Syncthing

Yet accession DropBox replacement, Syncthing allows users to accept beyond their abstracts is stored—on their own servers or a billow service. It runs on any operating arrangement and includes an easy-to-use Web GUI. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

206. Unison

Another book synchronization tool, Unison can handle changes fabricated to assorted copies of a book at the aforementioned time, authoritative it a acceptable advantage for broadcast development teams or action accord as able-bodied as for advancement needs. It can assignment cross-platform and transfers files via SSH. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X,

207. Collabtive

Similar to Basecamp, Collabtive offers web-based action administering that includes time-tracking and reporting. Download the software and host it yourself, or acquirement on a SaaS basis. Operating System: OS Independent.

208. cyn.in

This groupware apparatus includes wikis, blogs, book repositories, accident calendars, bookmark directories, altercation boards and multimedia galleries. It comes in chargeless and commercially authentic versions, and it is additionally attainable as an on-demand billow service. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

209. EGroupware

EGroupware emphasizes flexibility, alms configurable custom fields and authoritative it attainable to accommodate abstracts from added applications. In accession to the chargeless affiliation edition, it additionally comes in a abounding adaptation for on-premise deployment and a billow adaptation with several appraisement tiers. Operating System: OS Independent.

210. Feng Office

Feng Appointment boasts added than 2 actor users at organizations like University of California Berkeley, Airbus, NASA, Porsche Design, Xerox and the NBA. It comes in both chargeless and paid affiliation editions, as able-bodied as able and action editions and the Feng Sky cloud-based option. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

211. Group-Office

Group-Office combines action CRM and groupware actualization like agenda and email. The paid able adaptation adds helpdesk, adaptable sync, time-tracking, projects and certificate editing. A hosted billow adaptation is additionally available. Operating System: OS Independent.

212. K-9

This is an accession email applicant with actualization like search, multi-folder sync, flagging, filing, signatures, PGP and more. It supports Exchange, IMAP and POP3 mail servers. Operating System: Android

213. Attainable Atrium

Open Atrium describes itself as “a aggregation accord apparatus with a bang of attainable antecedent hotness.” It includes blog, calendar, sharebox, notebook, case tracker and dashboard capabilities. Operating System: OS Independent

214. Seafile

This accord band-aid includes billow storage, adaptable certificate access, book syncing, messaging and added capabilities. It’s attainable in chargeless or paid clandestine server versions or as a cloud-based service. Operating System: Linux.

215. TeamLab

TeamLab combines certificate editing, mail, CRM and action administering into a distinct package. Download the attainable antecedent version, pay for a authentic action version, or use the hosted billow version. Clashing best added projects, TeamLab additionally offers a chargeless billow adaptation for non-profits. Operating System: OS Independent.

216. TUTOS

Short for “The Ultimate Aggregation Alignment Software,” includes accumulation calendar, email, time tracking, certificate administering and action management. In addition, it additionally offers acclimatized actualization for developers, like a bug tracker, assay abutment and some Scrum accoutrement . Operating System: Linux

217. Zarafa

A complete advice tool, Zarafa offers Web-based affairs and book administering as able-bodied as accustomed agenda and email capabilities. It additionally offers adaptable accompany and defended mail. A arrangement of paid cable affairs are available; for the chargeless version, bang the affiliation tab on the website. Operating System: Linux

218. 7-zip

This attainable annual can abbreviate files 30-70 percent added than the acclaimed WinZip utility. It accession to its altered 7z book format, it can additionally backpack and ameliorate a arrangement of added annal book formats. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

219. ArchivConvert

This award-winning app can catechumen amid a avant-garde arrangement of annal book formats. The latest adaptation can apprehend 52 altered formats and abode to 20. Operating System: Windows

220. ArcThemALL!

With this tool, users can ameliorate about three dozen altered types of aeroembolism files and actualize UPX, ZIP or 7Z files. It includes encryption capabilities and the adeptness to actualize self-extracting archives. Operating System: Windows

221. Caesium

This attainable app compresses images up to 90 percent, authoritative it easier to e-mail them or upload them to your admired Web site. It supports best accustomed angel formats, including JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, and WMF. Operating System: Windows

222. J7Z

This apparatus offers the aforementioned functionality at 7-Zip with a hardly altered interface. It was advised to dispatch up the compression action for assertive types of jobs. Operating System: Windows

223. Keka

This Mac-only archiving apparatus can abstruse from 13 altered compression formats and actualize seven. The absence compression advantage is a anchorage of 7-zip. Operating System: OS X

224. KGB Archiver

KGB claims to be able to abbreviate files akin added than 7-zip. It additionally includes congenital AES-256 encryption. Operating System: Windows

225. PeaZip

One of the best able compression accoutrement available, PeaZip can attainable added thn 150 altered types of annal book formats. It additionally includes aegis actualization like encryption, two-factor authentication, defended annul and abundant more. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

226. cAdvisor

Short for “Container Advisor,” cAdvisor is a Google action that monitors alembic accomplishment and adeptness usage. It is advised for use with Docker. Operating System: Linux

227. Docker

Docker has apprenticed accustomed itself as the ascendant belvedere in the about new acreage of containerization. Abounding of the bigger names in technology, including Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Red Hat, Rackspace and Canonical are architectonics or alms accessories that extend or use Docker technology. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

228. Kubernetes

Developed by Google, Kubernetes is an attainable antecedent alembic administering solution. It is awful scalable, animate billions of containers in Google’s abstracts centers, as able-bodied as containers at Viacom, Ebay and Wikimedia. Agenda that in adjustment to use it you will charge Docker and a Google Billow Belvedere Account. Operating System: Linux, OS X.

229. Linux Containers

This accumulation oversees three abstracted containerization-related projects: LXC, a set of accoutrement for containerization; LXD, a brood of LXC which provides a added automated user experience; CG Administrator alembic accumulation administrator apparition and the LXCFS filesystem. Its declared ambition is “to action a distro- and vendor-neutral ambiance for the development of Linux alembic technologies. Operating System: Linux

230. OpenVZ

While it’s not about as acclaimed as Docker, OpenVZ additionally offers attainable antecedent containerization technology. It provides the abject for a bartering artefact alleged Odin Virtuozzo. Operating System: Linux

231. Rkt

Part of the CoreOS operating system, Rkt describes itself as “the next-generation alembic administrator for Linux clusters.” It emphasizes aegis and simplicity, and it ships in ArchLinux, Fedora and several added Linux distributions. Operating System: Linux, OS X.

232. Alfresco

Similar to Microsoft SharePoint, Alfresco’s affiliation archetype offers action agreeable administering that “helps you achieve ascendancy of analytical business content, strengthen compliance, optimize processes and achieve accord easy.” It additionally comes in a paid action adaptation alleged Alfresco One, and a cloud-based adaptation which makes the software attainable on an SaaS basis. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

233. Armstrong

First arise in 2011, Armstrong is a agreeable administering arrangement accurately advised to accommodated the needs of annual organizations. It was developed by The Bay Aborigine and the Texas Tribune. Operating System: OS Independent


While BIGACE is acclimated by abounding abate organizations, it’s multi-site, multi-language, and multi-user capabilities achieve it a achievability for aloft enterprises adorable for a Web CMS. Key actualization accommodate a WYSIWIG editor, templates and stylesheets, and permission management. Operating System: Windows, Linux, Unix

235. Bitweaver

Bitweaver aims to achieve it attainable for non-technical staff, like the business team, to add agreeable to accumulated or baby business websites. It includes accoutrement for abacus articles, blogs, calendars and angel galleries, and assorted add-ons are available. Operating System: OS Independent.

236. DNN

Previously accustomed as DotNetNuke, this agreeable administering band-aid promises aerial ROI for beneath accomplishment aback architectonics affluent alternate websites. Its users accommodate Canon, Time Warner Cable, Texas Instruments and Coffer of America. Operating System: Windows

237. DokuWiki

This simple-to-use wiki was advised for developer teams and added baby groups. Key actualization accommodate absolute revisions, contempo changes viewing, beyond editing, anti-spam capabilities, assorted accent abutment and more. Operating System: OS Independent

238. Drupal

Drupal claims that added than 98,000 developers are actively accidental to this acutely accustomed agreeable administering system. It counts Microsoft, Zend, Fastly and New Relic amid its supporters, and it has a barter that actualization hundreds of companies which action accompanying accessories and services. Operating System: OS Independent

239. Ancestors Connections

If you adulation scrapbooking, you adeptness additionally adulation ambience up a ancestors Web site. This app makes it attainable to actualize a clandestine armpit for administering photos, calendars, recipes and befitting in draft with ancestors members. Operating System: OS Independent

240. FOSWiki

A breach from the TWiki project, FOSWiki distinguishes itself with abutment of anchored macros to enhance agreeable and acquiesce end-users to actualize their own applications. The Web armpit includes ample abutment for new users, as able-bodied as a cardinal of extensions to the basal application. Operating System: OS Independent

241. Fraym

Launched in 2014, Fraym promises “a new acquaintance for creating and alteration websites” and includes actualization like multi-language support, SEO, dent caching, accommodation and annoyance and bead editing. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

242. Get Simple

Designed for abate websites, Get Simple’s affirmation to acclaim is its acute affluence of use. It boasts accomplished security, an automated interface, customization capabilities, dent armpit backups and more. Operating System: Linux.

243. Hippo CMS

Hippo was the abandoned Java-based attainable antecedent CMS in Gartner’s Abracadabra Quadrant for 2015. For marketers, it offers the adeptness to admeasurement “which agreeable affairs to their audiences and bear optimal and abandoned agenda adventures based on this insight.” It comes in attainable antecedent and action editions as able-bodied as the Hippo OnDemand belvedere as a service. Operating System: OS Independent.

244. Joomla

Joomla provides the belvedere for millions of websites, and it has been downloaded added than 50 actor times. Amid its abounding users are companies like eBay, Barnes & Noble, MTV and Peugeot. Operating System: OS Independent

245. MediaWiki

Best accustomed as the software Wikipedia uses, MediaWiki additionally admiral sites for Baidu, Vistaprint, Novell, Intel and NASA. It’s a acceptable advantage for creating editable web pages, and abounding organizations use it for their centralized knowledgebases. Operating System: Windows, Linux/Unix, OS X

246. Mezzanine

Built apparatus the Django framework, Mezzanine offers actualization like an automated interface, appointed publishing, WYSIWYG or in-line folio editing, SEO features, ecommerce, dashboard widgets, and a blog engine. Appointment the animate admirers on the website to see it in action. Operating System: OS Independent.

247. MindTouch

This action allows enterprises to set up self-service and knowledge-base websites beyond their barter can apprenticed accretion advice they need. The cloud-based adaptation is now the primary adaptation of the software, but you can still download the attainable antecedent MindTouch Bulk from SourceForge. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

248. Okatea

Modular, PHP-based Okatea describes itself as “a accommodation amid artlessness and flexibility.” It boasts a modular architectonics which allows users to add actualization for news, acquaintance forms, etc. Operating System: OS Independent.

249. Orchard

This ASP.NET-based CMS is modular and awful extensible, authoritative it attainable to add blogs, photos and abundant more. The action has several all-embracing communities, and Microsoft staffers are circuitous in the project. Operating System: Windows.

250. Plone

Calling itself “the ultimate action CMS,” Plone offers affiliation with abounding added action accoutrement including Salesforce and added CRM solutions, Oracle, affiliated affiliation tools, and abounding Web services. Paid abutment and added casework are attainable through third-party providers. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

251. Pimcore

This award-winning CMS claims to be “the industry’s aboriginal dent open-source e-commerce & artefact advice administering belvedere for carrying affluent and acute e-commerce (B2C/B2B) adventures aloft all attainable channels.” Paid support, training and add-ons can be purchased through the site. Operating System: Linux, Unix

252. SEOToaster

This band-aid claims to be “the best avant-garde SEO CMS and ecommerce website builder.” It offers hub and batten business technology that allows users to administer localized websites from a centralized interface. Operating System: OS Independent

253. SilverStripe

Created by developers in New Zealand, SilverStripe is both an attainable antecedent CMS and a development abutting that provides a arrangement of accompanying services. SwipeStripe adds ecommerce capabilities to SilverStripe sites. Operating System: OS Independent

254. TikiWiki

TikiWiki calls itself “Groupware” because it offers actualization like blogs, forums, an angel gallery, map server, bug tracker and augment clairvoyant to accustomed wiki capabilities. The software is absolutely attainable source, but support, consulting, hosting and added casework are attainable through third-party ally listed on the site. Operating System: OS Independent

255. TWiki

As a structured wiki, TWiki combines the allowances of a wiki with the allowances of a database. It can be acclimated for action management, certificate management, as a adeptness base, or to coact on about any blazon of agreeable for intranets or the Internet. Operating System: OS Independent.

256. TYPO3

Installed added than 500,000 times, TYPO3 is a broadly acclimated action CMS with multisite functionality, accomplished scalability, diminutive permissions, multi-channel agreeable publishing and more. Paid abutment is available. Operating System: Windows, Linux, Unix

257. WebGUI

Used by bags of organizations, WebGUI offers capabilities like wikis, online surveys, annual feeds, accident management, bulletin boards, arcade carts, blogs and more. Several third-party ally action accompanying services. Operating System: Windows, Linux/Unix, OS X

258. Wolf CMS

This newer CMS prides itself on actuality lightweight, fast and attainable to use. However, agenda that it is easiest to use if you admission some PHP coding skills. Operating System: Windows, Linux

259. XOOPS

Another absolute accustomed agreeable administering system, XOOPS has won several awards. It boasts a modular architecture, SEO features, accomplished security, activating editing, email notifications and more. Operating System: OS Independent

260. XWiki

Most wiki software avalanche a little abbreviate aback it comes to affair business needs, but XWiki is a absolute full-featured belvedere with added avant-garde capabilities than best added attainable antecedent projects of its kind. It supports blogging, advertisement and the conception of simple Web applications, all of which can be advantageous to business teams. It comes in both a chargeless and a paid action version. Operating System: OS Independent.

261. Yellow

Yellow’s affirmation to acclaim is its simplicity: “Just files and folders…Not abundant to learn.” It’s best for simple blogs and wiki-style websites. Operating System: OS Independent.

262. CiviCRM

Similar to Orange Leap, CiviCRM was decidedly advised for advancement groups, NGOs and non-profit organizations with agnate needs. It includes modules for case management, fundraising, accident management, associates management, e-mail communications and marketing, and it integrates with both Drupal and Joomla. Operating System: OS Independent

263. ConcourseSuite

In accession to its actualization for sales and chump annual teams, this Web-based CRM band-aid includes assorted actualization for marketers, including beforehand tracking, targeted email campaigns and assay capabilities. In accession to the attainable antecedent version, a paid, authentic adaptation is additionally available. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

264. openCRX

This full-featured CRM band-aid combines groupware functionality (email, agenda and contacts) with sales force automation, business automation, chump annual and analytics features. Paid abutment and custom development are attainable through partners. Operating System: OS Independent

265. SplendidCRM

SplendidCRM calls itself “the bright and attainable best for companies that adopt Microsoft IIS to Apache and SQL Server to MySQL.” It’s a Windows-based CRM band-aid that comes in assorted billow and on-premise versions. Operating System: Windows.

266. SugarCRM

Used by added than 1.5 actor bodies in 120 countries, SugarCRM is an acutely popular, award-winning attainable antecedent CRM solution. The website articulation aloft is primarily adherent to affairs cloud-based subscriptions, but you can accretion the attainable antecedent adaptation at SugarCRM.com/download. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

267. vTiger

Downloaded added than four actor times, vTiger comes in both billow and attainable antecedent versions. Key actualization accommodate acquaintance management, befalling management, email marketing, forecasting, collaboration, workflow automation, advertisement and adaptable apps. Operating System: Windows, Linux, iOS, Android.

268. X2Contacts

This CRM apparatus gives marketers the adeptness to abduction Web leads, clue Website visits, abstruse and clue emails, and automate and administer campaigns. It comes in a cloud-based adaptation that runs on AWS or in an attainable antecedent version. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

269. Blazegraph

Formerly accustomed as “Bigdata,” Blazegraph is a awful scalable, high-performance database. It is attainable beneath an attainable antecedent or a bartering license. Operating System: OS Independent.

270. BlinkDB

Still an alpha release, BlinkDB is a “massively parallel, about concern abettor for animate alternate SQL queries on ample volumes of data.” In some tests it performed up to 200 times faster than Hive. Operating System: Windows, Linux

271. Cassandra

Created by Facebook, this NoSQL database counts Apple, CERN, Comcast, eBay, GitHub, GoDaddy, Hulu, Instagram, Intuit, Netflix, Reddit and added tech companies amid its users. It supports acutely ample abstracts sets and boasts absolute fast accomplishment and accomplished backbone and elasticity. Abutment is attainable through third parties. Operating System: OS Independent

272. CockroachDB

The aggregation abaft this action is animate to actualize a database that is aloof as adamantine to annihilate as a cockroach is—in added words, it’s acutely resilient. It additionally spreads like cockroaches—in added words, it’s awful scalable. Operating System: Docker

273. CouchDB

Built for the Web, CouchDB is a NoSQL database that aliment abstracts in JSON abstracts which can be queried via HTTP and manipulated with JavaScript. Cloudant, which is now endemic by IBM, offers a professionally authentic adaptation of the software, which is acclimated by Samsung, Akamai, Expedia, Microsoft Bold Studios and added companies. Operating system: Windows, Linux, OS X, Android

274. Drill

Apache Drill allows users to use SQL queries for non-relational abstracts accumulator systems. It supports a ambit of NoSQL and cloud-based abstracts accumulator systems, including HBase, MongoDB, MapR-DB, HDFS, MapR-FS, Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage, Google Billow Accumulator and Swift. It additionally allows users to chase through assorted datasets stored with altered technologies apparatus a distinct query. In addition, it supports abounding accustomed BI tools. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

275. Firebird

This complete database has been about aback 1981. According to its website, it offers “excellent concurrency, aerial performance, and able accent abutment for stored procedures and triggers.” Operating System: Windows, Linux, Unix, OS X, Solaris

276. FlockDB

Developed by Twitter, FlockDB is a absolute fast, absolute scalable blueprint database that is acceptable at autumn amusing networking data. While it is still attainable for download, the attainable antecedent adaptation of this action has not been acclimatized in absolutely a while. Operating System: OS Independent.

277. GridGain

Powered by Apache Ignite, GridGrain offers in-memory abstracts bolt for fast processing of big abstracts and a Hadoop Accelerator based on the aforementioned technology. It comes in a paid action adaptation and a chargeless affiliation edition, which includes chargeless basal support. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

278. HBase

Designed for absolute ample tables with billions of rows and millions of columns, HBase is a broadcast database that provides accidental real-time read/write admission to big data. It is somewhat agnate to Google’s Bigtable, but congenital on top of Hadoop and HDFS. Operating System: OS Independent.

279. Hibari

This Erlang-based action describes itself as “a distributed, ordered key-value abundance with able bendability guarantee.” It was aboriginal developed by Gemini Adaptable Technologies and is acclimated by several telecommunications carriers in Europe and Asia. Operating System: OS Independent.

280. Hive

Apache Hive is the abstracts barn for the Hadoop ecosystem. It allows users to concern and administer big abstracts apparatus HiveQL, a accent that is agnate to SQL. Operating System: OS Independent.

281. Hustle

Hustle describes itself as “A column-oriented, embarrassingly broadcast relational accident database.” Based on Disco, it’s advised to action acutely fast queries for absolute ample abstracts sets. Operating System: Linux.

282. Hypertable

Used by eBay, Baidu, Groupon, Yelp and abounding added Internet companies, Hypertable is a Hadoop-compatible big abstracts database that promises fast performance. Bartering abutment is available. Operating System: Linux, OS X.

283. Impala

Cloudera claims that its SQL-based Impala database is “the arch attainable antecedent analytic database for Apache Hadoop.” It can be downloaded as a standalone artefact and is additionally allotment of Cloudera’s bartering big abstracts products. Operating System: Linux, OS X.

284. Infinispan

A Red Hat JBoss project, Java-based Infinispan is a broadcast in-memory abstracts grid. It can be acclimated as a cache, as a high-performance NoSQL database, or to add absorption capabilities to frameworks. Operating System: OS Independent.

285. InfluxDB

InfluxDB is a “distributed time alternation database with no conflicting dependencies.” That makes it ideal for accession abstracts from IoT sensors; in fact, it can clue abstracts from tens of bags of sensors sampling added than already per second. Operating System: Linux, OS X

286. Kexi

Part of the Calligra appointment abundance suite, Kexi is a beheld database apparatus architect agnate to Admission and Filemaker Pro. Agenda that it offers bigger abutment for Linux than for Windows or OS X. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

287. LucidDB

The LucidDB website claims that this database is “the aboriginal and abandoned open-source RDBMS purpose-built absolutely for abstracts warehousing and business intelligence.” It is accounting partially in Java and partially in C in adjustment to amalgamate aerial accomplishment with affluence of development. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

288. MongoDB

Used by Foursquare, Forbes, Pebble, Adobe, LinkedIn, eHarmony and others, MongoDB is a NoSQL database that claims to be “optimized for mission-critical deployments.” Paid able and action versions are available. Operating system: Windows, Linux, OS X, Solaris

289. MySQL

Beloved by Web companies like YouTube, PayPal, Google, Facebook, Twitter, eBay, LinkedIn, Uber and Amazon, MySQL calls itself “the world’s best accustomed attainable antecedent database.” It comes in assorted paid adaptation as able-bodied as the chargeless affiliation version, and the latest amend claims to be three times faster than its predecessor. Operating System: Windows, Linux, Unix, OS X

290. Neo4j

The self-proclaimed “world’s arch blueprint database,” Neo4J is acclimated for artifice detection, advocacy engines, amusing networking, adept abstracts administering and more. It users accommodate eBay, Walmart, Cisco, HP, Accenture, CrunchBase, eHarmony, Care.com and abounding added organizations. Operating System: Windows, Linux

291. OrientDB

This multi-model database combines some of the capabilities of a blueprint database with some of the capabilities of a certificate database. Paid support, training and consulting are available. Operating system: OS Independent.

292. PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL calls itself “the world’s best avant-garde attainable antecedent database” and boasts added than 15 years of development. It has won assorted awards and offers accomplished believability and stability, akin in high-volume environments. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

293. Riak

“Full of abundant stuff,” Riak comes in two versions: KV is the broadcast NoSQL database, and S2 provides commodity accumulator for the cloud. It’s attainable in attainable antecedent or bartering editions, with add-ons for Spark, Redis and Solr. Operating System: Linux, OS X.

294. Realm

With an absorbing agenda of users that includes Google, Amazon, Starbucks, eBay, Budweiser, SAP, BC, Intel, Intuit, McDonalds, Walmart and IBM, Realm boasts that hundreds of millions of bodies await on its adaptable database. iOS, Android and Java versions are attainable for freel; action versions are attainable for a fee. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS, Android

295. Redis

Now sponsored by Pivotal, Redis is a key-value accumulation and store. Paid abutment is available. Agenda that while the action doesn’t clearly abutment Windows, Microsoft has a Windows angle on GitHub. Operating System: Linux.

296. WebScaleSQL

Based on MySQL, WebScaleSQL is a accord amid Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter. Their ambition is to actualize a SQL database that can action the performance, believability and scalability that these ample Web companies need. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

297. BleachBit

BleachBit can deeply annul files from a standalone system. In addition, it can apple-pie up systems and beforehand accomplishment by abatement buried files, acting files, logs and added accidental data. Operating System: Windows, Linux

298. Darik’s Cossack And Nuke

Also accustomed as DBAN, Darik’s Cossack And Nuke can absolutely annihilate all abstracts from a adamantine drive. The attainable antecedent adaptation is advised for claimed use, and a bartering adaptation that can abolish RAID arrays is attainable through Blancco, the action owner. Operating System: OS Independent

299. Eraser

For Windows only, Eraser deletes abstracts from adamantine drives and overwrites it assorted times so that it cannot be recovered. It can abort abstracts on an absolute drive or apple-pie out authentic files and folders, and it includes a customizable scheduler. Operating System: Windows

300. FileKiller

Another defended abatement tool, FileKiller gives users the advantage of allegorical how abounding times deleted abstracts is overwritten. It promises fast performance. Operating System: Windows

301. Apatar

Apatar aims to achieve it attainable to move abstracts amid on-premise and cloud-based applications, and it includes connectors for Salesforce.com, SugarCRM, and Goldmine CRM. It additionally comes in an on-demand adaptation that integrates abstracts from Salesforce.com and QuickBooks. Operating System: OS Independent.

302. Clover ETL

The Affiliation Adaptation of this extract, transform, bulk (ETL) apparatus can handle “modest” abstracts transformation and ETL jobs. It additionally comes in paid Designer, Server Standard, Server Accumulated and Server Arrangement versions. Operating System: OS Independent.

303. DataCleaner

This enterprise-class apparatus can adviser your data, verify it adjoin centralized or conflicting advertence data, assay your abstracts quality, and accretion and absorb akin entries. In added to the chargeless Affiliation version, the aggregation additionally offers commercially authentic Able and Action editions. Operating System: OS Independent

304. GeoKettle

Based on Kettle/Pentaho Abstracts Integration, GeoKettle incorporates geospatial capabilities from a arrangement of added attainable antecedent tools. It is endemic by Spatialytics, which offers bartering versions of the tools. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

305. Karma

Developed at the University of Southern California, Karma can accommodate abstracts from databases, spreadsheets, belted altercation files, XML, JSON, KML and Web APIs. It aims to be attainable to use, and the website includes a cardinal of videos assuming its capabilities in action. Operating System: OS Independent.

306. KETL

KETL calls itself “a premier, attainable antecedent ETL tool” and boasts that its actualization “successfully attack with aloft bartering products.” Bartering abutment is attainable through Kinetic Networks. Operating System: Linux, Unix.

307. Kettle

Also accustomed as Pentaho Abstracts Integration, Kettle promises “powerful Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL) capabilities, apparatus a groundbreaking, metadata-driven approach.” It actualization a drag-and-drop interface and scalable architecture. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

308. MailArchiva

MailArchiva aliment action e-mail messages, acceptance companies to accommodated acquiescence requirements, to chase old belletrist quickly, to adviser agreeable and to save on accumulator costs. The articulation aloft will affix you with the action and ISP versions of the software; for the attainable antecedent version, see SourceForge. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

309. Talend Attainable Studio

Talend is managed by a for-profit aggregation rather than a foundation. As a result, paid abutment is available. Talend offers a mix of chargeless and paid products. Its free, attainable antecedent band-aid is alleged Talend Attainable Studio, and it has been downloaded added than 2 actor times.

Market assay abutting Gartner afresh alleged Talend a “Leader” in abstracts integration. The aggregation boasts that it can advice enterprises assay their big abstracts bristles times faster and at one-fifth the bulk compared to advancing solutions. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

310. MyDLP

This able-bodied DLP band-aid can “monitor, ascertain and anticipate abstracts arising on your aggregation arrangement and endpoints.” In accession to the chargeless affiliation version, it additionally comes in a authentic action version. Operating System: Windows, Linux, VMware.

311. DataMelt

The almsman to jHepWork, DataMelt can do algebraic computation, abstracts mining, statistical assay and abstracts visualization. It supports Java and accompanying programming languages including Jython, Groovy, JRuby and Beanshell. Operating System: OS Independent.

312. KEEL

Short for “Knowledge Extraction based on Evolutionary Learning,” KEEL is a Java-based apparatus acquirements apparatus that provides algorithms for a arrangement of big abstracts tasks. It’s additionally attainable for assessing the adequacy of algorithms for regression, classification, clustering, arrangement mining and agnate tasks. Operating System: OS Independent.

313. Mahout

An Apache Foundation project, Mahout is an attainable antecedent apparatus acquirements framework. According to its website, it offers three aloft features: a programming ambiance for architectonics scalable algorithms, premade algorithms for accoutrement like Spark and H2O, and a vector-math assay ambiance alleged Samsara. Companies apparatus Mahout accommodate Adobe, Accenture, Foursquare, Intel, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yahoo and abounding others. Able abutment is attainable through third parties listed on the website. Operating System: OS Independent.

314. Orange

Orange believes abstracts mining should be “fruitful and fun,” whether you admission years of acquaintance or are aloof accepting started in the discipline. It offers beheld programming and Python scripting accoutrement for abstracts visualizations and analysis. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

315. RapidMiner

RapidMiner claims to be the “#1 attainable antecedent abstracts science platform,” and Gartner alleged it a baton in its Abracadabra Quadrant abode for avant-garde analytics. It enables self-service predictive analytics and promises lightning-fast performance. Its users accommodate BMW, Lufthansa, Domino’s Pizza, Sony, Ford, Salesforce, Amnesty All-embracing and GE.

The complete RadiMiner Belvedere includes three abstracted pieces: RapidMiner Studio, RapidMiner Server and RapidMiner Radoop. All three are attainable beneath attainable antecedent or bartering licenses, and bartering prices depend on the cardinal of users. Operating System: OS Independent.

316. Rattle

Rattle stands for “R Analytical Apparatus To Apprentice Easily.” It provides a graphical interface for the R programming language, simplifying the processes of creating statistical or beheld summaries of data, creating models and assuming abstracts transformations. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

317. SPMF

SPMF now includes 93 algorithms for consecutive arrangement mining, affiliation aphorism mining, itemset mining, consecutive aphorism mining and clustering. It can be acclimated on its own or congenital into added Java-based programs. Operating System: OS Independent.

318. Weka

The Waikato Ambiance for Adeptness Analysis, or Weka, is a set Java-based machine-learning algorithms for abstracts mining. It can achieve abstracts pre-processing, classification, regression, clustering, affiliation rules and visualization. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

319. Aperture JS

This action was advised to advice aftermath visualizations of abstracts to aid analysts and added accommodation makers. It’s a JavaScript library that takes a “unified band based admission to accommodation assembly” in adjustment to actualize rich, able graphics. Operating System: OS Independent.

320. D3.js

Short for Data-Driven Documents, D3 makes abounding use of newer Web standards to advice users actualize absorbing graphs and diagrams of their data. It grew out of the beforehand Protovis project, and has been accepting added absorption in the aftermost brace of years. Operating System: Windows, Linux, Mac, iPad

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321. Opendedup

Opendedup performs inline de-duplication to abate accumulator apparatus by up to 95 percent. It’s attainable as an apparatus for simplified bureaucracy and deployment. Operating System: Windows, Linux

322. Console

For developers and others who like to assignment from the command line, Animate adds capabilities that aren’t attainable through cmd.exe. For example, it allows users to attainable assorted tabs, change the chantry and window style, use a altercation accession tool, and more. Operating System: Windows

323. DropIt

If your book arrangement is a mess, DropIt gives you an easier way to apple-pie it up than apparatus the book copy-and-paste capabilities of Windows Explorer. With this app, you can actualize an bulk on your desktop that sends files to the binder of your choice. Aloof annoyance your book to bulk and it will move the book beyond you appetite it to go. Operating System: Windows

324. Electric Sheep

Inspired by the Philip K. Dick atypical Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? this screensaver connects your arrangement to bags of others to actualize abstruse designs and patterns. Vote for your admired patterns to see them reappear added often. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, Android, iOS.

325. Enlightenment

Compatible with both Gnome and KDE, Enlightenment is a fast, modular windows manager. The action additionally includes a ample interface development library, some genitalia of which are attainable on Windows, OS X and added OSes. Operating System: Linux

326. Amphibian Stickies

If you would like a adhesive agenda app for your buzz or tablet, assay out Amphibian Stickies. Addendum automatically breach on top of apps, and you can berth or resize them easily. Antecedent bare attainable through GitHub. Operating System: Android

327. Florence

If you can’t use your calmly for some reason, or if you agitated Red Bull on your keyboard and are cat-and-mouse for it to dry out, Florence can advice you accumulate on typing. This app for the Gnome desktop puts a basal keyboard on your awning that you can bang with your mouse. Operating System: Linux, OS X

328. Fluxbox

Although it’s not too flashy, this window administrator is failing and fast. Key actualization accommodate tabbing, editable menus, an apparatus berth and more. Operating System: Linux

329. KWin

The absence window administrator for the KDE Plasma desktop, KWin puts an accent on believability and acceptable looks. The latest adaptation supports compositing, that is, 3D window effects. Operating System: Linux

330. Matrixgl

For those who adulation the Matrix movies, this screensaver actualization falling blooming characters that actualize images of characters from the The Matrix Reloaded. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

331. PNotes

Leave yourself agenda adhesive addendum on your desktop. Key PNotes actualization accommodate portability, affluent altercation formatting options, skins, abaft tracking, LAN exchange, amusing arrangement integration, countersign protection, encryption, tags and abundant more. Operating System: Windows (8, 7, Vista)

332. Sticker

Sticker is a Windows 7-compatible cyberbanking post-it agenda app. Clashing some agnate apps, it lets you put addendum anon on the desktop as if they were icons. Operating System: Windows

333. VirtuaWin

One of the abundant actualization of desktop Linux is the adeptness to actualize basal desktops; VirtuaWin adds the aforementioned functionality to Windows. Accomplished for multi-tasking, it allows you to accumulation calm sets of attainable windows and about-face amid them. Operating System: Windows (7, Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, NT, ME, 9x)

334. MiKTeX

Specifically advised to advice with the conception of abstruse publications and books that accommodate a lot mathematics, MiKTeX brings the TeX/LaTeX band-aid that is accustomed to abounding Linux users to Windows. Abundant addons extend its capabilities. Operating System: Windows, Linux

335. Scribus

Also acceptable for use by professionals, Scribus is an attainable antecedent folio layout/desktop publishing apparatus that can be acclimated to actualize agenda or printed documents. It has been alleged “one of the best able and advantageous open-source projects out there.” Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

336. 0xbench

0xbench is a abounding criterion testing apartment for Android devices. In accession to the articulation above, you can additionally accretion the antecedent bare on Gitorious. Operating System: Android

337. AML

Short for “Application Markup Language,” AML is an XML-based accent for architectonics congenital adaptable applications. It’s best for creating adaptable versions of data-driven Web apps. Operating System: Android

338. Andlytics

Designed to advice developers clue their app download statistics, Andlytics integrates with the Google Brawl Developer Animate and AdMob. However, agenda that it does not abutment Google Apps for Business or multi-connected developer accounts. Operating System: Android

339. AngularJS

Sponsored by Google, this “superheroic” JavaScript framework aims to achieve it easier to add activating agreeable to HTML Web pages. It’s embeddable and adaptable and works with a avant-garde ambit of added development tools. Operating System: OS Independent

340. Anjuta DevStudio

This IDE supports assorted programming languages, including C, C , Java, JavaScript, Python and Vala. It includes an alternate debugger, antecedent bare editor, adaptation ascendancy system, GUI designer, and action administering features. Operating System: Linux

341. Apigility

Apigility claims to be “the world’s easiest way to actualize high-quality APIs.” It allows users to get started creating their aboriginal API in aloof seconds, and it works with all PHP frameworks and libraries. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

342. Appcelerator Titanium

Titanium is allotment of Appcelerator’s abounding adaptable development platform, which requires a subscription. However, you can download the attainable antecedent adaptation of this JavaScript adaptable development framework from Appcelerator.org. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS, Android, BlackBerry

343. Appcelerator Alloy

Alloy is the added attainable antecedent allotment of Appcelerator’s adaptable development platform. It’s an MVC framework based on Titaniaum and Node.js. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS, Android, BlackBerry

344. Appium

Sponsored by Sauce Labs Appium is a testing framework for native, amalgam and adaptable web apps. It works with all adaptable programming languages and best accustomed development tools. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS, Android

345. ASP.NET

Microsoft arise this chargeless Web framework beneath an attainable antecedent authorization in 2014. It additionally allows users to host up to 10 ASP.NET websites for chargeless on its Azure billow accretion service. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

346. Backbone.js

Backbone promises to add anatomy to your Web applications. It’s advantageous for developing affluent client-side applications and promises added abandon than some added JavaScript frameworks. Operating System: OS Independent

347. Bazel

Google arise a beta adaptation of this anatomy arrangement this month. It’s ideal for environments with a absolute ample aggregate bare repository, a arrangement of languages and platforms in use, and automated testing and absolution processes . Operating System: Linux, OS X

348. Bitbeaker

If your alignment uses the Bitbucket adaptation ascendancy system, Bitbeaker will acquiesce you to browse antecedent code, administer issues, annual cull requests, accept notifications and more. Agenda that it is not a abounding Git client. Operating System: Android

349. Bootstrap

This Twitter-developed apparatus proclaims itself to be “the best accustomed HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, adaptable aboriginal projects on the web.” To get an absorption of its capabilities, assay out the “expo” of websites congenital with Bootstrap. Operating System: OS Independent

350. Bower

Another Twitter project, Bower manages frameworks, libraries, assets, utilities and added bales for websites. It works with a lot of added accustomed Web development tools. Operating System: OS Independent

351. Brackets

Founded by Adobe, Brackets describes itself as “a modern, attainable antecedent altercation editor that understands web design.” It allows users to beforehand sites and apps for the browser while animate in the browser. Operating System: OS Independent

352. Catalyst

This Perl MVC Web framework aims to beforehand accelerated development and apple-pie design. It includes an dent development server for testing and works with about all Web servers. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

353. Chaplin.js

Chaplin.js is an architectonics for Backbone.js applications. It was advised to abode some of the limitations of Backbone.js and advice developers apprenticed actualize single-page Web apps. Operating System: Windows, Linux

354. Cinder

Cinder is a accustomed set of C libraries accompanying to graphics, audio, video, networking, angel processing and computational geometry. Microsoft Attainable Technologies has contributed to the project, and it’s authentic by the Windows Store. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

355. Cloud9 IDE

Cloud9 is both a cloud-based Ubuntu desktop and a browser-based IDE. You can affirmation up to use a chargeless or paid adaptation of the annual at the articulation above, or you can set up your own cloud-based IDE apparatus the antecedent bare from GitHub. Operating System: OS Independent

356. Cocos2d-x

Used by added than 400,000 developers worldwide, Cocos2d-x makes it attainable to anatomy cross-platform 2D amateur and apps in C . Actualization accommodate ashen animation, sprite beyond animation, effects, textures, transitions, auto-batching, auto-culling and more. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

357. Code::Blocks

This adaptable IDE supports C, C and Fortran. Actualization accommodate abutment for assorted compilers, multi-target projects, syntax highlighting, bare completion, acute indent, an dent debugger and more. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

358. Conditionizr

Award-winning Conditionizr makes it easier to actualize acknowledging sites that attending abundant on any accessory and in any browser. It detects the avant-garde end and afresh serves up the acclimatized adaptation of a Website. Operating System: OS Independent

359. Cordova

This apparatus allows adaptable developers to abode congenital apps apparatus HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It has additionally been congenital into several added adaptable development tools. Operating System: iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone

360. DebOps

DebOps describes itself as “your Debian-based abstracts centermost in a box.” It’s a set of Ansible playbooks advised to achieve it easier to set up and administer a abstracts center. Operating System: Linux

361. Dev-C

Dev-C supports C and C , and it includes an dent debugger, action management, customizable syntax highlighting, bare completion, chic browser and more. The articulation aloft takes you to the aboriginal project, but there is additionally a angle that has been acclimatized added afresh on the Dev-C Blog. Operating System: Windows

362. Dirigible

Owned by SAP, Dirigible is an dent development ambiance as a annual (IDEaaS) that promises to advice developers “enjoy programming like never before.” It’s still in beta trials, and you can annals to use it for chargeless from the articulation above. The antecedent bare is on GitHub. Operating System: OS Independent

363. Drone

This apparatus continuously examines bare for bugs. It integrates with added development accoutrement and casework including GitHub, Bitbucket, Amazon, Heroku and Google App Engine. It’s attainable as a paid hosted annual that is chargeless for attainable antecedent projects. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

364. Eclipse

Best accustomed as a accustomed dent development ambiance (IDE) for Java, the Concealment action additionally offers IDEs for C/C and PHP, as able-bodied as a host of added development tools. Amid its key supporters are CA Technologies, Google, IBM, Oracle, Red Hat and SAP. Operating System: OS Independent

365. Emacs

Since the 1970s, ancestors of developers admission acclimated Emacs for autograph code. It offers content-sensitive editing, syntax coloring, abounding Unicode support, customization capabilities and a ample library of extensions. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

366. Ember.js

This “framework for creating advancing Web applications,” aims to beforehand abundance for JavaScript developers. Its website lists Yahoo, Square, Livingsocial, Groupon, Twitch, TED, Netflix, Heroku and Microsoft amid its users. Operating System: OS Independent

367. Evolutility

Now added than a decade old, Evolutility simplifies the conception of database-driven apps and Web apps afterwards autograph any code. The website includes a cardinal of sample applications to actualization you how it works. Operating System: Windows

368. Falcon

Designed to be light, fast and flexible, Falcon is a Python framework for architectonics billow APIs and web app back-ends. Adequately new, its website proclaims that it has been “Unburdening billow apps for over 2.16 x 10-2 centuries” (that’s a little over two years). Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

369. Falcor

Falcor describes itself as “a JavaScript library for able abstracts fetching.” Created by Netflix, it allows Web apps to get and affectation abstracts absolute quickly, convalescent the end user experience. It is still in developer examination status. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

370. Flight

Twitter created this lightweight, event-drivien JavaScript framework for use on its own Web apps and has attainable sourced the bare for everyone. It maps behavior to DOM nodes. Operating System: OS Independent

371. Bold Editor

Designed for novices, Bold Editor aims to advice amateur developers apprentice the basics of programming and actualize amateur for about any platform. It boasts an automated interface, event-driving programming, fast architectonics prototyping and ascribe flexibility. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS, others

372. GCC

The “GNU Compiler Collection” offers avant-garde ends and libraries for C, C , Objective-C, Fortran, Java, and Ada. It’s apparently the best broadly acclimated compiler for bare that will run on assorted operating systems. Operating System: OS Independent

373. Gestalt

This apparatus allows developers to accommodate Ruby, Python and XAML bare aural HTML code. It’s ambition is to accredit the conception of affluent Web apps apparatus accoutrement that developers already know. Operating System: OS Independent

374. Glade

Glade lets developers apprenticed actualize interfaces for the GTK toolkit and the GNOME desktop environment. It saves those interfaces in XML so they can be accessed by applications accounting in a avant-garde arrangement of programming languages. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

375. Gradle

Gradle automates abounding of the tasks associated with building, testing, publishing and deploying applications, and it is absolute accustomed with Java, Groovy and Scala developers. Microsoft offers a constituent for amalgam Gradle with Microsoft Aggregation Foundation Server. Operating System: OS Independent

376. Grunt

Grunt is a JavaScript assignment abettor that helps automate repetitive development tasks. Acclaimed tech companies apparatus it accommodate Adobe, Twitter, Mozilla, Cloudant and WordPress. Operating System: OS Independent

377. Gumbo

Released by Google, Gumbo is a C accomplishing of the HTML5. It’s meant to accommodate the foundation for a arrangement of added development tools. Operating System: Linux

378. Hammer.js

Adding draft gestures to your adaptable app? Hammer.js makes it easy. It supports best accustomed single- and multitouch gestures, and you can additionally acclimate it to add your own gestures. Operating System: OS Independent

379. Hibernate

Part of the JBoss Action Middleware Suite, Hibernate provides object/relational alternation for Java and .NET. It additionally includes the adeptness to abode queries in SQL or the Hibernate adaptation of SQL (HQL). Operating System: OS Independent

380. Hygieia

Created by cyberbanking casework ample Capital One, Hygieia (pronounced “hi-gee-ya”) is a DevOps dashboard that allows users to see the cachet of their absolute commitment action at a glance. The code, screenshots and a video acknowledgment the apparatus are attainable on Capital One’s Git Hub pages. Operating System: OS Independent

381. IntelliJ IDEA

Calling itself the “most able Java IDE, IntelliJ IDEA supports enterprise, adaptable and Web development. It comes in a chargeless affiliation archetype or a paid ultimate edition. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

382. Intel Threaded Architectonics Blocks

Also accustomed as TBB, Threaded Architectonics Blocks is a apparatus that helps developers abode C programs that booty advantage of the processing adeptness in multi-core systems. A commercially authentic adaptation is available. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

383. Ionic

For developers architectonics amalgam adaptable aps, Ionic is an attainable antecedent front-end SDK advised to advice actualize admirable apps with Web technologies. Acutely popular, this apparatus has added than 40,300 followers on GitHub. Operating System: OS Independent

384. IPFaces

A artefact of Edhouse, iPFaces excels at the conception of form-heavy adaptable apps apparatus Web development technologies. It’s attainable in both a chargeless affiliation adaptation and a paid bartering version. Operating System: OS Absolute for the developer; creates apps for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, others

385. Javadoc

Javadoc uses the comments you bury in your Java bare to actualize an HTML affidavit file. By absence it describes the attainable and adequate classes, nested classes (but not bearding abutting classes), interfaces, constructors, methods and fields. It’s included in Oracle’s Java developer kits. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

386. Jenkins

The “leading attainable antecedent automation server,” Jenkins was angled from Hudson and offers abounding of the aforementioned capabilities. It boasts attainable accession and configuration, hundreds of plugins, adaptability and a broadcast architectonics that allows it to dispatch the action of testing. It has a absolute animate user affiliation with lots of appointed contest that action opportunities to apprentice added about the software. There is additionally affluence of affidavit on the website, including a blog that is acclimatized regularly. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

387. JHipster

JHipster brings calm abounding accustomed development accoutrement into one package. It uses Spring Cossack for the server side, AngularJS and Bootstrap for the front-end, and Yeoman, Bower, Grunt and Maven to advice with the workflow. Operating System: OS Independent

388. jQuery

This accustomed JavaScript library simplifies HTML certificate manipulation, accident handling, action and Ajax and claims to admission “changed the way that millions of bodies abode JavaScript.” Its sponsors accommodate WordPress, Famo.us, and IBM. Operating System: OS Independent

389. JQuery Mobile

JQuery Adaptable affiance to acquiesce adaptable developers to abode one app that will run on all adaptable pltforms. It’s based on HTML5 and is one of the added accustomed attainable antecedent adaptable development frameworks. Operating System: OS Independent

390. jQT

This plugin for Zepto.js and jQuery aims to mke it attainable for developers to actualize cross-platform apps. Key actualization accommodate attainable installation, customization capabilities, affair support, callback functions, Sass-based stylesheets and more. Operating System: iOS, Android

391. Jsonnet

As you adeptness assumption from the name, this agreement accent was advised to abridge the action of autograph JSON. Developers can use it to advice acclimate JSON data. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

392. KDevelop

KDE’s development ambiance boasts full-featured abutment for C/C and some added languages. Although it was developed for the KDE Linux desktop, it additionally runs on GNOME and added desktops, as able-bodied as Windows and Unix. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

393. KinomaJS

The Kinoma belvedere encompasses both accouterments and software accoutrement for prototying IoT accessories and applications. KinomaJS, its JavaScript-based apparatus framework, is attainable beneath an attainable antecedent license. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

394. Kurogo

Used by organizations like Massachusetts Accustomed Hospital, Harvard University, Brown University, the University of Wisconsin and abounding others, Kurogo describes itself as “open-source Adaptable Optimized Middleware™ for developing content-rich adaptable websites and iOS and Android apps.” The name comes from a Japanese babble for stagehands who are airy to the admirers but acquiesce the stars of the actualization to shine. Operating System: Windows, Linux, iOS, Android

395. LoopBack

This Node.js framework aims to achieve it attainable to actualize REST APIs and affix to backend abstracts stores. Noteworthy users accommodate GoDaddy, The U.S. Department of Action and Symantec. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, Android, iOS

396. M2MLabs Mainspring

Based on Java and the Apache Cassandra NoSQL database, Mainspring describes itself as “an attainable antecedent apparatus framework for architectonics apparatus to apparatus (M2M) applications such as conflicting monitoring, alive administering or acute grid.” Actualization accommodate adjustable accessory modeling, accessory configuration, advice amid accessories and applications, abstracts validation and normalization, abiding abstracts accumulator and abstracts retrieval. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

397. MediaGoblin

Want to anatomy your own accession to YouTube, Flickr or SoundCloud? MediaGoblin makes it attainable to set up a media publishing site. Operating System: Linux

398. Meteor

Meteor promises to advice users “build apps that are a contentment to use, faster than you anytime anticipation possible.” It claims that its acknowledging programming archetypal allows Web and adaptable developers to achieve in 10 ambit what would contrarily booty 1,000. Operating System: OS Independent

399. MinGW

“Minimalist GNU for Windows” ports the GCC compilers and GNU Binutils for Windows. It allows you to use GNU accoutrement to anatomy Windows apps from Windows or Linux systems. Operating System: Windows, Linux

400. Mojito

This Yahoo Cocktail is a MVC JavaScript apparatus framework that can run on applicant browsers and in Node.js on servers. It includes accoutrement for bounded development, internationalization, localization, dent assemblage testing and device-specific presentation. Operating System: Linux

401. Mono

Mono describes itself as “an attainable antecedent accomplishing of Microsoft’s .NET Framework based on the ECMA standards for C# and the Accustomed Accent Runtime.” It enables accelerated development of cross-platform applications. Previously sponsored by Novell, it’s now endemic by Xamarin. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS, Android

402. MonoDevelop

Designed for C# and Beheld Basic.NET, MonoDevelop helps Windows developers actualize multi-platform applications. Key actualization accommodate avant-garde altercation editing, an dent debugger, GTK# Beheld Designer, assemblage testing, localization and more. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

403. .NET

In 2014, Microsoft arise affairs to attainable antecedent its .NET development framework. The .NET Foundation website offers all the .NET accoutrement the aggregation has attainable sourced so far, including the Roslyn compiler. You can additionally accretion the .NET accoutrement on GitHub. Operating System: Windows

404. Neovim

Generations of Emacs-hating developers admission affidavit by Vim as the abandoned altercation editor they’ll use for coding. Neovim is a new booty on the archetypal apparatus with added able plugins, bigger GUI architectonics and bigger embedding support. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

405. NetBeans

Useful for creating desktop, adaptable or Web apps, NetBeans supports Java, HTML5, PHP, C/C and several added programming languages. It has won several awards and boasts a ample library of plug-ins. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

406. Nette Framework

This accustomed PHP framework promises to achieve Web developers’ assignment easier. It boasts “perfect” security, dent debugging tools, fast performance, an attainable acquirements curve, a ample affiliation and more. Operating System: Windows, Linux

407. Node.js

Node.js’s affirmation to acclaim is that it allows developers to abode server-side applications apparatus JavaScript. Formerly controlled by Joyent, development is now overseen by the Node.js Foundation. Its users accommodate IBM, Microsoft, Yahoo, SAP, LinkedIn, PayPal and Netflix. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

408. Node-RED

This “visual apparatus for abject the Internet of Things” simplifies the action of affix IoT accessories with APIs and online services. It is congenital on Node.js and includes a browser-based breeze editor. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

409. Nuclide

Created by Facebook, Nuclide is an dent development ambiance that supports both adaptable and Web development. It is congenital on top of Atom, and it can accommodate with Flow, Drudge and Mercurial. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

410. NuGet

This addendum for Microsoft’s Beheld Studio makes it attainable to install and amend attainable antecedent libraries for the .NET platform. And the NuGet Arcade makies it attainable to accretion those attainable antecedent libraries. Operating System: Windows

411. Appointment UI Fabric

Just aftermost month, Microsoft fabricated this apparatus about attainable on GitHub. It’s a front-end bolt that allows developers to anatomy Office-like Web apps and add-ins. Operating System: Windows

412. OneOps

Released by Walmart Labs as an attainable antecedent apparatus beforehand this year, OneOps is the newest attainable antecedent DevOps apparatus on this list. It brings calm billow administering and apparatus lifecycle administering capabilities with the ambition of allowance DevOps teams abode and arrangement applications added quickly. It additionally makes it attainable to about-face amid assorted billow providers, allowance anticipate bell-ringer lock-in and accouterment greater flexibility. It offers aerial availability, self-healing and auto-replace capabilities, automated ascent and affiliation with abounding added affiliated commitment and automation tools, as able-bodied as abutment for all the aloft attainable billow services.

413. OpenBD

OpenBD bills itself as “the world’s aboriginal absolutely attainable antecedent and chargeless GPL Java CFML runtime.” It allows Web developers to actualize apps apparatus the Cold Fusion Markup Accent (CFML) afterwards purchasing ColdFusion. Operating System: Windows, Linux

414. OpenMEAP

OpenMEAP is a accelerated apparatus development (RAD) belvedere for creating adaptable apps. It allows non-programmers to anatomy and arrange cross-platform apps. Operating System: Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry

415. Attainable Antecedent Libraries

This attainable Android app aggregates a agglomeration of attainable antecedent libraries, extenuative developers a lot of assay time. It’s advantageous for creating Android apps from an Android device. Operating System: Android

416. OWASP

The “Open Web Apparatus Aegis Project” includes a cardinal of documents, applications, and accoutrement for developers anxious about app security. Key projects accommodate WebGoat, ESAPI Aegis Library for Java, and abundant standards and guides. Operating System: OS Independent

417. Parse SDKs

Owned by Facebook, Parse is a adaptable backend as a annual that simplifies the action of creating adaptable apps. Beforehand this year, it attainable sourced three of its SDKs, and it promised to absolution the draft in the future. Operating System: iOS, OS X, Android

418. Phaser

“Fast, chargeless and fun,” Phaser is an HTML5 framework for architectonics desktop and adaptable amateur based on Canvas and WebGL. Noteworthy actualization accommodate three physics engines, an easy-to-use preloader, simplified animation, a able camera, accessory ascent and more. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, Android, iOS

419. PhoneGap

Apache Cordova is an attainable antecedent framework that allows developers to actualize adaptable apps apparatus web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. PhoneGap is the best accustomed administering of Cordova. Tech companies that use one or the added accommodate Wikipedia, Facebook, Salesforce, IBM, Microsoft, Adobe and BlackBerry. Operating System: Window, Linux, OS X

420. phpDocumentor

Like Javadoc, phpDocumentor turns bare comments into bright affidavit for users, abandoned in this case for the PHP accent instead of for Java. It’s absolute fast and includes a arrangement of templates. Operating System: OS Independent

421. phpMyAdmin

Written in PHP, this annual handles the administering of MySQL over the Web. phpMyAdmin performs abounding database administering tasks like animate SQL statements, abacus and bottomward databases, and adding, alteration or deleting tables or fields. Operating System: OS Independent

422. Prototype

This JavaScript framework wants to advice developers anatomy “ambitious Web user interfaces.” It aims to abridge development and advice developers accretion added affected agency about Ajax and the DOM. Operating System: OS Independent

423. Qt

This framework aims to advice developers “create affiliated devices, UIs and applications that run anywhere on any device, on any operating arrangement at any time.” According to its website, it is the “leading absolute technology for cross-platform development,” and it is acclimated by bristles of the top ten companies on the Affluence 500. Operating System: Windows, OS X, Linux

424. React Native

Created by Facebook, React Congenital is a framework for architectonics congenital adaptable applications apparatus JavaScript and the React JavaScript library (which was additionally created by Facebook). Added users accommodate Assay and CBS Sports. Operating System: OS X

425. Rhodes

Inspired by Ruby on Rails, Rhodes is a framework for creating smartphone apps tht coact with transactional enteprirse apparatus back-ends. A commercially authentic adaptation is attainable through RhoMobile. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone

426. Ruby on Rails

Extremely accustomed with developers, this Web development framework claims to be “optimized for programmer beatitude and acceptable productivity.” It is acclimated by companies like Basecamp, Twitter, Shopify and GitHub. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

427. Sencha Touch

Sencha Draft describes itself as “the arch cross-platform adaptable Web apparatus framework based on HTML5 and JavaScript for creating accustomed adaptable apps.” It is attainable beneath both attainable antecedent and bartering licenses, and according to the website, it is acclimated by 60 percent of the Affluence 100. Operating System: OS independent

428. Sgit

This app is both a Git applicant and a altercation editor that runs on Android phones and tablets. It allows developers to cull from and beforehand to conflicting repositories, checkout branches, achieve and beforehand afflicted files, absorb branches and more. Operating System: Android

429. SharpDevelop

SharpDevelop (also accounting #develop) is a chargeless IDE for the .NET platform. It supports Microsoft languages like C#, VB.NET, Boo, IronPython, IronRuby and F#. Operating System: Windows

430. SheetSee.js

If you appetite to affix a Google Spreadsheet to a Web app, SheetSee.js does the trick. It additionally enables the Web app to affectation the abstracts as a table, map or chart. Operating System: OS Independent

431. Sidekiq

Sidekiq promises “simple, able accomplishments processing for Ruby.” It speeds up Web applications and makes them added scalable. Operating System: OS Independent

432. Sleepy Puppy

Released in August, this Netflix apparatus helps Web developers abstain cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities. It allows developers and aegis agents to capture, administer and clue XSS issues. Operating System: OS Independent

433. soapUI

Calling itself the “Swiss Army knife of testing,” SoapUI makes it attainable to do functional, regression, compliance, and bulk tests of applications for about any platform. A paid bartering adaptation and training are additionally available. Operating System: OS Independent

434. SonarQube

This bare affection administering belvedere covers architectonics and design, duplications, assemblage tests, complexity, abeyant bugs, coding rules and comments. It supports added than twenty programming languages accommodate Java, C/C , C#, JavaScript, Objective-C, PHP, and Python. Operating System: OS Independent.

435. Terraform

Terraform describes itself as “a apparatus for building, changing, and versioning basement cautiously and efficiently.” With it, DevOps teams can calmly set up and carbon basement configurations. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

436. Textmate

Exclusively for developers who assignment on Macs, Textmate is a altercation editor that offers abounding added avant-garde actualization you would usually accretion in a full-fledged IDE. The action website states, “Created by a closet UNIX beatnik who was absorbed to the Mac belvedere by its affluence of use and elegance, TextMate has been referred to as the acme of Emacs and OS X.” Operating System: OS X

437. Altercation Warrior

Text Warrior is a altercation editor that runs on Android accessories and includes syntax highlighting for C, C , C#, Java, JavaScript, Objective-C, PHP, Python and Ruby. It claims to be “the abandoned Android altercation editor that supports absolute draft and annoyance accession of altercation and added custom behaviors.” Operating System: Android

438. THyM

Managed by the Concealment Foundation, The Amalgam Adaptable project, or THyM, allows developers to anatomy cross-platform apps apparatus the Concealment IDE. It additionally integrates with Apache Cordova and accompanying tools. Operating System: OS Independent

439. TouchDevelop

Sponsored by Microsoft, this action makes it attainable to actualize apps from a smartphone or tablet. Its touch-friendly editor requires absolute little typing. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS, Android

440. Ultimate

Designed for C development, Utlimate , or U , boasts that it can makes rebuilds four times faster than its competitors. It includes a abundance of accoutrement that dispatch programming accommodate affidavit generators, beheld designers and a bare analyzer. Operating System: Windows, Linux

441. Vagrant

Owned by DevOps apparatus bell-ringer HashiCorp, Vagrant aims to achieve it attainable to set up development environments that are lightweight, carriageable and reproducible. It’s a command-line annual for managing basal machines. Its users accommodate the BBC, Expedia, Yammer, Mozilla, Nokia and others. It integrates with Chef, Puppet, VMware, Amazon Web Casework and abounding added DevOps accoutrement and billow services. Paid VMware plug-ins are attainable through partners, and HashiCorp offers accompanying paid accoutrement for managing DevOps environments. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

442. Vim Touch

As you adeptness assumption from the name, Vim Draft ports the Vim altercation editor for Android. It includes all the accustomed Vim actualization added abutment for multi-touch gestures. Operating System: OS Independent

443. Wakanda

This JavaScript framework wants to “bridge the gap amid business and IT” by authoritative it attainable to anatomy and arrange applications. It comes in both chargeless and paid versions. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

444. wxWidgets

This cross-platform development toolkit enables programmers to abode applications in C , Python, Perl, and C#/.NET that assignment on several altered operating systems. In accession to an easy-to-use GUI, wxWidgets offers online help, streams, clipboard and annoyance and drop, multithreading, database support, HTML examination and printing, and abounding added features. Operating System: Windows, Linux/Unix, OS X

445. YAPF

Short for “Yet Accession Python Formatter,” YAPF reformats Python bare so that it conforms to the actualization adviser and looks good. It’s a Google-owned project. Operating System: OS Independent

446. Zend Framework

Zend claims to be “the best accustomed framework for modern, high-performing PHP applications.” It describes itself as modular, secure, extensible, high-performing and enterprise-ready. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

447. ZK

Companies like Sony, Sun, IBM, Adobe, eBay, Fujitsu, DreamWorks and Unisys use this Java Web framework to anatomy Web and adaptable apps. Paid abutment and accompanying accoutrement are available. Operating System: OS Independent

448. ZURB Foundation

Foundation doesn’t affirmation to be the best accustomed or the best, but it does anxiety itself “the best avant-garde acknowledging front-end framework in the world.” The website adds that it is faster for both developers and end users. Paid abutment and casework are available. Operating System: OS Independent

449. 7-Minute Workout

A few years ago, several publications covered a 7-minute conditioning that includes 12 high-intensity exercises. This app explains how to do all the exercises. Operating System: Android.

450. Angel Sensor

Angel claims to be the “only wearable advised as an attainable belvedere for adaptable health.” Accessories advertise for $99, and they can clue affection rate, bark temperature, steps, sleep, calories, dispatch and orientation. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

What is ICT? What is the Meaning or Definition of ICT? - commercial invoice meaning in kannada
What is ICT? What is the Meaning or Definition of ICT? – commercial invoice meaning in kannada | commercial invoice meaning in kannada

451. Bodyweight Fitness

Heavy on the calisthenics, this app includes videos of accustomed contest and lets you log your sets, weight and time for workouts. If you’d like to achieve a donation to abutment development, buy the pro version, which is the aforementioned as the chargeless version. Operating System: Android.

452. Bodyweight Fettle for iOS

This GitHub athenaeum ports the Android Bodyweight Fettle app to iOS. Includes videos and a timer. Operating System: iOS.

453. Cronometer

One of the added able attainable antecedent diet tracking apps available, Cronometer helps clue calorie bargain diets added exercise and biometrics. It comes in mobile, Web and downloadable versions. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, Android, iOS, Web

454. Diet Manager

This app logs your circadian aliment assimilation and calculates calorie and comestible information. It automatically sends alerts aback you eat added than usual. Operating System: Windows.

455. Diet Tracker

With this apparatus you can set up a Web app to clue your circadian caloric assimilation and abundance the abstracts in a MySQL database. It includes graphing capabilities and automatically calculates your BMI. Operating System: OS Independent

456. Droid Weight

This Android app can clue and blueprint weight, BMI, anatomy fat and waist size. It allows users to set goals and can authentic ethics in kilograms or pounds. Operating System: Android.

457. DXWorkout

Created for bodybuilders, this simple app beforehand circadian workouts. It includes charting and a customizable exercise list. Operating System: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Web.

458. Exceer

Exceer was “designed to abutment your bodyweight training conditioning by administering your progressions and form.” It is allotment of the F-Droid athenaeum of attainable antecedent Android apps. Operating System: Android.

459. Fitloop

Fitloop.co is a amusing website for bodyweight fettle training. The Fitloop Github action (linked above) provides bare for ambience up your own social-enabled fettle website. Operating System: OS Independent.

460. GoldenCheetah

Created for cyclists and triathletes, Golden Cheetah imports ride abstracts from accessories and allows users to achieve assorted types of analysis. Accoutrement accommodate ride plots, accent plots, pedal force/velocity, histogram, clue trends and more. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

461. Gtrainer

Whether you are a abecedarian or an expert, a alley biker or a abundance biker, this sports annual can advice you accumulate clue of your rides. Additionally includes circadian tips and reports. Operating System: Linux.

462. iDiet

This diet tracking software supports a arrangement of meal plans, including Atkins, the Zone, Weight Watchers and Anatomy for Life. It includes a simple, automated interface. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

463. JDiveLog

This Java-based app annal advice about SCUBA dives. It can alteration advice from dive computers, and it can administer photos you booty on your trips. Operating System: Windows.

464. Aloof Weight

As the name suggests, this app does aloof one thing—track your weight. It integrates with Google Fit, and the antecedent bare is on GitHub. Operating System: Android.

465. Moyeu

If you animate in Boston (or akin if you’re aloof visiting), this app will advice you affix with the city’s Hubway bike administering system. It provides advice about stations and adjacent attractions and facilities. Operating System: OS Independent.

466. NUT

NUT analyzes what you eat and tells you how abounding nutrients you are consuming. It includes admission to the abounding USDA diet database and has meal-planning capabilities. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

467. Maps Measure

Unlike best map apps, this one doesn’t cantankerous from point A to point B, it aloof measures distances. That makes it attainable for planning runs of a assertive distance. Operating System: Android.

468. OpenBikes

This web apparatus helps users accretion bike administering casework about the world. The antecedent bare for the action is on GitHub, and it was congenital by acceptance apparatus attainable abstracts sources and attainable antecedent tools. Operating System: OS Independent.

469. OpenBikeSharing

This action is a lot like OpenBikes, but it’s a congenital Android app rather than a web app. It includes abstracts for aggregate bikes in 400 cities in 40 countries. Operating System: Android.

470. Attainable Fit

If you admission a Samsung Gear Fit but don’t admission a Samsung phone, this app will acquiesce you to ascendancy your Fit with the buzz you have. It includes actualization like text/phone call/e-mail notification, acclimate notification, pedometer abstracts and more. Operating System: Android.

471. Attainable Trails Mobile

This adaptable app can accommodate maps and added abstracts about trails stored in the Attainable Aisle Arrangement Blueprint abstracts format. It can be configured for offline use in areas that don’t admission arrangement connections. Operating System: iOS.

472. Attainable Training

This app beforehand your backbone and cardio training. It includes added than 90 searchable contest and added than 180 images that actualization you how to achieve the contest correctly. Operating System: Android.

473. OpenYou

OpenYou is a website that provides advice and annual about attainable antecedent projects accompanying to health-tracking devices. It additionally provides the links to the antecedent bare for several accoutrement that acquiesce users to admission firmware or download abstracts from fettle wearables. Operating System: OS Independent.

474. Pedometer

The name says it all—this is a free, failing app for tracking your steps. It works best with accessories that admission a hardware-based step-sensor, which allows it to admission a basal appulse on arrangement life. Operating System: Android.

475. PhpMySport

This agreeable administering arrangement (CMS) simplifies the action of ambience up a website for sports clubs and leagues. It supports football, soccer, basketball, handball, cricket, volleyball, hockey and polo, and it can be acclimatized for added sports. Operating System: OS Independent.

476. Pushup Buddy

This app uses your device’s adjacency sensor to log how abounding pushups you admission done and how affiliated you admission rested. It keeps a conditioning log so that you can see your beforehand over time. Operating System: Android.

477. Pytrainer

This desktop app can acceptation GPS abstracts to accumulate clue of your animate or biking sessions. It’s a acceptable advantage for those with Garmin fettle tracking devises. Operating System: Linux.

478. RacketGhost

Athletes who brawl squash, badminton or racquetball about use a training exercise alleged “Ghosting” to advice them convenance affective to altered sections of the court. Ordinarily, you charge a drillmaster to accumulate the movement random, but this app plays the role of the drillmaster for you. Operating System: Android.

479. RunnerUp

For runners, ambler and bikers, this app beforehand beyond you biking on your workout, befitting clue of pace, ambit and time. It additionally supports abounding accustomed affection bulk monitors, and it allows you to allotment conditioning advice with friends. Operating System: Android.

480. SportChef

First arise in January 2016, this cast new action aims to aid in ambience up and managing sports competitions. It has a web-based user interface with a Java backend. Operating System: OS Independent.

481. < href=”http://sportstacticsbd.sourceforge.net=””>Sports Tactics Board

Designed to advice coaches explain plays to their teams, this apparatus is like a agenda alluring lath or chalkboard that displays the amphitheatre acreage or court. It currently supports soccer/football, ice hockey, futsal, floorball, volleyball and American football. Operating System: Windows.

482. SportsTracker

Java-based SportsTracker can adviser abstracts for a avant-garde arrangement of activities like biking, swimming, animate or tennis. It can acceptation abstracts from a avant-garde arrangement of affection monitors, and it aliment abstracts as XML files. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

483. SWJournal

Extremely minimalistic, this app beforehand which exercise you admission done and how abounding sets you admission completed. It promises “maximal informativity with minimum of interactions.” Operating System: Android.

484. Tapiriik

If you use added than one fettle accessory or adaptable fettle app, Tapiriik can accompany your data. It supports Runkeeper, Garmin, SportTracks, EndoMondo, Dropbox, Motivato and more. Operating System: OS Independent

485. To the Trails/Trailsy

Part of the Bare for America project, this Web app helps bodies accretion advice about aisle systems in their beyond for running, hiking, cycling, etc. The assembly adaptation is at Trailsy.herokuapp.com. Operating System: OS Independent.

486. Trackly

This web app beforehand your weight over time and allows users to admission comments. Antecedent bare is on GitHub. Operating System: OS Independent.

487. Turtle Sport

Turtle Sport retrieves abstracts from GPS and fettle tracking accessories so that you can see it on your desktop or laptop. It creates reports, makes maps, searches for contest and abundant more. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

488. Basal Trainer

Designed for claimed trainers and fettle enthusiasts, this app beforehand your aliment intake, your workouts and your measurements. It has a bare-bones interface, but it gets the job done. Operating System: Windows.

489. Countdown Calculator

As the name suggests, this app helps you bulk out how abounding countdown reps you should do to assignment up to a accustomed weight. It additionally explains how to bulk the weights for a accustomed Olympic bar. Operating System: Windows.

490. WarmupReps

This Web app calculates warmup sets for assorted weightlifting programs, including Starting Strength, 5×5 and Max Single. It’s mobile-friendly, and the antecedent bare is on GitHub. Operating System: OS Independent.

491. WB Club Manager

This WordPress constituent makes it attainable for sports leagues and clubs to bureaucracy websites that accommodate stats and bold results. A arrangement of accommodation are available. Operating System: OS Independent.

492. Weight Logger

Another Android weight tracking app, Weight Logger imports abstracts from anatomy agreement scales and can consign it to Garmin devices. It beforehand weight, anatomy fat, anatomy baptize and beef mass. Operating System: Android.

493. Wger

Similar to MyFitnessPal, Wger beforehand both diet and workouts. It runs as a chargeless Web app that is mobile-friendly. Operating System: OS Independent.

494. WorkoutLog

Like SWJournal, this fettle tracker takes a minimalist approach. It beforehand which contest you admission done and reminds you of your antecedent after-effects aback you do the aforementioned exercise again. Operating System: Android.

495. Conditioning Timing

Designed for calm cycling or rowing, this Java-based app tells you how affiliated to conditioning and what your heartrate should be throughout your exercise session. You can actualize your own workouts, and you can use it with a projector for accumulation classes. Operating System: OS Independent.

496. Workrave

If you sit at a computer all day, you are at accident for Repetitive Strain Injury. This app helps anticipate these types of injuries by reminding you to booty breach and administering circadian time limits. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

497. Ventoo

This app turns your Pebble smartwatch into a cycling computer. It automatically starts aback it senses you are benumbed a bike, and it beforehand your route, speed, ambit and altitude. Operating System: Android.

498. Zuluru

Originally created to administer an Ultimate Frisbee league, this app can now advice baseball, basketball, dodgeball, hockey, rugby or soccer leagues set up their own websites. Development advice and hosting is attainable through Zuluru.net. Operating System: OS Independent.

499. InaSAFE Foundation

Created in Indonesia and Australia, this app helps scientists and communities assay the abeyant appulse of accustomed disasters in a region. To use it, you’ll charge Quantum GIS, an attainable antecedent geographic advice system. Operating System: OS Independent

500. LogicalDOC

Designed for both ample and baby organizations, LogicalDOC promises automated and attainable certificate administering that can advice users achieve a paperless office. The affiliation adaptation is free, or users can pay for the able or billow versions. Operating System: OS Independent.

501. OpenDocMan

Designed to accede with ISO 17025 and OIE standards for certificate management, OpenDocMan offers actualization like attainable setup, able-bodied user management, change tracking, search, able-bodied aegis and abutment for assorted languages. In accession to the chargeless download, it’s additionally attainable as a hosted service, and cloud-based advancement can be purchased for an added fee. Operating System: OS Independent.

502. OpenKM

Standards-based OpenKM offers “full certificate administering capabilities including adaptation ascendancy and book history, metadata, scanning, workflow, search, and more.” It comes in a chargeless affiliation version, paid able adaptation or paid billow version. All of the editions run in a web browser. Operating System: OS Independent.

503. Xinco DMS

Short for “eXtensible INformation COre,” Xinco offers Web-based administering of files, documents, contacts, URLs and more. Actualization accommodate ACLs, adaptation ascendancy and abounding altercation search. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

504. AbanteCart

AbanteCart humbly proclaims itself to be the “most able eCommerce belvedere to advertise anything.” Key actualization for business teams accommodate acknowledging templates, audio/video support, chump reviews, chump wishlists, coupons, an associate system, localization, SEO, acute search, storefront banners and more. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

505. AFCommerce

AFCommerce is a simplified arcade barrow and website architect that promises new users can adept it in aloof two to three hours. It has been acclimated to actualize added than 250,000 websites. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

506. Avactis

This PHP-based arcade barrow actualization adaptable support, attainable Facebook affiliation and a beheld CSS editor. Paid abutment and hosting are available. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

507. Broadleaf Commerce

One of the added accustomed attainable antecedent ecommerce solutions, Broadleaf is modular and Java-based. Key actualization accommodate promotions, abandoned offers and discounts, abandoned ad targeting, promo bare support, congenital agreeable editing, multi-currency support, artefact advice management, acute chase and browse, SEO administering and more. Paid casework are available. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

508. Cartridge

Built on the Django framework, Cartridge is a clean, simple arcade barrow that focuses on accouterment the best capital features. It integrates with the Mezzanine agreeable administering belvedere and is awful customizable. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

509. ColorShop

Based on WooCommerce and Jigoshop, ColorShop offers an avant-garde clarification and acclimation system, photographs, reviews and abundant more. The developers abaft the action additionally action paid themes. Operating System: OS Independent

510. CubeCart

Used by tens of bags of merchants, CubeCart bosts actualization like absolute products, congenital statistics, allowance certificates, coupons, amusing media plug-ins, customizable SEO features, Google Analytics abutment and more. Paid abstruse abutment is available, and hosting and added casework are attainable through partners. Operating System: Linux.

511. Digistore

Based on osCommerce, Digistore actualization a WYSIWYG editor, avant-garde templating, in-store advertising, authentic checkout, chump reviews, multilingual and multicurrency support, advertisement and more. Paid customization casework are available. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

512. Drupal Commerce

Designed for users with some development expertise, Drupal Business is a framework advantageous for architectonics online arcade sites of all sizes. It includes a acquittal adjustment API, tax calculation, activating artefact display, abatement appraisement rules and more. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

513. EcommerceWD

This ecommerce addendum comes with avant-garde chase capabilities, amusing tools, artefact allegory and bristles themes. Paid plugins add added functionality, including export/import, featured accessories and best-sellers. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

514. eShop

For WordPress users, eShop offers actualization like accession chump sign-in, downloadable products, basal statistics and sales data, multple aircraft options, basal banal control, sales tax and more. It integrates with PayPal and has several accompaniment plug-ins that extend its functionality. Operating System: OS Independent

515. HikaShop

Simple and flexible, HikaShop offers all-embracing sales, able statistics, acknowledging layout, business accoutrement and abundant more. For added features, users can download the paid capital or business versions. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

516. ImpleCode eCommerce Artefact Catalog

This constituent installs with aloof one bang and works with any WordPress theme. It’s awful flexible, SEO-friendly, and accepts assorted currencies. Operating System: OS Independent

517. Interchange

Interchange is both an ecommerce arrangement and a Perl-based apparatus server. Now two decades old, it’s a complete belvedere with bags of users. Operating system: Linux, OS X

518. Isotope eCommerce

Isotope is an ecommerce constituent for Contao CMS, a Web agreeable administering arrangement advised to be attainable to bodies with disabilities. It’s awful adjustable and paid abutment is attainable for purchase. Operating System: OS Independent

519. JadaSite

Java-based JadaSite offers one-page checkout, abutment for assorted acquittal gateways, Microsoft Bing translator, annual tracking, date-based auction pricing, cross-sell and up-sell features, multi-lingual and multi-currency capabilities, advertisement support, annual ratings, assorted discounting options, personalization actualization and more. Paid implementation, appointment and customization are available. Operating System: OS Independent

520. Jigoshop

Also for WordPress, Jigoshop describes itself as “a absolute e-commerce belvedere that combines ample functionality, attainable clearing options and able abutment packages.” Several levels of baby business and action abutment are available, as are paid extensions. Operating System: OS Independent

521. Lightspeed Web Store

This ecommerce belvedere was advised for brick-and-mortar retailers that appetite to admission an online presence. It integrates with Lightspeed’s POS solutions. Antecedent bare is attainable at GitHub. Operating System: OS Independent

522. Loaded Commerce

Used by added than 10,000 stores, Loaded boasts that it is “the best able ecommerce software available.” Key actualization accommodate absolute archive and arcade cart, data-driven annual management, agenda downloads, associate system, and more. Paid Pro and B2B versions are available. Operating System: Windows, Linux

523. Magento

Magento claims to admission powered added Internet Retailer Top 1000 merchants than anyone abroad for three years in a row and to action added than $50 billion in affairs ceremony year. In accession to the affiliation edition, it comes in action and action billow editions. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

524. Mallmold

Built for SMBs, this PHP-based ecommerce band-aid is attainable to beforehand and expand. To use it, you will additionally charge MySQL adaptation 5 or later. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

525. MarketPress

MarketPress combines the functionality of dozens of WordPress plug-ins into one absolute ecommerce solution. It additionally comes in a paid Pro adaptation with added features. Operating System: OS Independent

526. MerchantTribe

This is the abandoned attainable antecedent ecommerce belvedere on the annual that claims it “makes merchants smarter.” The action gathers amusing analytics abstracts from its users and shares the insights with MerchantTribe members. Several chargeless belletrist are attainable for download on the site, and MerchantTribe additionally offers paid hosting. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

527. MiwoShop

This turnkey arcade barrow band-aid offers absolute accessories and categories, reviews, ratings, downloadable products, wishlists, artefact comparison, one-page checkout, avant-garde reporting, a rewards arrangement and more. Paid versions are additionally available, and the aforementioned developer additionally offers a Joomla ecommerce constituent alleged MijoShop. Operating System: OS Independent

528. Moltin

Created with developers in mind, Moltin is an API-based framework for abacus ecommerce functionality to websites. Both chargeless and paid versions are attainable on the website; you can accretion the antecedent bare at GitHub. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

529. nopCommerce

Claiming to be “stable and awful usable,” nopCommerce has been downloaded added than 1.5 actor times. Key actualization accommodate adaptable commerce, multi-store capabilities, SEO, and business actualization like a accolade credibility system, discounts and coupons, Facebook export, accompanying accessories upselling, newsletter subscriptions, artefact reviews and ratings, artefact allegory and an associate program. Operating System: Windows.

530. OpenCart

“Feature-rich and user-friendly,” OpenCart offers a visually ambrosial interface, multi-currency and multi-language support, artefact reviews and ratings, SEO, PCI compliance, sales reports, discounting and more. Bartering abutment is provided through partners. Operating system: Windows, Linux, OS X

531. OrderStorm

This ecommerce constituent includes CRM capabilities and works with any WordPress theme. Although the constituent is chargeless and attainable source, the armpit mainly promotes the SaaS versions. Operating System: OS Independent

532. Orilla Cart

Orilla Barrow promises absolute customization, adjustable layouts, affluence of use, dispatch and agility. Paid abutment is available. Operating System: OS Independent

533. osCMax

A angle of osCommerce (see below), osCMax boasts actualization like vouchers and coupons, basal artefact support, web-based administration, chump adherence discounts, SEO-friendly URLs, an commodity administrator and more. Paid affidavit is available. Operating System: Windows, Linux

534. osCommerce

Used by added than 280,000 online stores, osCommerce has been about for 16 years. Casework are attainable through third-party partners. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

535. OXID eShop

OXID offers B2B and B2C ecommerce, as able-bodied as omnichannel solutions. The attainable antecedent adaptation is alleged eShop, and it has a ample and alive user community. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

536. Piggybak

Based on Ruby on Rails, Piggybak offers “basic arcade barrow and one-page checkout functionality.” There’s a admirers on the armpit so that you can see it in action. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

537. Plici

Slightly beneath able than some of the added ecommerce solutions on our list, Plici promises a “powerful and extensible” solution. Abundant of the affidavit is in French, but English translations are available. Operating System: Windows, Linux

538. PrestaShop

Boasting added than 250,000 users, PrestaShop is a absolute accustomed ecommerce band-aid with mobile-responsive design, avant-garde SEO features, all-embracing sales statistics, activating appraisement rules, coupons and vouchers, reviews, adherence programs and email marketing. Paid billow and able versions are available, as able-bodied as the chargeless download. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

539. Ror-e.com

Based on Ruby on Rails, Ror-e.com is a absolute simple arcade barrow advised for baby businesses. The website includes a admirers so you can see it in action. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

540. Saleor

Based on Satchless (see below), Saleor is a full-fledged ecommerce store. It’s SEO-friendly, optimized for accomplishment and calmly customizable. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

541. Satchless

Satchless is for accomplished developers who appetite to anatomy an ecommerce armpit apparatus Python. You can use it with or afterwards a framework like Django or Flask. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

542. Self Commerce

Forked from xt:Commerce (see below), this ecommerce action is based on PHP and SQL. Agenda that abundant of the website is in German. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

543. Shopp

Formerly a paid plug-in, Shopp is now chargeless and attainable antecedent (although users can still acquirement paid abutment if they wish). It boasts outstanding security, affiliation with abounding acquittal processing services, fast accomplishment and more. Operating System: OS Independent

544. Silverstripe E-commerce

Developed in New Zealand, this e-commerce belvedere comes with two chargeless hours of support. Paid abutment is additionally available, and the website functions as a animate demo. Operating System: OS Independent

545. SimpleCart (js)

This failing JavaScript-based arcade barrow aims to be attainable to accommodate into absolute websites. Agenda that in adjustment to use it, you will charge some basal compassionate of HTML. Operating System: OS Independent

546. Simple Ecommerce Arcade Barrow Plugin

If you don’t appetite all the accretion and whistles, this WordPress constituent adeptness be for you. It’s a simple barrow that accepts PayPal only. Operating System: OS Independent

547. Simple Paypal Arcade Barrow Plugin

Another bare-bones, PayPal-only solution, this arcade barrow is failing and attainable to use. It is awful rated and has been installed added than 40,000 times. Operating System: OS Independent

548. SmartStore.Net

For Windows users, SmartStore.NET is a multilingual, SEO-optimized, adaptable optimized, customizable and scalable ecommerce solution. The alignment offers several levels of paid support. Operating System: Windows

549. Spreecommerce

Powering added than 45,000 online retail sites, Spreecommerce offers modular architecture, customization, acknowledging armpit architectonics and more. It’s won several awards, and all-encompassing affidavit can be activate on the site. Operating System: OS Independent

550. TheCartPress

This WordPress constituent works appropriately able-bodied for developers affairs software (or WordPress themes) and approved online retailers. You can extend its capabilities with several paid plug-ins. Operating System: OS Independent

551. Tomato Cart

This mobile-friendly action claims to be “the aboriginal attainable antecedent arcade barrow band-aid advised for alms abundant user acquaintance for all agenda devices. Key business actualization accommodate a banderole manager, Google Adsense integration, Web analytics, SEO, email system, archive management, reviews and ratings, wishlists, “tell a friend,” discounts, newsletters and more. Operating System: Windows, Linux

552. Ubercart

This arcade barrow is advised to be acclimated alongside the accustomed Drupal agreeable administering solution. The website says it is a acceptable advantage for bodies who appetite to “build a affiliation about a product, advertise admission to exceptional content, [and] action paid book downloads.” Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

553. Vespolina

Highly scalable Vespolina was advised “to abound from a distinct actuality abundance to a multi-national store.” It’s based on PHP. Operating System: OS Independent

554. VirtueMart

VirtueMart works with the Joomla agreeable administering band-aid and boasts added than 500 features. It’s advised to be absolute attainable to use, and the website offers lots of links to animate aliment so that you can see it in action. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

555. WooCommerce

The self-proclaimed “most accustomed WordPress eCommerce plug-in,” WooCommerce offers a avant-garde arrangement of themes, added PayPal integration, assorted aircraft options, attainable annual and reporting, business capabilities, simplified tax administering and more. Paid extensions and casework are avialable. Operating System: OS Independent

556. WordPress eCommerce Plug-In

Powering added than 55,000 stores, WordPress’s eCommerce constituent promises “everything you charge to advertise anywhere.” Abutment and exceptional extensions are attainable for a fee. Operating System: OS Independent

557. WordPress Barter Plugin

This is a full-featured enterprise-class arcade barrow solution. It additionally comes in a Pro adaptation and several paid extensions are additionally attainable for purchase. Operating System: OS Independent

558. X-Cart

Now 15 years old, X-Cart handled added than $2.3 billion in affairs from added than 35,000 aliment aftermost year. It’s PHP-based, and assorted paid versions are available. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

559. xt:Commerce

This complete online arcade arrangement includes actualization like front-end templates, SEO, adaptable support, assorted acquittal and aperture options, add-ons and abutment for assorted languages, including English. Paid support, hosting, and able and multi-shop versions are available. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

560. Zen Cart

Designed with the needs of boutique owners and shoppers in mind, Zen Barrow is a customizable ecommerce belvedere that calmly integrates with assorted acquittal gateways. Paid video training and accompanying casework are available. Operating System: OS Independent.

561. Zeuscart

Zeuscart boasts a affluent user interface that focuses on Web 2.0 trends. It is advised primarily for baby to medium-sized companies. Paid casework are available. Operating System: Windows, Linux

562. iTest

This client-server based software makes it attainable to accord ceremony apprentice a altered adaptation of a assay because it can cull questions from a pre-established database. It’s attainable in nine altered languages. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

563. Safe Assay Browser

If you’re giving a browser-based assay (for example, through a acquirements administering system), this apparatus locks bottomward the student’s arrangement so they can’t browse the Internet or admission added applications while demography the exam. It can be acclimated with student-owned PCs, as able-bodied as with school-owned, networked systems. Operating System: Windows.

564. TCExam

This computer-based appraisal software aims to abridge the creation, commitment and scoring of tests. It’s attainable beneath an attainable antecedent authorization for non-commercial use or with a paid bartering license. Operating System: OS Independent

565. GNUmed

This action aims at allowance medical providers “better document, understand, plan, and administer their patients’ bloom and bloom affliction delivery.” It’s been translated into assorted languages, and the website includes success belief from practitioners who admission acclimated it in several altered countries. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

566. GaiaEHR

This Web-based EHR and convenance administering band-aid boasts a modern, automated interface. See it in action with the online demo. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

567. GNU Health

An official GNU project, this award-winning apparatus combines EMR functionality with a hospital advice arrangement and a bloom advice system. It was advised to accede with industry standards, and it’s been adopted by the United Nations University. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

568. M

Also accustomed as “Mountain Meadow Medical Records,” M is an EMR affairs that a convenance in Virginia has been apparatus for a decade. It offers an automated interface and fast performance. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

569. Neuron Health

Built on the Tolven Platform, Neuron is an EHR arrangement created by software aggregation Roberts-Hoffman. It was advised to acclimate to provider workflows, acquaint with added systems and use the latest technologies. Operating System: OS Independent.

570. OpenEMR

Certified by the Appointment of the Civic Coordinator of Bloom Advice Technology, OpenEMR boasts that it is “one of the best accustomed attainable antecedent cyberbanking medical annal in use today.” Bartering abutment is attainable through third-party partners. Operating System: Windows, Linux

571. OpenMRS

OpenMRS began as a action to fix the medical almanac arrangement at a dispensary in Kenya and has developed into a arch attainable antecedent medical almanac arrangement acclimated about the world, decidedly in developing countries. It describes itself as “both aloof a library of API calls and a database and a absence accomplishing of those API calls in the anatomy of a web application.” Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

572. OpenVista

Owned by Medsphere, Attainable Vista is the attainable antecedent adaptation of the Veterans Administration’s VISTA EHR system. Because the technology has already been acclimated abundantly at added than 1500 VA facilities, it’s one of the added complete and attainable attainable antecedent EHR’s, and users say it compares absolute agreeably with proprietary solutions. Operating System: Windows, Linux

573. WorldVista

Like OpenVista, WorldVista is additionally based on the VISTA EHR software developed for the Veterans Administration. It’s ONC-ATCB certified, and it adds several modules not included in VISTA, such as pediatrics and obstetrics. Operating System: Windows, Linux

574. ZEPRS

Short for “Zambia Cyberbanking Perinatal Almanac System,” this altered EHR was accurately advised to beforehand obstetrics affliction in Africa. It’s now been in use in clinics throughout Zambia for bristles years. Operating System: Linux

575. ChildsPlay

Best for preschoolers and toddlers, ChildsPlay is a set of anamnesis matching, letter acceptance and simple algebraic games. It additionally includes a few less-educational activities like puzzles, pong, pacman and billiards. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

576. GCompris

With added than 100 activities, GCompris is huge accumulating of educational amateur for children. It can advice users apprentice to read, to acquaint time, to accept the baptize cycle, to draw cartoons, to assay altered country maps, to brawl chess and abundant more. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

577. KLettres

KLettres teaches the absolute youngest computer users to admit the actualization and complete of belletrist and syllables. It’s additionally advantageous for beforehand computer users who are acquirements a new language, such as Arabic, Czech, Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, British English, English, English Phonix, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Kannada, Hebrew, Hindi Romanized, Low Saxon, Luganda, Malayalam, Norwegian Bokmål, Punjabi, Spanish, Slovak, Ukrainian or Telugu. (Note that in adjustment to use KLettres on Windows, you’ll admission to download KDE for Windows.) Operating System: Windows, Linux.

578. TuxMath

Quick! Breach the algebraic problems afore the comet kills the penguin. The user can baddest the acclimatized difficulty, whether that’s abacus numbers aught through three or abacus and abacus abrogating and absolute integers. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

579. Tux Paint

An educational advantage for pre-schoolers, Tux Acrylic is a simplified action affairs that is acutely attainable to use. It includes fun complete effects, a backyard tool, a action amulet and added actualization advised to abode to youngters. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

580. Evolution

Known as “the Outlook of Linux,” Change offers a absolute accustomed interface for collective email, agenda and abode book. It’s accustomed amid Linux users and integrates with abounding added attainable antecedent applications. Operating System: Linux.

581. Thunderbird

Made by Mozilla (the alignment abaft the Firefox browser), Thunderbird is an email applicant with an easy-to-use interface with avant-garde search, aegis and customization capabilities. A abstracted action alleged Lightning adds agenda functionality to achieve it added like added groupware applications. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

582. Inker

Inker describes itself as “a front-end CSS and HTML email framework and commitment API that will change how you anticipate about one-to-one emails in your company.” It handles both coding and delivery. Operating System: OS Independent.

583. OpenEMM

With about 600,000 downloads, OpenEMM claims to be the “most acknowledged e-mail software worldwide.” It’s attainable on a SaaS basis, as able-bodied as on-premise versions. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

584. phpList

This attainable antecedent e-mail business band-aid was acclimated to accelerate added than 22 billion belletrist aftermost year. Subscriptions to the cloud-based annual alpha at aloof $1. Operating System: OS Independent.

585. AxCrypt

With added than 3.2 actor users, this Windows-only encryption band-aid is abundantly popular. Actualization accommodate countersign protection, affiliation with Windows Charlatan and abutment for assorted languages. It can encrypt files stored on your accouterments or on a billow service, including Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. Operating System: Windows

586. Ccrypt

This advancement for the accustomed Unix catacomb action uses the Rijndael block bare adaptation of AES to accommodate able encryption. Like Catacomb (below), it doesn’t admission a bright interface and is best acclimated by those adequate animate from the command line. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

587. Crypt

At aloof 44KB, this is one of the fastest, lightest weight encryption accoutrement available. However, because it’s a command band tool, it’s best for accomplished arrangement administrators or avant-garde users. Operating System: Windows

588. Encrypt

Also advised to be baby and lightweight, Encrypt is a cross-platform apparatus with able encryption capabilities. It aims to be fast and attainable to use. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, Android

589. Gnu Aloofness Guard (GPG)

This command-line apparatus accouterments the OpenPGP accustomed to encrypt email communications. It’s activated by a cardinal of added attainable antecedent encryption tools. Operating System: Linux.

590. Gpg4win

This is the adaptation of GNU Aloofness Guard (GPG) for Windows users. It encrypts fils and email, and paid able abutment is available. Operating System: Windows

591. GPG Tools

This app ports GPG for Mac users and is based on MacGPG. Several added encryption-related accoutrement are additionally on the site. Operating System: OS X.

592. LUKS/cryptsetup

LUKS stands for “Linux Unified Key Setup,” and it encrypts an absolute drive. It’s advantageous for adamantine deejay backups and added types of accumulator that charge countersign protection. Operating System: Linux

593. MCrypt

This advancement for the Unix catacomb allows developers to add a avant-garde ambit of encryption functions to their code, akin if they don’t apperceive a lot about cryptography. The Web armpit contains a annual of authentic algorithms that are included in the Libmcrypt library. Operating System: Windows, Linux, Unix

594. NeoCrypt

This file-based encryption affairs supports AES, DES, Triple-DES, IDEA, RC4, RC5, CAST-128, BlowFish, SkipJack and added algorithms. Like AxCrypt, it integrates into Windows Charlatan for affluence of use. Operating System: Windows

595. OpenKeyChain

Formerly accustomed as Android Aloofness Guard (APG), OpenKeyChain ports the OpenPGP encryption apparatus to Android devices. It allows users to acquaint deeply and integrates with abounding email and messaging tools. Operating System: Android

596. Apache OFBiz

Short for “Open for Business,” this Apache ERP band-aid offers a cardinal of capabilities for business teams, including avant-garde ecommerce, archive management, beforehand and appraisement management, CRM, agreeable management, and more. In addition, it additionally includes acceptable ERP functionality like accounting, accumulation alternation management, action management, etc. Operating System: OS Independent

597. Compiere

Compiere offers actualization like barn management, purchasing, manufacturing, sales, ecommerce, chump service, abstracts management, adjustment management, cyberbanking administering and reporting. It’s paid able and action versions are congenital to be calmly deployed on Amazon’s EC2 service. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

598. Dolibarr ERP/CRM

This Web-based ERP band-aid was created for abate companies, foundations and freelancers. Ally about the apple accommodate abutment and added services, including cloud-based hosting. There is additionally an online barter with a arrangement of add-ons to extend its capabilities. Operating System: OS Independent

599. iDempiere

This community-run ERP, CRM and accumulation alternation administering band-aid is a angle of an beforehand action alleged ADempiere, which was itself a angle of Compiere. iDempiere, as it is now called, has adopted OSGi standards and affiliated development on the ADempiere code. A acceptable advantage for all-embracing organizations, it can handle assorted organizations, assorted languages, assorted currencies and assorted accounting formats. It offers accoutrement for abstracts management, procurement, sales and marketing, accomplishment management, accounting and more. Because it is Java-based, it can run on Linux, Windows or Mac OS X servers; it additionally requires a PostgreSQL or Oracle database. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, others

600. ERP5

This award-winning apparatus includes CRM, assembly management, accumulation alternation management, artefact architectonics management, and HR actualization as able-bodied as accustomed ERP capabilities. In accession to the chargeless download, it’s additionally attainable on an SaaS abject that has a chargeless appraisement tier. Operating System: OS Independent

601. GNU Enterprise

GNU Action contains a host of developer and ERP tools, including animal resources, accounting, CRM, action management, accumulation alternation management, and e-commerce features. Its modular architectonics and attainable architectonics achieve it attainable to acclimate and attainable to maintain. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

602. Odoo

Used by organizations like the Apple Wildlife Federation, Toyota, Cox Communications, Hyundai and Danone, Odoo promises to abridge omnichannel sales. It comes in a chargeless affiliation adaptation or paid action and online versions. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

603. Openbravo

Openbravo offers specialized ERP software for retailers, as able-bodied as a business apartment for companies of all types. The attainable antecedent adaptation can be activate on the company’s Affiliation Hub; paid able and action versions are attainable through its partners. Operating System: OS Independent.

604. opentaps

This band-aid combines ERP and CRM functionality and is advised to advice business owners administrator their companies added effectively. It has pre-loaded apparatus images on Amazon EC2 that achieve it attainable to get the software up and animate in the billow in aloof minutes. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

605. Plazma ERP CRM

Another band-aid for SMBs, Plazma includes accoutrement for tracking contacts and accounts, sales and projects, orders and invoices, business compaigns, buzz calls, affairs and certificate management. The interface is basal but attainable to use. Agenda that it requires a SQL database in adjustment to run. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

606. ]project-open[

Downloaded added than a actor times, project-open offers enterprise-class action management, able annual automation and IT annual administering capabilities. It has won several awards and has been beneath development for added than ten years.

The software comes in four altered editions. Affiliation is the chargeless accustomed adaptation advised to accommodated the needs of baby to midsize business. The paid Able archetype adds actualization like LDAP integration, cyberbanking belletrist and abstracts warehouse, as able-bodied as support. The Action archetype adds akin more, like assay modules, age-old passwords, and SAP integration, and the continued Archetype offers the Action actualization with added support. Operating System: Windows, Linux

607. SQL-Ledger

This Web-based ERP band-aid installs in aloof annual and offers a absolute simple, automated interface. It additionally comes in an action archetype that includes abstruse and development support. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

608. webERP

As you adeptness assumption from the name, webERP runs in a browser and provides a avant-garde ambit of business administering and accounting tools. It offers absolutely a few actualization that achieve it abnormally acceptable for wholesalers, distributors and accomplishment companies. Operating System: OS Independent

609. xTuple PostBooks

Targeted at manufacturers and distributors, xTuple claims to be the “world’s #1 attainable antecedent ERP.” It offers assorted editions, including a billow hosted version. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

610. RapidFTR

In crisis situations like earthquakes and added disasters, accouchement about get afar from their families. This adaptable app makes it easier to collect, allotment and administer advice about these accouchement so that they can be reunited with their families added quickly. Operating System: OS Independent

611. Stringer

Still adorable for an accession to Google Reader? If you’re tech-savvy abundant to arrange it on your own server, Stringer adeptness be for you. It’s a “self-hosted, anti-social RSS reader” with no amusing or administering capabilities but affluence of keyboard shortcuts. Operating System: OS Independent

612. Charlatan

Explorer extends the capabilities of the accustomed Windows Charlatan with alleged browsing, an bigger interface, keyboard shortcuts, book merge, book split, and customization capabilities. Like the approved Windows Explorer, it additionally offers drag-and-drop functionality. Operating System: Windows

613. Krusader

The KDE book manager, Krusader is a twin-panel commander-style book manager. It boasts all-encompassing abutment for archived files, avant-garde search, accumulation re-naming, book agreeable comparisons and more. Operating System: Linux

614. muCommander

Java-based muCommander supports bounded volumes added FTP, SFTP, SMB, NFS, HTTP, Amazon S3, Hadoop HDFS and Bonjour. It makes it attainable to apprenticed move and rename files and additionally includes compression capabilities. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

615. Nautilus

Nautilus, the book administrator for the Gnome desktop, is attainable for best Linux distributions. The automated interface should feel accustomed to anyone who’s anytime acclimated a book manager. Operating System: Linux

616. ANts P2P

Designed for aegis and privacy, ANts P2P encrypts aggregate you accelerate or accept over the arrangement and masks admission so that users are untraceable. It’s Java-based, so it will run on best platforms. Operating System: OS Independent.

617. Ares

Very afresh updated, Ares is a BitTorrent applicant and babble affairs that allows users to allotment images, audio, video, software and documents. It includes a congenital amateur and a library organizer. Operating System: Windows.

618. DC

This Windows applicant for the Absolute Connect/Advanced Absolute Affix file-sharing arrangement has been downloaded millions of times. The armpit includes a attainable tutorial and beginner’s adviser for those who aren’t abiding how P2P works. Operating System: Windows.

619. eMule

eMule claims to be one of the best accustomed peer-to-peer file-sharing admirers available. It can download torrents and offers fast accomplishment and search. Operating System: Windows, OS X.

620. FrostWire

FrostWire is a aggregate BitTorrent client, YouTube downloader and media player. It additionally supports Android devices, so you can booty your media files with you on the go. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, Android.

621. RetroShare

With best book administering apps, you attainable up your files to the absolute Internet, but with RetroShare, you allotment files and acquaint abandoned with trusted friends. It lets you set up your own defended file-sharing arrangement and offers actualization like encrypted and communications and able authentication. Operating System: Windows, Linux, Unix, BSD

622. Shareaza P2P

This Windows peer-to-peer applicant offers abutment for assorted networks including EDonkey2000, Gnutella, BitTorrent and Gnutella2. Key actualization accommodate all-around searching, assorted after-effects tabs, previews, user comments, ratings, skinnable interface, adult file-hashing and block lists to enhance security. Operating System: Windows.

623. Sharefest

If you accumulated Dropbox and Bittorrent, the aftereffect would be commodity like Sharefest. It allows you to allotment files with anyone afterwards autumn them in the cloud. The articulation aloft takes you to the absolute service, but you can accretion the antecedent bare on GitHub. Operating System: OS Independent

624. Vuze

One of the best accustomed BitTorrent clients, Vuze makes it attainable for novices to get started downloading hi-def video while alms affluence of actualization for avant-garde users. Operating System: Windows, Linux/Unix, OS X

625. Connectbot

A acceptable advantage for UNIX administrators, Connectbot is a SecureShell (SSH) applicant that allows users to administer accompanying SSH sessions, actualize defended tunnels, and copy/paste amid added applications. If you chase for the app on Google Play, you’ll additionally accretion a angle that updates some of its capabilities. Operating System: Android

626. FileZilla

FileZilla additionally offers admirers for SFTP, FTP, SCP and FTPS book transfer. In addition, there’s a Windows-only adaptation that will acquiesce you to set up your own FTP server. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

627. FireFTP

This Firefox add-on has been downloaded added than 33 actor times. It allows you to download files via FTP or SFTP adapted from your browser window. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

628. WinSCP

Award-winning WinSCP can alteration files deeply via SFTP, SCP or FTPS (and it additionally includes an FTP applicant for appointment files afterwards security). It includes two altered interface choices. Operating System: Windows.

629. Anki

This app boasts that it can advice acceptance apprentice aloof about any blazon of information, whether they are acquirements a new language, belief for medical exams or aggravating to bethink guitar chords. It comes in iOS and Android versions, authoritative it ideal for acquirements on the go. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS, Android.

630. Genius

If you charge to admission something—anything—Genius can help. It’s a spaced alliteration flashcard affairs that can advice you canyon a test, adept a subject, adapt for a accent and more. Operating System: OS X

631. jVLT

Very agnate to FlashQard, Java-based jVLT additionally uses the Leitner adjustment to advice acceptance adept concepts. However, this app focuses primarily on vocabulary, authoritative it ideal for acceptance who are belief a adopted language. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

632. The Mnemosyne Project

One of the bigger flashcard apps available, Mnemosyne was congenital from a assay action that is belief the attributes of abiding memory. It supports assorted agenda formats and uses an algorithm to actuate which agenda should arise next. Users who accept to do so can upload their beforehand anonymously in adjustment to accommodate abstracts for the assay team. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, Android/

633. Parley

In accession to acceptable flashcards, Parley additionally utilizes anagrams, assorted choice, fill-in-the-blank, synonym/antonym and added types of tests to beforehand your vocabulary. Abounding user-created agenda sets are attainable at KDE for Windows. Operating System: Windows, Linux

634. Pauker

Java-based Pauker lets you booty your flashcards with you on about any device. Like abounding of the added apps in this category, it uses the Leitner adjustment of flashcard presentation to strengthen your ultra-short-term, short-term, and abiding memory. Operating System: OS Independent

635. Zkanji

Designed to be advantageous for avant-garde acceptance and beginners alike, Zkanji is a Japanese concordance and beam agenda system. It additionally includes an activated kanji accomplishment adjustment apparatus for acquirements to abode the characters. Operating System: Windows

636. ZWDisplay

ZWDisplay is abnormally acceptable at teaching users to apprehend and accept Chinese text. It uses a arrangement based on the book Chinese Through Tone & Blush by Nathan Dummitt. Operating System: Linux

637. The Sleuth Kit/Autopsy Browser

If you charge to appraise a drive in detail, The Sleuth Kit is a set of command-line accoutrement for agenda analysis, and Autopsy Browser provides a graphical interface for apparatus those tools. The aforementioned aggregation is additionally animate on Sleuth Kit Hadoop Framework, a cloud-based apparatus for allegory abounding drives absolute quickly. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

638. 0 A.D.

This actual real-time action bold allows players to beforehand their own age-old civilization. It’s won several awards, boasts astute actual accommodation and includes a map editor. Operating System: Linux, Windows, OS X.

639. 2048

This simple addle bold is decidedly addictive. Move numbers about the filigree until the numbers amalgamate to hit 2048. Run out of moves and your about-face is over. Operating System: Online, iOS, Android.

640. Avant-garde Strategic Command

Built “in the attitude of the Action Isle series,” ASC is a turn-based action bold with 2D action and an aerial actualization of the action. You can aggrandize the basal bold with one (or more) of the abounding user-created maps attainable on the website. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

641. Conflicting Arena

According to its website, this sci-fi-based ballista “features immersive arenas, cool and agitated weapons, and a alive community.” It’s abundantly accustomed with affluence of bold servers, fan sites and tournaments attainable online. Operating System: Linux, Windows, OS X.

642. Andy’s Cool Abundant Park

This PC and Android bold actualization “roller coasters from hell that we biking at abounding dispatch in a arrangement of explosions.” There are 25 capital levels, added bang-up fights, and you can admission admission to 18 added levels by accepting a aerial score. Operating System: Windows, Linux, Android.

643. Armagetron Advanced

An “old academy arcade bold slung into the 21st century,” Armagatron Avant-garde is a 3D booty on the Tron ablaze aeon bold from the 80s. Up to sixteen bodies can brawl at once, adjoin ceremony added and/or the AI. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, Android.

644. AssaultCube

AssaultCube offers acutely astute settings but is failing and low latency, authoritative it a acceptable advantage for players with underpowered systems or poor affiliation speeds. It includes twelve altered multiplayer modes and 26 altered maps, added a map editor so you can actualize your own. Operating System: Linux, Windows, OS X.

645. AssaultCube Reloaded

This angle of the accustomed first-person ballista integrates some of the best actualization of Battlefield, Quake and Anxiety of Duty into AssaultCube, while advancement a failing footprint. Added improvements accommodate backlash shots, new weapons, bigger anxiety and more. Operating System: Windows, Linux

646. Action for Wesnoth

Those who adore aerial fantasy will like this turn-based adapted action bold that actualization elves, dwarves, orc, mermen and abounding added races. Brawl adjoin up to eight added players in multiplayer mode. Operating System: Linux, Windows, OS X, iOS.

647. Billiards

Designed to advice basin players convenance aback a absolute table isn’t available, Billiards has a absolute conscientious physics simulator. It includes both basin and billiards tables and can brawl eightball, nineball and carom. Operating System: Linux.

648. Bitfighter

Customize your starship and action adjoin enemies in this “fast-paced team-based outer-space multi-player arcade game.” Several online servers are available. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, Android.

649. BosWars

Many real-time action amateur are set in the past, but Bos Wars is set in the future. Both single- and multi-player amateur are available. Operating System: Windows, Linux, BSD, OS X.

650. Academician Workshop

Research suggests that bifold n-back activities can beforehand animate anamnesis and aqueous intelligence, and they additionally assume to advice some ADHD/ADD sufferers. Downloaded added than 384,000 times, Academician Workshop lets you accord your academician a conditioning by aggravating bifold n-back contest for yourself. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

651. BZFlag

Short for “Battle Zone Abduction the Flag,” BZFlag is a 3D multiplayer online catchbasin bold with awakening graphics. It gets hundreds of downloads every week, and there’s a amazing bulk of advice on the website for new players. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

652. Cataclysm: Dark Canicule Ahead

A rogue-like chance game, Cataclysm is set in the aboriginal canicule afterwards an apocalypse. Players charge accretion food, shelter, baptize and aegis while advancing zombies and added horrors. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

653. Chaotic Rage

This self-described “silly crank ballista game,” actualization tanks, boats, helicopters, trains and, of course, zombies. You can actualization the action from the top down, in first-person or in third person, and you can brawl abandoned or with friends. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, Android.

654. Chromium B.S.U.

This angular scrolling ballista bold invites you to pilot the burden spaceship Chromium BSU through a bewilderment of adversary fighters, attempting to abort them afore they abort you. It’s fast-paced and adamantine abundant that best amateur don’t aftermost best than fifteen minutes. (Note that this bold doesn’t admission annihilation to do with Google’s Chromium project.) Operating System: Windows, Linux.

655. Archetypal Nexuiz

Downloaded millions of times, the archetypal adaptation of Nexuiz has been admired by abounding ancestors of gamers. Agenda that this is the beforehand attainable antecedent version, but there is additionally a newer paid version. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

656. Bare Combat

Suitable for ages 9 and up, Bare Combat is a multi-player bold that teaches players how to code. You can brawl online through the website or download it from GitHub. It offers added than 110 chargeless levels, and tutorials and added levels are attainable with a subscription. Operating System: OS Independent

657. CommanderStalin

Forked from Boswars, this real-time action bold is set in Stalinist Russia. Anatomy up your abridgement and army apprenticed so that you’re attainable for the closing Nazi attack. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

658. Crossfire

This old-school alcove crawler invites players to assay a fantasy world, action monsters, adept abracadabra and bare treasure. The action are acutely simplistic, but the apple is ample with 3,000 altered maps, 150 monsters, 13 contest and 15 altered types of characters to play. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

659. Cube Trains

Build activated trains on a burghal filigree with this addle game. A paid amplification backpack ads 11 added levels. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

660. Domination

Domination is a adapted adaptation of the lath bold Accident for PCs and adaptable devices. Several altered maps are available, and it has a multi-player option. The adaptable versions are attainable through Google Brawl or the Amazon Appstore. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, Android, Blackberry.

661. Alcove Crawl Bean Soup

This bold describes itself as “A roguelike chance through dungeons abounding with alarming monsters in a chance to accretion the mystifyingly aces Orb of Zot.” You can download the bold and brawl abandoned or admission one of the abounding online bold servers. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, Android.

662. Egoboo

This 3D dungeon-crawler challenges players to save Lord Bishop from the claws of the angry Dracolich, annihilation hordes of monsters forth the way. Brawl with up to four added bodies as you achieve your way through 40 altered dungeons. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

663. Enigma

The latest adaptation of this archetypal addle game, arise aftermost December, adds 51 new levels to the bags already available. It’s acutely accustomed and awful accustomed for its addictive gameplay. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

664. Ballsy Inventor

Epic Inventor is a side-scrolling role-playing bold with assorted levels. It has been compared to Minecraft, except that the accent is on crafting items instead of on building. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

665. Excalibur: Morganna’s Revenge

This ballsy chance puts you in the shoes of a affected amplitude adventurer aback transported to King Arthur’s cloister in Camelot. It includes 42 solo-play levels and 27 multiplayer levels. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

666. Acute Tux Racer

This acclimatized adaptation of the archetypal Linux bold Tux Racer actualization Tux the Linux penguin sliding bottomward a abundance on his abdomen aloof like the original. Chase your accompany to see who can achieve the fastest time. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

667. Angle Fillets NG

More than a decade old, this addle bold challenges players to advice two angle escape from added difficult levels. It’s a accommodate of an beforehand ALTAR alternate game. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

668. Flare

In this action-adventure game, players charge action adjoin assorted enemies as they achieve their way through assorted landscapes. They coact with added players, aggregate items in the annual and adept assorted skills. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

669. FlightGear

This best flight actor is so astute it can be acclimated to advice with pilot training, automated engineering or research. The basal software is free, but you can acquirement added aircraft and backdrop (as able-bodied as mugs and T-shirts) from the website. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, others.

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670. FreeCol

In this turn-based action game, brawl starts in America in 1942, and you win if you eventually acknowledge adeptness from Britain and survive the Revolution. It’s absolute agnate to the amateur Colonization and Civilization. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

671. FreeCiv

Inspired by the bold Civilization, FreeCiv is a turn-based multi-player action bold beyond players charge adviser their tribes from the bean age to the amplitude age. It’s a complete bold with affluence of online advice attainable for new players. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

672. Freedoom

Freedoom is based on the Doom engine, but adds chargeless content. It offers affluence of action, and it is accordant with mods created for the aboriginal Doom. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, Android.

673. Freeminer

If you’re action abashed about Microsoft’s acquirement of Minecraft, assay out Freeminer. Absolute agnate to Minecraft, this bold actualization a about absolute apple beyond players can dig and anatomy whatever they can imagine. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

674. FreeOrion

Built in “the attitude of the Adept of Orion games,” FreeOrion is an empire-building action bold set in the alcove of space. Brawl adjoin the AI or adjoin added bodies in multiplayer mode. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

675. Frets on Fire

You can anticipate of Frets on Fire as an attainable antecedent adaptation of Guitar Hero that you can brawl with a guitar ambassador or your keyboard. It can brawl Guitar Hero songs or the abounding songs created by the community, or you can actualize your own songs with the congenital editor. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

676. Frozen Bubble

This archetypal Linux bold has spawned an absolute brand of agnate games. This adaptation offers added than 100 levels, multiplayer abutment and a akin editor. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

677. Gang Garrison 2

Gang Garrison 2 is a 2D “demake” of Aggregation Fortress 2. It has accustomed babble reviews and has been downloaded added than 130,000 times. Operating System: Windows.

678. GBrainy

For players of all ages, GBrainy offers argumentation puzzles, brainy calculation, anamnesis trainers and exact affinity games. It’s ambition is to advice users breach aciculate mentally. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

679. Glest

In this real-time action game, the armies of Tech and Abracadabra war adjoin ceremony other. It has won several awards and advancing abounding added games, including MegaGlest (see below). Operating System: Windows, Linux.

680. Globulation 2

This real-time civilization-building action bold aims to abate the charge for micro-management and acquiesce players to focus on strategy. Single- or multi-player amateur and a akin editor are available. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

681. GLtron

Inspired by the cine Tron, this cine actualization lightcycles that chase about a affected track. It’s an beforehand game, but still playable. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

682. GnomeGames

This accumulating includes fifteen altered accidental amateur that you can brawl in bristles annual or less. It includes Sudoku, a minesweeper game, Mahjong, a adaptation of Reversi and more. Operating System: Linux.

683. GNU Backgammon

Based on a neural network, this backgammon bold has an AI that is consistently convalescent its abilities. It not abandoned allows users to brawl games, they can additionally use it to assay and beforehand their gameplay. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

684. Golems

If you can dream it, you can anatomy it with this physics simulator. Actualize a robot, spaceship, bulldozer, cannon, abrasion allurement or whatever abroad comes to mind. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

685. H-Craft Championship

Pilot a affected abettor about one of added than 28 altered racetracks. Brawl adjoin up to four added players on the aforementioned PC. Operating System: Windows, Linux, Android.

686. Hedgewars

This turn-based action bold places a abundant accent on brawl as it follows “the antics of blush hedgehogs with attitude as they action from the abject of hell to the abject of space.” It supports up to 8 players and includes 31 environments, 48 set angel maps, absolute about generated maps, 55 weapons, 280 altered apparel and abundant more. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS.

687. I Admission No Tomatoes

From the makers of Those Funny Funguloids comes this self-described “extreme leisure time activity.” The gameplay primarily involves smashing tomatoes. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

688. JVGS

Truly unique, JVGS actualization a stick-figure artisan who attack through a mural that appears to be fatigued by duke in pencil. Eerie music and ambit of balladry interspersed throughout the bold accord it a addictive quality. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

689. KDE Games

The KDE desktop for Linux (which can additionally be downloaded for Windows) includes a avant-garde arrangement of arcade, board, card, dice, argumentation and action games. The accumulating includes a sudoku game, a golf game, a Breakout clone, Mahjongg, a adaptation of Reversi, solitaire, a aberration of Yahtzee, a minesweeper game, a adaptation of Accident and abundant more. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

690. Atom Panic

In this real-time action game, systems, hackers and networks action adjoin ceremony added in a agenda mural that resembles Tron. Clashing abounding added real-time action games, all assets are free, abrogation players chargeless to apply on battle. Operating System: Linux, Windows

691. The Legend of Edgar

This ancient belvedere bold follows the adventures of a adolescent charlatan who sets out to accomplishment his father, advancing monsters, advantageous obstacles and analytic puzzles forth the way. Brawl with the keyboard or a joystick. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

692. Lips of Suna

Designed for complete audiences only, Lips of Suna actualization “violence, awkward humor, dishabille and added accommodation you can rarely see in added amateur anymore.” The bold apple changes dynamically, and it’s absolute customizable. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

693. Aqueous War

Highly unusual, this bold invites players to ascendancy an army of aqueous which they use to try to absorb added players’ armies. It has won some awards, but be acquainted that the action are adequately unimpressive. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

694. The Mana World

Still beneath development, The Mana Apple is a 2D Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Bold (MMORPG). In adjustment to play, you’ll charge to actualize an annual and download the Manaplus client. It has abandoned a few users however; at the time of autograph 21 were online. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

695. MegaGlest

Forked from the aboriginal Glest, MegaGlest adds Egyptians, Indians, Norsemen, Persians and Romans to the aboriginal two Tech and Abracadabra teams. It additionally offers bigger arrangement multiplayer capabilities than its predecessor. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

696. Micropolis

Based on the old Maxis SimCity code, Micropolis lets you administer absolute cities like San Francisco, Tokyo or Rio de Janeiro or to actualize your own. It includes eight congenital scenarios for hours of advancing play. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

697. Minetest

If you’ve anytime played Minecraft, Minetest will feel eerily similar. Explore, dig, anatomy and adeptness altar in this about absolute world. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

698. NetHack

NetHack is a archetypal alcove crawler that uses abandoned the best minimalist action to represent maps, players, treasures, monsters and altar in the game. The ultimate goal: retrieve the Amulet of Yendor and escape the Mazes of Menace alive. Operating System: Windows, Linux, Archetypal Mac.

699. No Gravity

No Force takes players to the year 8002, beyond they charge achieve fifty-five missions in abysmal space. Agenda that this articulation takes you to the aboriginal attainable antecedent version, but there are additionally paid aftereffect versions attainable for PSP, OS X, iOS, Android, Windows and Windows Phone. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

700. Neverball

This complete bold requires users to angle the attic to move a brawl through a level. There’s additionally a new admirers assuming the bold animate on the Oculus Rift basal absoluteness platform. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

701. Oolite

Oolite describes itself as “an open-world amplitude opera.” Advancing by the archetypal bold Elite, it allows users to actualize their own story, whether they accept to become traders, pirates, smugglers, miners or amplitude fighters. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

702. OpenArena

A carbon of Quake III Arena, OpenArena is a multiplayer online aboriginal actuality shooter. It supports assorted bold types, such as abduction the flag, chargeless for all, overload, agriculturalist and others. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

703. OpenClonk

In this 2D game, you ascendancy clonks, “small but amusing and alive humanoid beings,” as they mine, achieve and battle. It is based on the shareware bold Clonk. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

704. Attainable Sonic

As you adeptness assumption from the name, this is an attainable antecedent adaptation of Sonic the Hedgehog. It actualization accommodating gameplay beyond players can ascendancy up to three characters at the aforementioned time. It additionally offers a akin editor for those who like to actualize their own adapted versions. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

705. OpenTTD

This attainable antecedent booty on Transport Tycoon Deluxe enhances the aboriginal with bigger maps, abutment for up to 255 players, new pathfinding algorithms, the adeptness to allurement bounded admiral and abundant more. There’s affluence of online advice and akin a chiral to advice new players adept the game, and it’s attainable in assorted languages. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

706. Pax Brittanica

Gameplay is adequately simple on this abysmal action game. Spawn ships and action to accumulate your branch abode alive. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

707. Pingus

If you admired the old bold Lemmings, you’ll apparently adulation Pingus. It’s absolute agnate but actualization penguins instead of lemmings. It has 77 levels added a akin editor that lets you achieve your own. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

708. Pioneer

Travel in time to the end of the 31st century. Pilot your own aircraft throughout the galaxy, exploring and adorable for acclaim and affluence by whatever agency you accept in this advancing game. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

709. PlaneShift

Still a assignment in progress, PlaneShift is accession attainable antecedent MMORPG. It actualization ten altered playable races, absolute professions, six “ways of magic,” hundreds of spells, 3D action and abundant more. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

710. PokerTH

The self-proclaimed “No. 1 attainable antecedent poker app,” PokerTH lets you brawl Texas Hold ‘Em abandoned or adjoin added players online. The online affiliation at Poker-Heroes.com provides admission to bold servers, rankings and abundant more. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, Android.

711. Powermanga

This 2D vertical scrolling amplitude ballista offers added than 41 levels to play. Abstain the meteors while advancing added than 60 altered kinds of adversary ships. It runs calmly on old or low-powered systems as able-bodied as newer desktops and laptops. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

712. Pushover

A carbon of a bold originally arise in1992, Pushover requires players to move an ant through a akin so that it knocks over all of the dominoes on the screen. Be careful—some of the dominoes don’t abatement the way you adeptness expect. Operating System: Windows.

713. PySolFC

This huge accumulating of Anchoress amateur includes added than 1,000 variations on the archetypal agenda game. It includes assorted agenda decks, assorted accomplishments options, hints, statistics, absolute disengage and more. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

714. Red Eclipse

Called “nothing abbreviate of stupendous” by reviewers, Red Concealment is a self-described “casual amphitheatre shooter” that is somewhat agnate to Unreal Tournament games. It includes actualization like Parkour, actuation boosts and dashing, and it has a congenital map editor. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

715. Rigs of Rods

While best abettor simulators amusement altar as hard, solid bodies, Rigs of Rods has a altered soft-body physics abettor that added accurately simulates real-world behavior. It has a huge and absolute agog fan abject that is consistently creating new cartage and terrains for the game. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

716. Ryzom

Award-winning Ryzom is a absolute complete MMORPG with a abounding backstory, accomplished action and altered gameplay. Players can accept to beforehand their skills, acclimate their characters and coact with the bold apple as they see fit. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

717. Scrabble 3D

Highly customizable, this adaptation of Scrabble lets you use the archetypal bold board, the Superscrabble bold lath or your own custom board. It akin supports 3D play. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

718. Scorched3D

If you affectionately bethink the archetypal DOS bold Scorched Apple or if you aloof adulation watching mountains draft up, Schorched3D is for you. Assorted online servers are available, including one aloof for beginners. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

719. Secret Maryo Chronicles

If you bethink the old 2D Mario Bros. amateur fondly, you’ll apparently adore Secret Maryo Chronicles. It offers abundant old-school jump and run gameplay with affluence of levels. Operating System: Windows, Linux

720. ScummVM

ScummVM allows you to anchorage abounding archetypal point-and-click chance amateur to about any belvedere you like, including abounding adaptable platforms. Authentic amateur accommodate Simon the Sorcerer 1 and 2, Beneath A Steel Sky, Broken Sword 1 and Broken Sword 2, Flight of the Amazon Queen, Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, Sam and Max, and dozens of others. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, and abounding others

721. Simutrans

Build a acknowledged busline aggregation that carries passengers, appurtenances and mail amid assorted locations. This complete bold offers assorted action bales to accept from, and you can additionally accept to affix to an online bold to brawl with bodies about the world. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

722. SlipStream

Designed to abutment any blazon of abettor that could be apprenticed about a racetrack, SlipStream is added difficult to apprentice than some added abettor simulators, but offers added astute administering as a tradeoff. Operating System: Linux

723. Sonic Robo Blast 2

Inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog and congenital on the Doom Legacy engine, this 3D bold actualization Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Dr. Eggman in a new storyline. Both single- and multi-player modes are available. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

724. Dispatch Dreams

A angle of TORCS (see below), Dispatch Dreams is a motorsports actor with accomplished graphics. This adaptation uses a hardly altered physics abettor and has some cars, beforehand and accessory UI improvements that you won’t accretion in TORCS. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

725. Stendhal

Designed to be friendlier than some added MMORPGs, Stenhal has a “huge and affluent world” with 2D action and “an old academy feel.” Assay the wilderness, action dragons, complete a quest, become a hero. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

726. StepMania

Very agnate to Ball Dance Revolution, StepMania challenges users to accumulate the exhausted of the music on ball pads or the keyboard. The bold includes abandoned a few songs, but you can accretion added in the forums on the website. Operating System: Windows, Linux/Unix, OS X, XBox.

727. Summoning Wars

Play abandoned or with up to eight added bodies in this role-playing game. It offers affluence of action action adjoin thieves, bandits, necromancers, poachers and added baddies. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

728. SuperTux

Reminiscent of the Mario Bros. games, this jump-and-run sidescroller follows Tux the Linux penguin through a arrangement of landscapes. There’s a 12-year-old adaptation that runs on old PCs and a abiding beta adaptation with an official acclimatized adaptation due in December. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

729. SuperTuxKart

Downloaded bags of times per week, SuperTuxKart is a absolute accustomed antagonism bold that actualization Tux the Linux Penguin and his accompany antagonism about a arrangement of tracks. The action and gameplay in the latest adaptation are abundant bigger from beforehand editions, as you can see in the YouTube bivouac for the game. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

730. Tales Of Maj’Eyal: Age Of Ascendancy

This role-playing bold attempts to amend rogue-like amateur for the 21st century. Champ of assorted awards, it invites you to assay the abstemious of Maj’Eyal while advancing adjoin animals, monsters, trolls, giants, demons, zombies, necromancers, dragons and added angry forces. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

731. TaskWarload

This browser-based bold has a added purpose than entertainment—teaching alpha programmers to bare in the Lua programming language. Agenda that you’ll charge to be adequately abstruse and admission admission to a Web server in adjustment to get the bold up and running. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

732. Teeworlds

This multi-player ballista actualization retro, cartoonish, 2D action and abounding altered bold modes. It supports up to 16 altered players. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

733. Those Funny Funguloids

Those Funny Funguloids calls itself “a space-flying-mushroom-picking-simulator,” and that’s a adequately apt description. It’s a slow-moving, awful abnormal bold beyond you fly through amplitude alienated meteors and accession mushrooms. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

734. TORCS

The Attainable Antagonism Affliction Simulator, a.k.a. TORCS, is one of the added astute antagonism simulators available. There are assorted fan sites online, as able-bodied as approved tournaments. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

735. Tremulous

Tremulous aims to amalgamate the characteristics of a first-person ballista with the characteristics of a real-time action game. You brawl as either an conflicting or a human, and you win by eliminating the added aggregation and antibacterial their adeptness to respawn. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, XBox.

736. TrueCombat

Set in the avant-garde world, TrueCombat calls itself “perhaps the best chargeless tactical-realism shooter. EVER.” Gameplay consistently involves two teams adverse off adjoin ceremony other, but there are assorted bold types to play. Agenda that in adjustment to use it, you will additionally charge to download and install Wolfenstein: Adversary Territory. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

737. UFO: Conflicting Invasion

Set in the year 2084, this action bold requires players to avert apple from an advancing conflicting army. According to the website, it “combines advancing accurateness with adamantine science-fiction and the aberancy of an conflicting invasion.” Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

738. Ultimate Stunts

Based on the old DOS bold Stunts, Ultimate Stunts is a car antagonism bold that requires players to go through loops and corkscrews, jump over bridges and complete added amazing feats. This adaptation additionally includes a clue editor and multiplayer support. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

739. Ultrastar Deluxe

Ultrastar Deluxe is an attainable antecedent karaoke bold agnate to SingStar. Up to twelve bodies can sing forth at once. It includes added than 10,000 songs and you can additionally use it with music you already own or actualize your own songs. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

740. Unknown Horizons

Rather than absorption on battles, this 2D real-time action bold focuses on architectonics a solid economy. Players become added able by implementing a astute tax action and trading with added cities. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

741. Unvanquished

A Tremulous fork, Unvanquished additionally blends a first-person ballista with a real-time action game. It has a huge aggregation of all-embracing developers who broadcast updates absolute regularly. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

742. VDrift

This alive bold attempts to simulate the physics of alluvion racing. The beforehand and cars are based on ones you can accretion in the absolute world. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

743. Vega Strike

Another 3D amplitude simulator, Vega Strike invites players to trade, assay and action in alien space. It additionally serves as the foundation for several accompanying games, including Privateer Gemini Gold, Vega Trek and Pi Armada. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

744. VoltAir

The Fun Propulsion Labs at Google developed this Android app in adjustment to actualization off the capabilities of their Aqueous Fun technology. It’s a bright belvedere bold with avant-garde action and absolute blessed music that can be downloaded from Google Play. Operating System: Android.

745. Warsow

More cartoonish than best added first-person shooters, Warsow pits rocketlaucher-wielding pigs adjoin cyberpunks with laser guns. The action is fast paced with basal gore, authoritative it acceptable for a avant-garde ambit of ages. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

746. Warzone 2100

Humankind has been about annihilated by nuclear missiles. Can you apple-pie the apple while befitting your enemies at bay? It includes an all-encompassing technology timberline and both single- and multi-player modes. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

747. Widelands

Designed to be agnate to Settlers II, Widelands is accession civilization-building real-time action game. It’s altered from some agnate amateur because it requires the amateur to beforehand a acceptable arrangement of anchorage and it allows the amateur to abettor and affair ample commands rather than instructing ceremony aborigine in what to do. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

748. Wolfenstein: Adversary Territory

Called the “best multiplayer bold ever” by one reviewer, this adaptation of Wolfenstein is a altercation amid the Axis and the Allies in Apple War II. It supports up to 32 players at already in multiplayer mode. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

749. Apple of Padman

Based on the assignment of the artisan ENTE, Padman is a colorful, award-winning multiplayer game. It offers 23 maps and supports seven altered bold types. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

750. XMoto

Ride your motocross bike through a 2D landscape, accession strawberries while alienated the annoying “wreckers.” It includes a akin editor, and abounding players admission contributed new levels that you can download from the website. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

751. Xonotic

A angle of archetypal Nexuiz, Xonotic offers 25 altered weapons, 25 official maps (plus abounding added fabricated by added players), dent statistics, a heads-up affectation and more. It’s fun, fast-paced and addictive. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

752. Yo Frankie!

Designed to advertise the capabilities of the Blender 3D action suite, this bold actualization action that are way aloft boilerplate for an attainable antecedent game. It’s a few years old now, but still able-bodied annual blockage out. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

753. Zaz

Shoot the affirmation so that three of the aforementioned blush are together, and afresh they will disappear. It’s an beforehand bold but still functional. Operating System: Windows, Linux, Android.

754. Aught Ballistics

Blending a first-person ballista with a catchbasin game, Aught Ballistics offers altered gameplay set in the alps of Axial Europe. It offers three altered gameplay modes, six altered accomplishment levels and a arrangement of weapons. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

755. Zero-K

“Massive apprentice armies action an amaranthine conflict” in this real-time action game. It includes added than 100 altered kinds of units with astute physics and a automated bread-and-butter system. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

756. Endian Firewall Community

Downloaded added than 1.4 actor times, the affiliation adaptation of Endian can about-face a accustomed x86 arrangement into a Linux-based UTM solution. The affiliation adaptation is advised for home users, but the aggregation additionally sells business-class accessories that are based on the aforementioned technology. Operating System: Linux

757. Untangle

The Untangle NG Firewall offers a avant-garde ambit of aegis functions including agreeable filtering, web caching, action enforcement, cartage assay and reporting. Untangle additionally sells a authentic adaptation of its artefact and accompanying solutions for assorted industries. Operating System: Windows, Linux

758. Gramps

Short for “Genealogical Assay and Assay Administering Programming System,” Gramps has one of the best acronyms we’ve anytime apparent on an attainable antecedent project. It’s a professional-quality affiliated affairs with a absolute animate user affiliation and added than 1,100 pages of online affidavit to advice you trace your own ancestors history. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

759. Marble

This “virtual globe” goes far aloft basal mapping, amalgam weather, photos, cartage and Wikipedia information. With the adaptable versions (currently abandoned for baddest Nokia phones, an Android adaptation is in the works), it additionally becomes a turn-by-turn aeronautics system. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

760. OpenLayers

This accession to Google Maps and Bing Maps provides chargeless APIs that can put dynamic, JavaScript-based maps on any website. It’s sponsored by the Attainable Antecedent Geospatial Foundation. Operating System: OS Independent

761. WorldWind

Very agnate to Google Earth, this NASA-developed apparatus lets you actualization accessory adumbration and maps for any beyond on earth. It additionally includes an API for developers who appetite to accommodate WorldWind functionality aural their own apps. Operating System: OS Independent

762. MIAOW

MIAOW (pronounced “me-ow”) is the world’s aboriginal attainable antecedent GPU. It was created by a aggregation led by Professor Karu Sankaralingam at the University of Wisconsin-Madison as an bookish project, and it has absorbing implications for attainable antecedent accouterments in the future. Operating System: OS Independent

763. Alchemy

Designed to advice artists get their artistic juices flowing, Alchemy has a advisedly apprenticed affection set–no undo, no selecting, no editing. Art agents can use it as a starting point to advice acceptance “sketch” new annual afore action on to actualize accomplished pieces of art apparatus real-world media or added avant-garde applications. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

764. Art of Illusion

While not absolutely as avant-garde as Blender, Art of Illusion is accession acceptable advantage for 3D animation. Accent actualization accommodate “subdivision surface-based modelling tools, skeleton-based animation, and a graphical accent for designing procedural textures and materials.” Operating System: OS Independent.

765. Blender

Blender is a free, professional-quality 3D action apparatus that has been acclimated to actualize feature-length movies and video games. Paid educational abstracts and a billow adaptation are available. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

766. CinePaint

Although it is a raster action editor, not a video editor, CinePaint is accurately advised to be acclimated for motion pictures. It offers a agnate set of accoutrement as Gimp, but it supports aerial bit-depth, which allows this app to be acclimated for affecting up abandoned frames of a film. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

767. Dia

If you charge to actualize an org blueprint or agnate diagram, Dia is a free, easy-to-use apparatus that gets the job done. It includes acclimatized altar for flowcharts, UML diagrams and arrangement diagrams, authoritative it advantageous for abounding who assignment in IT. Operating System: Windows, Linux

768. Gimp

Short for GNU Angel Abetment Program, Gimp is a full-featured, professional-caliber photo alteration program. Its capabilities are absolute agnate to those of Adobe Photoshop. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

769. Gmsh

This app describes itself as a “3D apprenticed aspect filigree architect with a build-in CAD abettor and post-processor.” In layman’s terms, it’s a simple affairs for designing three-dimensional altar that offers some capabilities of a 3D action apparatus and some capabilities of a CAD tool. Operating System: Windows, Linux

770. GrafX2

Originally created for DOS systems, this app traces its afflatus to programs like Amiga’s Deluxe Acrylic and Brilliance. This acclimatized attainable antecedent adaptation has been ported for assorted operating systems, but it’s still best at creating old-school 256-color graphics. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

771. Inkscape

Another professional-quality tool, Inkscape is a abettor action affairs that rivals Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw. Key actualization accommodate assorted action tools, appearance tools, altercation tools, cloning, transformations, grouping, layers, fills, bulge editing, aisle description and abundant more. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

772. K-3D

This attainable antecedent 3D action apparatus aims to be easy-to-use, able and flexible. It boasts a constituent based action architecture, procedural and parametric workflows, a node-based accommodation pipeline, an avant-garde undo/redo arrangement and standards support. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

773. Krita

KDE’s painting app can advice you acclimate absolute photography or art or actualize new agenda artwork of your own. The interface is advised to actor absolute apple art aliment and painting tools. Operating System: Windows, Linux

774. LaTeXDraw

This simple action affairs creates images for use in abstracts created with LaTeX. It’s best for algebraic or authentic images, charts, diagrams, etc. Operating System: OS Independent

775. Luminance HDR

This action provides a workflow for aerial activating ambit (HDR) images. It supports assorted book formats, including raw formats, and it includes attainable wizards that airing users through accustomed tasks. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

776. Pixelitor

This Java-based photo editor offers added than 70 angel filters and blush adjustments, some of which aren’t offered by any added tool. However, affidavit for this action is a little light, so you’ll charge to admission some acquaintance with added photo editors in adjustment to use it. Operating System: OS Independent

777. Pinta

Modeled afterwards the freeware Paint.Net, Pinta offers avant-garde action accoutrement and added than 35 adjustments and furnishings for manipulating your photos. Actualization accommodate absolute layers, abounding disengage history and more. Operating System: Windows

778. Synfig Studio

Synfig Studio offers “powerful, industrial-strength” 2D action software. It allows users to actualize film-quality assignment afterwards accepting to draw ceremony anatomy by hand. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

779. Wings 3D

Wings 3D creates still graphics, but not animation. Advised to be both able and attainable to use, it offers a avant-garde ambit of clay tools, a customizable interface, abutment for lights and materials, and a congenital AutoUV mapping facility. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

780. Mirth Connect

Mirth Affix describes itself as the “Swiss Army knife of healthcare affiliation engines” and promises abutment for abundant healthcare abstracts standards, including HL7. Bartering abutment is available. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

781. Care2x

Key actualization of this hospital advice arrangement accommodate acute search, acute abstracts validation, quick lists, one-key shortcuts and more. Assay out the admirers on the website to see it in action. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

782. OpenClinic GA

Designed for healthcare accessories with apprenticed resources, this hospital advice arrangement has been implemented abundantly in Africa. It supports assorted languages, and it integrates with Axial African bloom allowance announcement tools. Operating System: Windows, Linux

783. OrangeHRM

With 3 actor users, OrangeHRM claims to be the “world’s best accustomed attainable antecedent HR software.” In accession to the attainable antecedent version, it comes in profession and action versions for on-premise deployment, and a Animate adaptation that runs in the cloud. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

784. WaypointHR

WaypointHR software is attainable as an attainable antecedent download or in a billow version, which offers added features. It places the accent on aegis and affluence of use while tracking abettor demographic advice and apparatus records. Operating System: OS Independent.

785. Commodity Tracking Arrangement (CTS)

The All-embracing Accomplishment Committee (IRC) congenital this ecology arrangement to achieve abiding that appurtenances donated to altruistic efforts, like medical aliment alien to Syria, absolutely adeptness their advised recipients. It is said to be the aboriginal agenda apparatus of its kind. Operating System: OS Independent

786. Arduino

One of the best-known names amid attainable antecedent IoT projects, Arduino is a belvedere that encompasses both accouterments and software. The software includes an dent development ambiance (IDE) for autograph bare in the Arduino language.

787. Arduino Yún

Sold by Arduino’s sister alignment Genuino, this attainable antecedent lath includes two abstracted processors: the ATmega32u4 microcontroller that runs Arduino and the Atheros AR9331 that runs a specialized Linux administering alleged OpenWrt-Yun. It includes 16 MB of Beam memory, 64 MB RAM, Ethernet, WiFI, USB and a Micro-SD agenda reader.

788. BeagleBoard

This alignment offers several altered open-source boards, all of which are about the admeasurement of a acclaim card. Their flagship product, the BeagleBone Atramentous promises that users will be able to cossack Linux in beneath 10 abnormal and get started with development projects in beneath than 5 minutes. Their boards can run Linux or Android.

789. Affix the Dots

This Microsoft Attainable Technologies action makes it attainable to affix IoT accessories and sensors to the Microsoft Azure cloud. It includes a arrangement of bare samples and guides, including a sample end-to-end acclimate alive band-aid that uses an Arduino board, a Raspberry Pi and several Azure services. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

790. DeviceHive

DeviceHive is a machine-to-machine (M2M) advice framework for acute energy, home automation, conflicting sensing, telemetry, conflicting ascendancy and ecology software and added IoT applications. It supports Java, C , .NET, Python, Javascript, and added platforms.

791. Devicehub.net

This action aims to be “the go-to belvedere for makers” and “the accustomed interface for Internet of Things and M2M.” It includes accoutrement for abstracts accretion and analysis, conflicting ascendancy and event-based alerting, and it allows users to ascendancy abounding altered accessories from a distinct dashboard. Paid action versions and abutment are available.

792. Concealment IoT Project

The Concealment Foundation has a affiliated annual of IoT-related projects that accommodate standards and development frameworks. The action additionally offers a abundance of videos, tutorials, sandboxes and added accoutrement to advice new IoT developers get started on their aboriginal projects.

793. Concealment Smarthome

Although it’s still a beta release, this iot.eclipse.org action seems absolute promising. It aims to anatomy a flexible, attainable framework for abutting acute accessories in alive spaces. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

794. Exciting Printer

This abnormal action makes it attainable to actualize your own small, internet-connected printer. Appetite to allocution to the action owners? You can accelerate a bulletin or draw a annual that will be printed on the Exciting Printer in their office.

795. Flutter

Designed for hobbyists, acceptance and engineers, Flutter offers a fast ARM processor and all-embracing wireless communication. It additionally includes congenital arrangement charging capabilities and a congenital aegis chip. It runs Arduino, and prices alpha at $36 for the basal model.

796. Freeboard

This action promises “ridiculously simple dashboards for your devices.” It offers a widget-based, drag-and-drop development apparatus that makes it attainable to clue the abstracts from your IoT devices. Both chargeless and paid affairs are available. Operating system: OS Independent

797. Intel Gallileo

While abounding IoT boards await on ARM processors, Intel additionally offers a IoT development lath accustomed as Galileo. It’s Arduino-compatible and boasts a added ambit of ports than best agnate boards.

798. IoTivity

Sponsored by the Attainable Interconnect Consortium, The IoTivity software allows for device-to-device connectivity. It is an accomplishing of the OIC’s accustomed specification. Operating System: Linux, Arduino, Tizen

799. IoT Toolkit

This toolkit includes a acute commodity API aperture annual advertence implementation, an HTTP- to-CoAP semantic mapping proxy, gateway-as-a-service deployment, apparatus framework, anchored software agents, semantic assay and linkage, affiliated abstracts compatibility, accoutrement for assorted sensor net clients, and Raspberry Pi and billow micro-instance deployment images. The action additionally sponsors a meetup accumulation in Silicon Valley.

800. Kaa

Focused on dispatch IoT projects, Kaa describes itself as “a production-ready, multi-purpose middleware belvedere for architectonics complete end-to-end IoT solutions, affiliated applications, and acute products.” It enables advice and ecology amid IoT accessories and back-end infrastructure, and it can be calmly deployed on Amazon’s cloud. Operating System: Linux

801. KinomaJS

This JavaScript-based apparatus framework helps developers anatomy IoT apps for anchored and adaptable devices. It additionally includes an XML programming interface. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

802. Libsecurity

Part of IBM’s developerWorks Attainable effort, libsecurity is a set of aegis modules that can be acclimated by IoT apparatus developers. It includes accoutrement for defended storage, authentication, and more. Operating System: OS Independent

803. Bounded Motors Affiliated Car

Working with the AllSeen Alliance, Bounded Motors has developed a Rally Car, which they are apparatus as the belvedere for their Affiliated Car project. The attainable antecedent architectonics includes an automotive brand Linux distribution, a Raspberry Pi board, several Arduino broadcast boards, and Octoblu attainable antecedent software.

804. Mango

Mango automation software offers actualization like abstracts acquisition, real-time monitoring, a high-performance NoSQL database, aegis and abundant more. It is attainable in both a chargeless attainable antecedent adaptation and paid action versions. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

805. Microduino

Microduino offers a ambit of acutely baby boards that are about the admeasurement of a division and alpha at aloof $8. They are currently demography orders for their new mCookie modules which assemblage like Lego blocks. A arrangement of addendum boards and apparatus kits are additionally attainable for acquirement on the website.

806. Nimbits

Nimbits describes itself as “a Abstracts Logging Annual and Aphorism Abettor Belvedere for abutting people, sensors and software to the billow and one another.” It includes server software, an attainable antecedent Java library, an Android applicant and a attainable billow that runs Nimbits Server.

807. OpenADC

Sold by a aggregation alleged NewAE Technology, OpenADC is an attainable antecedent accouterments belvedere with an accent on accouterments security. The aggregation is additionally abaft the CHipWhisperer accouterments aegis action and offers accouterments aegis training.

808. OpenHAB

This Java-based attainable antecedent home automation software promises a vendor-agnostic way to ascendancy all the IoT accessories in your home through a distinct interface. It allows users to set up their own rules and ascendancy their home environment. You can download the software from the armpit or use it through the my.openHAB billow service. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, Android

809. OpenIoT

Funded in allotment by the EU, OpenIoT describes itself as a “blueprint middleware basement for implementing/integrating Internet-of-Things solutions.” The project’s goals are to be able to aggregate and action abstracts from about any IoT device, beck that abstracts to the billow and assay and anticipate the calm data. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

810. OpenMote

OpenMote offers three altered boards: Open-Mote-CC2538, OpenBase and OpenBattery. They can be purchased abandoned or in kits for complete IoT deployments.

811. OpenPicus FlyPortPRO

OpenPicus offers several altered attainable antecedent arrangement on a bore (SoM) boards, all of which appear with the company’s chargeless IDE. You can accept from three altered kinds of connectivity—Wi-Fi, GPRS or Ethernet. Modules alpha at €35.

812. OpenRemote

This award-winning action boasts users like Philips, Trust Agenda Lifestyle Accessories, Ooma, VolkerWessels and others. Chargeless and paid versions are available.

813. OpenPicus

OpenPicus offers both accouterments and software for IoT development. Its chargeless libraries acquiesce users to affix to any billow accretion service. Operating System: Windows

814. OpenWSN

OpenWSN is the athenaeum for IoT accouterments and software projects underway at the University of California Berkeley. Its ultimate ambition is to accommodate a complete standards-based attainable antecedent IoT stack.

815. Particle

Formerly accustomed as Spark, Particle is a abounding apartment of accouterments and software for architectonics IoT devices, applications and services. Particle boards alpha at aloof $19, and the software is attainable on GitHub

816. Pinoccio

This aggregation sells absolute baby wireless boards that it calls Scouts. Affix your Scouts calm into a cobweb arrangement alleged a Troup and afresh affix the Beforehand Scout to the Web. Accordant with Arduino.

817. RasWIK

Ciseco (not to be abashed with Cisco) offers a Raspberry Pi Wireless Inventors Kit, or RasWIK. It promises that you “can anatomy wireless accessories in aloof a amount of minutes,” and it comes with 29 projects for you to try. Prices for the kit alpha at £49.99.

818. SiteWhere

SiteWhere aims to advice companies anatomy scalable IoT applications and dispatch their time-to-market with new accessories and services. It integrates with MongoDB, HBase, Hortonworks, Clouder, Apache Solr and Twilio, and it supports deployment on about any billow accretion platform.

819. SODAQ

SODAQ, which stands for “Solar-Powered Abstracts Acquisition,” offers Arduino-compatible boards that are attainable to affix together. The organization’s newest alms is alleged the Mbili (which agency “two” in Swahili), and it includes the Atmel ATmega 1284P microcontroller. It’s a low-power lath that can run on solar energy.

820. Tessel

This attainable antecedent IoT accouterments belvedere actualization a modular architectonics that makes prototyping easy. The Tessel 2, which begins aircraft in September, costs aloof $35 and is accordant with Node.js for fast development. Attainable modules accommodate Accelerometer, Ambient, Relay, Climate, Infrared, Servo, RFID, GPS, MicroSD, Camera, Audio, Lights, Keypad, Motors, Pulse and more.

821. The Affair System

The Affair System’s website says, “Today, you admission to action your things. They don’t allocution to ceremony other, the apps don’t work, it’s a belfry of babel. Our band-aid — the Affair Arrangement — is attainable source. We’ll allocution to anything, you can drudge the system, it has an attainable API.” It supports a huge annual of IoT devices, including those fabricated by Cube Sensors, Parrot, Next, Oregon Scientific, Samsung, Telldus, Aeon Labs, Insteon, Roku, Google, Apple and added manufacturers. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, others

822. ThingSpeak

This IoT apparatus and API makes it attainable to aggregate and action abstracts from conflicting devices. Key actualization accommodate real-time abstracts collection, geolocation abstracts support, abstracts processing, abstracts visualizations and accessory cachet messages.

823. UDOO

Udoo offers several altered attainable antecedent boards that can run Android, Arduino and the UDOObuntu administering of Linux, as able-bodied as some added operating systems. Prices for boards alpha at $99, or you can use the provided specs to anatomy your own.

824. Webinos

Webinos is a web-based apparatus belvedere for the internet of things. Its ambition is to accredit developers to abode applications that run on any device, including IoT devices, cars, TVs and smartphones.

825. WeIO

This accumulation wants to achieve creating Internet-connected altar as attainable as creating websites. Its award-winning accessories abutment HTML5 and Python, and prices alpha at $69.

826. Windows Developer Affairs for IoT

Last year, Microsoft arise abundant of the bare for its IoT affairs on GitHub. It’s a accumulating of accoutrement and templates for programming baby accessories and abutting them to Azure services. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

827. WIZnet

WIZnet makes chips and IoT boards based on those chips. The articulation aloft includes accommodation and blueprint for its attainable antecedent accouterments products.

828. Zetta

Based on Node.js, Zetta can actualize IoT servers that articulation to assorted accessories and sensors. The website includes a folio adherent to projects congenital with betta that includes a car dispatch tracker and home aegis systems.

829. Sweet Home 3D

Determined to bandbox up your home this year? This app helps you actualize 2D and 3D layouts of your rooms, complete with a examination of how the accomplished artefact will look. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

830. GLPI

Many users arrange OCS (see below) and GLPI together. OCS finds the assets affiliated to the network, and GLPI creates a database to advice administrators clue and administer those assets. Operating System: OS Independent

831. OCS Annual NG

Many IT departments use OCS Annual NG to clue their on-site hardware, and now the apparatus offers agents for Android and Windows adaptable accessories as well. It detects animate accessories on the arrangement and provides advice about the blazon of accessory and installed apps. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, Android, Windows Phone

832. iNecklace

This chaplet for Mac admirers boring pulses with light. You can buy it premade or download the attainable antecedent schematics from GitHub to achieve it yourself. Operating System: N/A

833. Aurora

This Apache Incubator action schedules jobs to run on clusters of machines that are actuality managed by Apache Mesos. Twitter is a key contributor to the project. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

834. Fenzo

This Java library helps agenda Apache Mesos jobs. Developed by Netflix, it is awful scalable and allows users to set a avant-garde arrangement of belief for job scheduling. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

835. Salene

Developed by LinkedIn, Selene is an iOS library for scheduling accomplishments tasks in iPhone and iPad apps. It allows the developer to set the antecedence and boilerplate acknowledgment time for how about tasks should be completed. Operating System: iOS

836. Bika LIMS

Bika is a Zulu babble that agency “report, from association to clan, accompany annual of weddings, births, festivals and funerals.” This action is a full-featured LIMS that boasts all-around cachet tracking, attainable use, an dent agreeable administering system, and animate search. Bartering abutment is available. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

837. Evergreen

This library automation band-aid prides itself on its scalability. The Evergreen affiliation is almighty active, with approved newsletters and updates, and you can accretion demos of the software and an alternate of libraries apparatus Evergreen at the website. Operating System: OS Independent.

838. LibLime Koha

Used by bags of libraries about the world, Koha describes itself as “the best avant-garde and bulk able attainable antecedent automation band-aid on the market.” Paid hosting, support, consulting, accomplishing and development casework are additionally attainable on the site. Operating System: OS Independent.

839. NewGenLib

NewGenLib proudly proclaims itself the “best attainable antecedent library system.” Notable actualization accommodate abutment for Android smartphones and tablets, standards compliance, an automated interface and abundant more. Operating System: OS Independent.

840. OPALS

Short for “OPen-source Automated Library System,” OPALS is one of the best awful rated library automation solutions available. It provides Web-based admission to advice databases, library collections and agenda archives. Paid hosting and added casework are available. Operating System: OS Independent.

841. OpenBiblio

OpenBiblio actualization accommodate an online attainable admission archive (OPAC), circulation, cataloging, and agents administration. See the armpit for all-encompassing affidavit and templates. Operating System: OS Independent.

842. VuFind

This library administering arrangement boasts Web 2.0 capabilities and architectonics done “by libraries for libraries.” The modular architectonics agency it’s attainable to install aloof the actualization you need–or to add or adapt modules as necessary. Operating System: OS Independent.

843. AWStats

This chargeless log book assay apparatus creates graphs from Web, streaming, ftp or mail server statistics. Assay out the attainable allegory blueprint to see how its affection assemblage up adjoin added attainable antecedent and bartering applications. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

844. Webalizer

This accelerated Web log book analyzer claims to be able to action a log book with 2 actor hits in 30 seconds. It supports both IPv4 and IPv6, and it is attainable in dozens of languages. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

845. Argunet

Argunet offers both an altercation editor (similar to Argumentative) and a library of arguments that acceptance can browse and analyze. You can use it on a standalone arrangement or in a client-server bureaucracy to animate accord amid acceptance or agitation teams. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

846. iLogos

Java-based iLogos isn’t absolutely as adorned as some of the added altercation mappers, but it does achieve it adequately attainable to diagram arguments with a aggregate of words and pictures. The armpit additionally includes a attainable annual of agnate tools. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

847. FeaturFu

LinkedIn arise this project. According to the aggregation it is “a new attainable antecedent toolkit advised to accredit artistic and alive affection engineering for best apparatus acquirements tasks such as statistical clay (classification, clustering, and regression) and rule-based accommodation engines.” Operating System: Linux

848. Hivemall

Hivemall is a accumulating of apparatus acquirements algorithms for Hive. It includes awful scalable algorithms for classification, regression, recommendation, k-nearest neighbor, aberration apprehension and affection hashing. Operating System: OS Independent.

849. Oryx

Sponsored by Cloudera, Oryx brings predictive analytics and apparatus acquirements to Hadoop. There is additionally an Oryx 2 action that uses Spark and supports lambda architecture. Operating System: OS Independent.

850. PredictionIO

In February this year, Salesforce bought PredictionIO, and afresh in July, it contributed the belvedere and its brand to the Apache Foundation, which accustomed it as an incubator project. So while Salesforce is apparatus PredictionIO technology to beforehand its own apparatus acquirements capabilities, assignment will additionally abide on the attainable antecedent version. It helps users actualize predictive engines with apparatus acquirements capabilities that can be acclimated to arrange Web casework that acknowledge to activating queries in absolute time. Operating System: Linux

851. Citadel

Built with a “room” architecture, Citadel promises attainable accession and versatility. In accession to accustomed groupware features, it includes forums, afire messaging, a wiki, a blog abettor and more. Operating System: Linux

852. Exim

This MTA was developed at the University of Cambridge and is still broadly acclimated in the UK. It’s best for servers that are absurd to admission ample volumes of mail because it doesn’t admission a axial chain manager. Operating System: Linux, Unix

853. Postfix

Originally developed by IBM Research, Postfix is a defended mail alteration abettor that is absolute agnate to Sendmail (see below). It’s adequately fast and can handle a ample aggregate of mail. Operating System: Linux, Unix, OS X, Solaris

854. Scalix

Aimed at hosting providers and ISPs as able-bodied as enterprises and baby businesses, Scalix offers an accession to Microsoft Barter servers for accumulation e-mail and calendaring. It comes in abundant flavors, including the community, enterprise, baby business and hosting editions. Operating System: Linux

855. Sendmail

While it’s not as broadly acclimated as it already was, Sendmail continues to be a absolute accustomed mail alteration agent. Newer actualization accommodate abutment for filters, affidavit and conflicting database look-ups. Operating System: Linux

856. SOGo

SOGo is a groupware server that allows users to admission e-mail and aggregate agenda abstracts via the Web, adaptable devices, or an e-mail applicant like Thunderbird. The latest adaptation adds congenital Outlook support. Operating System: OS Independent

857. Zentyal

Designed as an accession to Microsoft Exchange, Zentyal is a business mail server that runs on Linux. It’s accordant with Barter and Animate Directory, and it can accompany with adaptable devices. It additionally incorporates some aegis actualization like antivirus, antispam and firewall capabilities, and it supports book administering and printer administering for Windows environments.

The free, attainable antecedent adaptation of the software is alleged the Server Development Edition. It additionally comes in a billow adaptation that starts at 1€ per user per ages or in a authentic on-premises adaptation that is attainable for acquirement through resellers.

858. Zimbra

Used by added than 500 actor people, Zimbra offers a ambit of email and messaging accoutrement for companies of all sizes, and it comes in both chargeless and paid versions. Its browser-based interface was “built for the cloud, both attainable and private.” Operating System: Linux, Unix, OS X.

859. CampaignChain

Currently in clandestine beta testing, CampaignChain aims to accord marketers an dent actualization of all their attack activities aloft assorted channels. Absorbed users can download the software or affirmation up to be allotment of the annual balloon and accept a abatement aback the paid annual goes live. Operating System: OS Independent.

860. Mautic

Mautic combines accoutrement for amusing media marketing, beforehand administering and email business in one unified belvedere that includes the abilities to actualize campaigns and run reports. It’s attainable as an attainable antecedent download or as a hosted service. Operating System: OS Independent.

861. Attainable Antecedent Business

Open Antecedent Business isn’t so abundant an apparatus as a alignment and belvedere for applying attainable antecedent attack to the conduct of marketing. It allows all kinds of organizations to allotment business intelligence and reclaim the bulk processes developed by the alignment abaft the project. That alignment additionally sells accompanying casework and training. Operating System: N/A

862. Pimcore

This multi-function apparatus is primarily a Web agreeable administering and ecommerce band-aid that additionally has business automation features. It includes SEO, email marketing, amusing media, analytics and testing capabilities. Paid abutment and action add-ons are available. Operating System: OS Independent.

863. Dr. Geo

This award-winning app invites bodies age 7 to 77 to “be a geometer.” It allows acceptance to actualize and coact with sketches of geometric altar so that they can bigger accept geometry lessons. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

864. Genius

Genius is accession multifunctional algebraic affairs with the adeptness to do calculus, cardinal theory, statistics, algebraic functions, modular arithmetic, 2D and 3D plots, and more. It has its own syntax for inputting expressions and functions, but it is attainable to learn. Operating System: Linux, OS X

865. GeoGebra

With its avant-garde ambit of capabilities, GeoGebra is acceptable for elementary acceptance acquirements arithmetic, aerial academy acceptance acquirements algebra and geometry, and akin for academy acceptance belief calculus and avant-garde mathematics. Accurately advised as an educational tool, it is abundant added convenient than abounding of the added algebraic apps on our list, and the website additionally includes attainable assets for educators. Operating System: OS Independent

866. gnuplot

Unlike abounding of the added algebraic apps on our list, Gnuplot does aloof one thing–create graphs. It works from the command band and supports both 2D and 3D plots. Operating System: Windows, Linux, Unix, OS X, and others

867. Kig

Similar to Dr. Geo, KDE’s geometry app additionally provides an interface for animate with and acquirements added about geometric figures. (Note that in adjustment to use Kig on Windows, you’ll admission to download KDE for Windows.) Operating System: Windows, Linux

868. Mandelbulber

If you’re aberrant abundant to apperceive what a Mandelbulb is, you adeptness adore this app which renders 3D fractals. Added advice about the app can additionally be activate on the FractalForums site. Operating System: Windows, Linux

869. Maxima

Descended from a affairs aboriginal developed in the 1960s, Maxima can handle differentiation, integration, Taylor series, Laplace transforms, accustomed cogwheel equations, systems of beeline equations, polynomials, sets, lists, vectors, matrices and tensors. It can additionally actualize 2D and 3D plots. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

870. SageMath

This apartment combines added than 100 abstracted attainable antecedent mathematics accoutrement and provides a unified interface. Agenda that to use it you will charge to admission some basal programming skills. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

871. Scilab

Used by abounding educational institutions, Scilab can do algebraic computations, abstracts analysis, visualizations, optimization, statistics and more. Paid support, training and casework are attainable through Scilab Enterprises. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

872. 3D Slicer

This app offers DICOM book viewing, alternate segmentation, aggregate apprehension and added capabilities. It can assignment with images from MRI, CT, US, nuclear medicine, and microscopy. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

873. AMIDE

AMIDE stands for “Amide’s a Medical Imaging Abstracts Examiner.” Key actualization accommodate allotment examination of a abstracts set, zooming, abutment for assorted blush maps, anisotropic clarification wizard, bearing of fly-through movies and more. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

874. ANTS

Short for “Advanced Normalization Tools,” this action helps doctors and advisers achieve maps of brains. Actualization accommodate “multivariate affinity metrics, battleground guidance, the adeptness to use characterization images to adviser the mapping and both acquisitive and space-time optimal implementations of diffeomorphisms.” Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

875. BioImageXD

Used by biologists and added scientists, as able-bodied as bloom affliction experts, BioImageXD offers provides analysis, processing and accommodation of multi-dimensional images acquired with a microscope. It can actualize 3D (and 4D) renderings and includes accumulation processing capabilities. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

876. dcm4che

This accumulating of Java-based apps makes it attainable to store, actualization and assignment with DICOM images. It includes both server accoutrement and a Web-based interface for accessing stored files. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

877. ImageJ

Developed at the Civic Institutes of Health, this Java-based angel abetment affairs was advised to for use by doctors and scientists for use in allegory images from analytic or chic settings. However, it can be acclimated to adapt abounding added types of images and artwork as well. Operating System: OS Independent

878. InVesalius

InVesalius describes itself as “a chargeless software for about-face of computed tomography and alluring resonance images.” It can acceptation and consign to assorted book formats and achieve aggregate apprehension or angel segmentation. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

879. MITO

Short for “Medical Imaging Toolkit,” MITO can admission images from a annual archiving and communications arrangement (PACS) and acquiesce radiologists and technicians to actualization and dispense them. It supports the DICOM angel standard. Operating System: Windows, Linux

880. Orthanc

With Orthanc, healthcare accessories or assay organizations can set up a RESTful server for DICOM images. It’s failing and fast, and it aims to achieve it attainable for developers to abode applications accessing the images stored on the server. Operating System: Windows, Linux

881. ODIN

ODIN helps actualize sequences of alluring resonance scans. It’s attainable to use and comes with a cardinal of templates to advice users actualize their own sequences. Operating System: Windows, Linux

882. OsiriX

Downloaded added than 1,000 times every day, OsiriX claims to be “the best broadly acclimated DICOM eyewitness in the world.” It boasts fast performance, and it comes in an FDA-approved version. Operating System: OS X, iOS

883. Mifos

Mifos aims to advice microfinance institutions do a bigger job of accouterment loans to poor bodies about the world. It’s a web-based administering advice arrangement (MIS) that includes “portfolio and transaction management, on-the-fly cyberbanking artefact creation, all-embracing applicant management, dent amusing accomplishment measurement, and a advertisement engine.” Operating System: OS Independent

884. JBoss

Red Hat’s JBoss Middleware includes a arrangement of accoutrement to be failing and cloud-friendly, while abutting together, amalgam and automating assorted action applications and systems. Users accommodate Oak Ridge Civic Laboratory, Nissan, Cisco, CA Technologies, AMD and others. Operating System: Linux.

885. FreeMind

Downloaded added than 4,000 times a day, FreeMind is a accustomed attainable antecedent apparatus for brainstorming, demography addendum and more. It functions like a basal white board, authoritative it easier to draw diagrams that actualization relationships amid altered concepts and words. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

886. FreePlane

Based on FreeMind, FreePlane is accession attainable antecedent apperception mapper. Interestingly, the website offers a apperception map created with the software that explains its functionality. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

887. XMind

Ideal for brainstorming and planning sessions, XMind makes it attainable to see the admission amid ideas—it’s arrangement of like a white lath for your computer. In accession to the chargeless version, it comes in a pro adaptation for individuals and an action adaptation for businesses. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

888. Aard 2

With this apparatus you can admission assorted dictionaries or akin Wikipedia offline. Agenda that you will charge to download dictionaries in adjustment for the offline affection to work. Operating System: Android

889. Akamai Mobitest

Want to apperceive how fast your website will bulk in the absolute apple on a absolute adaptable device? The articulation aloft takes you to a hosted adaptation of Mobitest that can acknowledgment that catechism for you. You can additionally download the antecedent bare and actualize your own testing service. Operating System: OS Independent

890. Amaze

Amaze is a lightweight, adorable book administrator for Android. Key actualization accommodate aMaterial Design-based interface, assorted tabs, aeronautics drawer, book sharing, app manager, abject charlatan and more. Operating System: Android

891. AndrOpen Office

Downloaded added than a actor times, this app ports the OpenOffice apartment to Android. It can actualization and acclimate files and exports abstracts to Office-compatible formats. Operating System: Android

892. AnySoft Keyboard

One of the best customizable keyboards available, AnySoft supports assorted languages. It predicts words based on your accounting behavior and supports multi-touch. Operating System: Android

893. AppAlarm Pro

With this tool, you can agenda any app to alpha at any time. Use Pandora as your anxiety alarm or creatively admonish yourself about attainable tasks. Operating System: Android

894. Auto-Away

This app sends an automated acknowledgment to buzz callers and bodies who altercation you. You can set it up to accelerate the aforementioned bulletin to anybody or to banish or whitelist assertive numbers. Operating System: Android

895. ConnectBot

Need to alteration files deeply to and from your adaptable device? ConnectBot sets up a defended carapace affiliation for Android devices. Operating System: Android

896. Convertigo

This self-proclaimed “first action brand attainable antecedent solution” for adaptable app development and deployment claims to carve development time and bulk by up to 20 percent. In accession to the chargeless affiliation version, it additionally comes in paid accustomed and continued editions. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X with admirers for iOS, Android, Windows Buzz and BlackBerry

897. CrocodileNote

This note-taking app allows you to abode and acclimate simple altercation files. It additionally offers accession encryption capabilities. Operating System: Android

898. Crushr

Simplify your smartphone home awning with this agitation annual widget. It’s absolute simple and attainable to use. Operating System: Android

899. Absolute Dictaphone

Miss your ancient Dictaphone? This app lets users leave themselves abbreviate audio belletrist for assay later. Operating System: Android

900. Drupal Editor

Need to column an commodity or blog to your Drupal-based website? This apparatus lets you abode and upload altercation from your adaptable device. Agenda that you’ll charge Drupal in adjustment to use it. Antecedent bare is attainable through GitHub. Operating System: Android

901. Attainable Token

Use your Android accessory as an affidavit token. This app is accordant with RSA SecurID and supports SDTID files. Operating System: Android

902. F-Droid

F-Droid is a archive of chargeless and attainable antecedent adaptable apps that users can install anon from this app. It’s a little bit like accepting an attainable antecedent app store. Operating System: Android

903. ForgeRock

ForgeRock offers a unified character and admission administering belvedere that works with adaptable devices. Users can accept the chargeless attainable antecedent adaptation or the cable archetype that adds added features. Operating System: Linux

904. FreeOTP

Created by Red Hat, FreeOTP generates age-old use passwords that add added aegis to accumulated accounts or online casework like Google, Evernote, GitHub and others. It makes it abundant added difficult to drudge your password. Operating System: Android

905. IP Pro

This app identifies your IP address, tests Internet connectivity and checks to see if your VPN is functioning. It additionally shows your beyond in Maps. Operating System: Android

906. GIMP Inkscape

This app ports two of the best accustomed attainable antecedent action editors—GIMP and Inkscape—to Android. However, users should be acquainted that this app is acutely large, and it is difficult to do affection action alteration on best adaptable accessories unless you admission a stylus and/or a absolute ample screen. Operating System: Android

907. Inkspace

This app creates one-of-a-kind 3D art that becomes an activated gif. Artlessly draw on the awning with your feel afresh angle your buzz to move your action in 3D. Operating System: Android

908. Landmarker

Featured on the Android Experiments website, this app allows users to point their buzz at the mural about them and see the name of key landmarks. It additionally integrates with Google Maps so that users can get admonition to places they are seeing from far away. Operating System: Android

909. My Expenses

With this tool, you can accumulate clue of items purchased and afresh afterwards consign them to a spreadsheet or claimed accounts software, or email them. It can additionally clue accumulation costs if you charge a apparatus for befitting clue of whose about-face it is to pay for lunch. Operating System: OS Independent

910. QuincyKit

This apparatus beforehand blast belletrist in a database so that developers can see what problems their apps are experiencing in the wild. It automatically groups agnate incidents together, and it can alive users aback bugs admission been fixed. Operating System: OS X, iOS

911. SmartNavi

Turn-by-turn admonition are great, but relying on GPS all the time can eat up arrangement life. SmartNavi relies on centralized sensors instead of GPS to accommodate directions. Agenda that it can be acclimated abandoned while walking, not while driving. Operating System: Android

912. WSO2 Action Mobility Manager

WSO2 provides a absolute belvedere for managing BYOD or corporate-owned adaptable accessories that run iOS, Android or Windows. It includes accoutrement for adaptable accessory administering (MDM), adaptable app administering and accessory and abstracts security. Operating System: Windows, Linux, Solaris

913. ArgoUML

Downloaded added than 80,000 times, ArgoUML claims to be “the arch attainable antecedent UML clay tool.” It is advantageous for creating class, statechart, activity, use case, collaboration, deployment or arrangement diagrams. Operating System: OS Independent

914. StarUML

Designed as an accession to Rational Rose and added bartering clay tools, StarUML supports both the latest UML standards and Archetypal Apprenticed Architectonics (MDA). It’s absolute convenient and actualization a constituent architecture. Operating System: Windows

915. Modelio

The bare abaft Modelio has absolutely been in development for added than 20 years, but ancestor aggregation Modeliosoft aloof afresh arise it beneath an attainable antecedent license. It offers a UML modeler, BPMN support, Java bare generator, and abutment for XML, HTML and Jython. Operating System: Windows, Linux

916. Ampache

This audio video animate apparatus and book administrator allows users to set up a animate server so that they can admission their music and movies from any device. There is a admirers server on the website so that you can see it in action. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

917. AmpJuke

AmpJuke is a animate music server that allows admirers to affix via the Internet or a LAN. Key actualization accommodate attainable installation, last.fm integration, artisan adventures retrieval, tagging, transcoding and more. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

918. AVStoDVD

As the name suggests, this apparatus converts AV video files to DVD-compatible formats and burns them assimilate playable DVDs. It includes a DVD card editor and a video and audio editor. Operating System: Windows.

919. Banshee

Similar to iTunes, Banshee allows users to browse, buy, download, acclimate and brawl audio and video files. It can accompany with iOS and Android devices, and it includes actualization like queuing, acute shuffle, awning art, acute search, playlists and more. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, Android, iOS.

920. Bino

The affection that sets Bino afar is its abutment for stereoscopic 3D video and multi-display video. It can akin handle some types of basal absoluteness display. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

921. Burn

Burn offers a simple interface and avant-garde options for afire CDs or DVDs with your Mac. It can actualize audio CDs, DVDs, DVD-audio discs, DivX discs, MP3 discs and more. Operating System: OS X.

922. CamStudio

There’s no charge to absorb hundreds of dollars on awning video abduction software aback CamStudio can do the aforementioned affair for free. It annal all on-screen and audio action and creates AVI files. Operating System: Windows.

923. Darwin Animate Server

Originally created by Apple but now authentic by an attainable antecedent community, the Darwin Animate Server can beck QuickTime and MPEG-4 files. As you adeptness expect, it is primarily targeted at Mac users although it does additionally run on added platforms. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

924. Abstracts Crow

Made for awful organized bodies (or those who appetite to be), this “ultimate media cataloger and media organizer” manages both concrete and agenda copies of stuff—music, software, games, movies, photos, books, or any added affectionate of collection. It additionally includes a accommodation administering affection that lets you accumulate clue of accompany who admission adopted your things. Operating System: OS Independent.

925. DVDStyler

This apparatus not abandoned burns discs, it can additionally advice you actualize alternate DVD airheaded or photo slideshows. It supports a avant-garde arrangement of multimedia book formats. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

926. ExMPlayer

And this is accession MPlayer GUI. It offers thumbnail seeking, and the latest adaptation has a new Cine Animator apparatus that allows users to about-face clips into activated GIFs. Operating system: Windows, Linux.

927. FFmpeg

FFmpeg humbly describes itself as “the arch multimedia framework, able to decode, encode, transcode, mux, demux, stream, clarify and brawl appealing abundant annihilation that bodies and machines admission created.” It’s a command-line apparatus that has been dent into abounding added attainable antecedent projects. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

928. InfraRecorder

For Windows users only, InfraRecorder burns CDs and DVDs, and it can additionally bare rewritable discs, apply discs and actualize copies. It integrates with Windows Explorer, which makes it absolute attainable to use. Operating System: Windows.

929. JuceVLC

A angle of the VLC Media Player, JuceVLC provides a full-screen interface that makes the arrangement assume added like a media center. It’s failing and provides an interface that is meant to be acclimated with a wireless abrasion while you’re sitting on your couch. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, others.

930. Kodi

Formerly accustomed as XBMC, Kodi is an award-winning attainable antecedent apparatus that turns your arrangement into a media center. It plays music, movies and TV; annal animate TV like a DVR; organizes all your media files (including photos); and allows you to use a smartphone or book like a conflicting control. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, Android, iOS.

931. kPlaylist

kPlaylist leverages PHP and MySQL to actualize a animate music server that lets users (and their friends) admission their audio files from anywhere. Screenshots and a admirers on the armpit acquiesce you to see how it works afore you download. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

932. Krut Computer Recorder

Krut is agnate to CamStudio, but it is cross-platform and annal WAV and MOV files instead of AVI files. It additionally offers a timer-controlled recording option. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

933. Media Converter

This about-face apparatus supports AVI, WMV, MKV, RM, MOV and added formats. It includes attainable presets that will accommodated the needs of best users, or you can boggle with the avant-garde settings. Operating System: OS X.

934. Media Amateur Archetypal Home Cinema

Extremely lightweight, MPC-HC is a abundant advantage for amphitheatre video on beforehand or underpowered Windows systems. The attending and feel are agnate to the archetypal Windows Media Player. Operating System: Windows.

935. MediaPortal

Very agnate to Kodi, MediaPortal is accession advantage for axis a PC into a home media center. It can brawl TV, DVDs, music, animate services, pictures and more, and it can additionally agenda and almanac animate TV. Operating System: Windows.

936. Miro

Calling itself “The beautiful, open-source music and video amateur that lets you breach free,” Miro promises amazing performance. It plays your music files like iTunes, syncs with your Android devices, downloads and plays audio and video files, connects with BitTorrent, and allows you to buy music or apps. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, Android, iOS.

937. MPlayer

Based in allotment on FFmpeg, MPlayer plays a avant-garde ambit of video book formats. Agenda that the GUI is optional. It installs as a command-line apparatus by default, and accession GUIs are additionally available. Operating system: Windows, Linux, OS X.

938. SMPlayer

SMPlayer is one of those accession GUIs for MPlayer. One key feature: it remembers the settings of all files you play, so you can abeyance and afterwards resume movies or music adapted beyond you larboard off. Operating system: Windows, Linux.

939. Subsonic

With Subsonic you can set up your own animate media server, or you can subscribe to the exceptional annual for Subsonic to host it for you for $1 per month. It offers a decidedly adorable and easy-to-use interface. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Roku, others.

940. UMPlayer

With added than 270 congenital codecs, UMPlayer plays about everything, including audio CDs, DVDs, VCDs, TV cards, YouTube, streams and more. It can akin accommodate playback of some abridged or damaged files. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

941. Accustomed Media Server

This multi-functional app can beck videos, audio or images to abounding altered kinds of devices, including gaming consoles, TVs, smartphones, PCs and more. A attainable blueprint on the website shows how it compares to added animate server software and services. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

942. Videos

For Linux only, this app plays video files on the GNOME 3 desktop. Several plug-ins are attainable to extend its functionality. Operating System: Linux.

943. VideoLAN

Created by the accumulation abaft the VLC Media Player, VideoLAN can beck abounding altered kinds of audio and video files. Agenda that abounding of the VideoLAN actualization are now additionally included in VLC. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

944. VLC Media Player

This abundantly accustomed app can brawl multimedia files, DVDs, audio CDs, VCDs, streams and more. It can additionally do book conversion, and it runs on best platforms. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS, Android.

945. Webinaria

Like the added accoutrement on this list, Webinaria annal awning activity. The Webinaria website additionally allows you to allotment your recordings in a appointment beyond they can be rated by others. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

946. Wwidd

Wwidd describes itself as “Del.icio.us for your video collection.” It has able tagging and chase capabilities, and it is absolute attainable to use. Operating System: Windows, OS X, Linux.

947. xine

Xine is a fast multimedia playback abettor that can brawl CDs, DVDs or VCDs as able-bodied as files and animate services. It can handle abounding altered audio and video book architectonics types. Operating System: OS X, Linux, Windows (partial abutment only).

948. ASEF

Short for Android Aegis Evaluation Framework, ASEF is a apparatus for anecdotic malware, advancing adware and apps that hog bandwidth. Organizations can use it to assay apps their advisers adeptness be apparatus to see if any are problematic. Operating System: Android

949. The Guardian Project

This action groups calm a accomplished lot of security-focused Android apps, including Orbot, Orweb, ChatSecure, Obscura Cam, Pixelknot and Ostel. Abounding of the apps are additionally attainable through Google Play, the F-Droid Athenaeum and/or the Amazon Appstore. Operating System: Android

950. Arrangement Aegis Toolkit (NST)

Like INSERT, NST includes a accomplished lot of accoutrement and a complete Linux administering that fits on a CD-ROM. In this case, you get about 100 accoutrement and the Linux archetype is based on Fedora. Operating System: OS Independent.

951. SIMP

The Civic Aegis Agency (NSA) isn’t absolutely accustomed for its openness, but the alignment did absolution a action on GitHub. Abbreviate for “Systems Candor Administering Platform,” SIMP helps organizations ensure that their aegis aspect ambit up with standards and best practices. Operating System: Linux

952. Umbrella

Umbrella takes adaptable aegis a footfall farther, acclamation not abandoned agenda aegis issues but additionally concrete aegis issues. Developed in affiliation with the aid of NGOs and animal rights organizations, it answers questions like “How should I adapt to cantankerous a adverse border?” and “How do I apperceive if I’m beneath surveillance?” Operating System: Android

953. Impro-Visor

Sometimes you get one absolutely abundant band or byword for a song, but aloof can’t get the rest. The Impro-Visor can advice you accomplishment your agreement by suggesting improvisations and solos congenital on your theme. (It’s additionally a admired educational apparatus for ambitious applesauce musicians.) Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

954. LenMus/Phonascus

Music admission acceptance will acceptable accretion this app helpful. It includes acquaint and alternate amateur that quiz you on your admission adeptness and ear training. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

955. Devil-Linux

Devil-Linux began action as a committed firewall/router, but over time the action grew to accommodate apparatus server capabilities as well. It supports old 486 systems (as able-bodied as newer ones), so you can use it to recycle beforehand hardware. Operating System: Linux.

956. FireHOL

FireHOL describes itself as “a accent to authentic firewalling rules.” It lets you configure an iptables based firewall apparatus four basal commands. Operating System: Linux.

957. IPCop

Instead of affairs an big-ticket allotment of accouterments to assure your network, you can actualize your own Linux-based firewall apparatus IPCop (or one of the agnate projects below) and accustomed PC hardware. This adaptation is advised for home or SOHO deployments and includes an easy-to-use interface. Operating System: Linux.

958. IPFire

IPFire aims to accommodated the needs of a avant-garde arrangement of users—home networks, baby businesses, ample corporations and schools. It’s absolute adjustable and customizable with abounding add-ons available. Operating System: Linux.

959. LEAF

Short for “Linux Anchored Apparatus Framework,” LEAF can be acclimated to actualize your own Internet gateway, router, firewall, and/or wireless admission point. Several hardly altered versions of the apparatus are attainable on the website. Operating System: Linux.

960. m0n0wall

Although it’s based on FreeBSD rather than Linux, m0n0wall can additionally be acclimated to actualize your own arrangement firewall appliance. In addition, several companies advertise firewalls and/or routers that absorb the software. Operating System: FreeBSD.

961. pfSense

Like m0n0wall, pfSense is based on FreeBSD. A absolute accustomed application, it’s been downloaded millions of times and has a absolute affiliated annual of features. Operating System: FreeBSD.

962. Shorewall

Sometimes alleged “Shoreline Firewall,” Shorewall can be acclimated to actualize an apparatus to assure your arrangement or to defended a standalone system. It places aerial bulk on actuality absolute adjustable and able rather than decidedly attainable to use. Operating System: Linux.

963. Smoothwall

This accustomed action boasts a affiliation with added than 17,000 members. The articulation actuality will booty you to the chargeless attainable antecedent adaptation of the software; bartering accessories based on the aforementioned bare can be activate at Smoothwall.com. Operating System: Linux, Unix.

964. Kale

The website Etsy created this apparatus to advice adviser its operations. It includes two abstracted parts: Skyline, which detects anomalies, and Oculus, which finds agnate metrics. Operating System: Linux

965. OpenNMS

The “world’s aboriginal attainable source, action brand arrangement administering apparatus platform,” OpenNMS has been allowance administrators adviser their networks for added than a decade. It’s awful customizable and awful scalable, and it offers automated and directed assay and provisioning, accident and notification management, annual assurance, and accomplishment altitude capabilities. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS.

966. Zenoss

Zenoss helps IT departments adviser and administer their networks, applications and servers, and it includes abutment for virtualized and billow environments. Bartering accessories based on the attainable antecedent affiliation adaptation are attainable through Zenoss, Inc. Operating System: Linux, OS X

967. AFICK

AFICK, which stands for “Another Book Candor Checker,” is absolute agnate to Tripwire. It’s advantageous for both advance apprehension and software management. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

968. Cacti

Cacti takes advice from RRDtool and uses it aftermath added avant-garde graphs. It additionally offers an automated interface and some administering capabilities. Operating System: Windows, Linux

969. Ganglia

While best of the accoutrement on our annual are advised for boilerplate networks, this apparatus from the University of California, Berkeley Millennium Action monitors high-performance accretion systems such as clusters and grids. It’s been about aback 2000, and it’s currently acclimated on bags of clusters about the world. Operating System: Linux, others

970. Kismet

Kismet is a aggregate wireless arrangement detector, packet sniffer, and IDS. About acclimated to ascertain caught or hidden networks, it’s a admired apparatus for blockage the aegis of your wireless network, as able-bodied as ecology arrangement activity. Operating System: Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, BSD

971. tcpdump/libpcap

Tcpdump is a packet analyzer and libpcap is a carriageable library for cartage capture. Both run from the command band and are associated with Riverbed Technology. Operating System: Linux.

972. Munin

Named for a Norse god of memory, Munin aims to advice arrangement administrators assay trends and bulk out why accomplishment problems occur. It offers a Web interface, attainable accession and attainable use. Operating System: Linux, OS X

973. Nagios

The self-described “industry accustomed in IT basement monitoring,” Nagios helps users “achieve afire acquaintance of IT basement problems,” by ecology servers, switches, applications, and services. The articulation aloft will booty you to the attainable antecedent version; action versions can be activate at Nagios.com. Operating system: Linux, Unix.

974. NDT

Short for “Network Diagnostic Tool,” NDT is a client/server app that offers arrangement accomplishment testing. It can advice assay problems such as bifold conflict altitude on Ethernet/FastEthernet links, afield set TCP buffers in the user’s computer, or problems with the bounded arrangement infrastructure. Operating System: Linux.

975. Net-SNMP

This set of applications accouterments SNMP v1, SNMP v2c and SNMP v3 protocols for both IPv4 and IPv6. These are command band tools, so they’re not absolutely as user affable as some of the added arrangement ecology applications. Operating System: Windows, Linux

976. Opsview

Used by organizations like Cisco, MIT and Allianz, Opsview allows arrangement administrators to adviser all of their billow and acceptable networks from a distinct area of glass. It’s attainable in both attainable antecedent and paid versions. Operating System: Linux.

977. OSSEC

OSSEC is a scalable, host-based advance apprehension system. Key actualization accommodate a alternation and assay engine, dent log analysis, book candor checking, Windows anthology monitoring, centralized action enforcement, rootkit detection, real-time alerting and animate response. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, others

978. Pandora FMS

This “Flexible Ecology Solution” can be set up to clue annihilation from arrangement cachet to website birthmark to banal bazaar trends. It generates real-time graphs, sends custom alerts, creates SLA belletrist and abundant more. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

979. RRDTool

RRDtool calls itself “the attainable antecedent industry standard, aerial accomplishment abstracts logging and graphing arrangement for time alternation data.” It’s been congenital into abundant added networking tools, including Endian and Cacti Operating System: Windows, Linux

980. SEC

Although we put this app in the Arrangement Ecology category, the Simple Accident Coordinator (SEC) absolutely works with abounding altered applications. To use it, you set up a set of rules that specify what accomplishments you appetite to action whenever a authentic accident occurs. Operating System: OS Independent.

981. Snort

Developed by Sourcefire, Snort claims to be the “most broadly deployed IDS/IPS technology worldwide.” It can ascertain a avant-garde arrangement of attacks, including absorber overflows, stealth anchorage scans, CGI attacks, SMB probes, OS fingerprinting attempts and others, and it can accelerate real-time alerts about any advancing arrangement intrusions. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, others


Tcpdump is a command band packet analyzer and libpcap is a C/C library for arrangement cartage capture. Animate together, the two accommodate a acceptable arrangement ecology solution, but they are not decidedly user-friendly. Operating System: Linux.

983. WinDump/WinPcap

Also associated with Riverbed, this action ports tcpdump to Windows. It uses the WinPcap library (a Windows adaptation of libpcap) to abduction traffic. Operating System: Windows.

984. Wireshark

The self-proclaimed “world’s foremost arrangement agreement analyzer,” Wireshark performs abysmal assay of hundreds of protocols, acceptance administrators to appraise their networks at the “microscopic” level. The project’s owner, Riverbed Technology, offers accompanying accessories and casework for sale. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

985. Zabbix

Calling itself “the enterprise-class ecology band-aid for everyone,” Zabbix can adviser up to 100,000 networked accessories for 1 actor metrics, assuming bags of checks per second. It’s absolutely attainable source, but Zabbix does action paid abutment and added services. Operating System: Windows (agent only), Linux, OS X

986. AbiWord

AbiWord is not a complete appointment suite—just a babble processor. It opens added book formats, including Babble and OpenOffice, and it offers avant-garde certificate blueprint capabilities. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

987. Calligra

Calligra is a complete appointment abundance apartment with Microsoft-compatible babble processing and spreadsheet software. It additionally has a abettor action apparatus alleged Karbon, a absorption and painting apparatus alleged Krita, and a diagraming apparatus alleged Flow. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

988. Gnumeric

Also not a abounding suite, Gnumeric is aloof a spreadsheet program, but it offers absolute avant-garde actualization and accomplished accuracy. Agenda that it no best supports Windows. Operating System: Linux, OS X

989. Impress.js

Inspired by Prezi, this CSS3-based apparatus helps users actualize presentations that scroll, zoom and accelerate about the screen, instead of actuality apprenticed to ellipsoidal slides. Agenda that it doesn’t admission a decidedly convenient interface yet and is best for those who are adequate with code. The action additionally warns, “impress.js may not advice you if you admission annihilation absorbing to say.” Operating System: Windows, Linux, Mac, iPad

990. LibreOffice

LibreOffice offers the aforementioned set of applications as OpenOffice with a few slight differences. The newest adaptation adds Android support, new spreadsheets functions and added able codicillary formatting, interface improvements, and bigger acceptation and consign filters. The helpfulcomparison blueprint on its website shows in detail how its actualization map to Microsoft Office. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, Android

991. LyX

LyX lets you architectonics your certificate based on its structure. You mark altercation as a title, subtitle, etc., and afresh anguish about the formatting later. It makes it easier to ensure chain throughout affiliated abstracts and accord with some of the adversity of creating a certificate on a netbook or added accessory with a absolute baby screen. Operating System: Linux, Unix, Windows, OS X

992. NeoOffice

Very agnate to OpenOffice and LibreOffice, NeoOffice is a Mac-only advantage that is accordant with Microsoft Appointment and the added aloft attainable antecedent abundance suites. Agenda that the chargeless adaptation offers viewing, alteration and press only; the adaptation that allows you to save abstracts can be downloaded from the Mac App abundance for $29.99. Operating System: OS X, iOS

993. OpenOffice

While Microsoft Appointment is abundant beneath big-ticket than it acclimated to be, the amount for the abounding installable adaptation still adds up over time. Apache OpenOffice offers Office-compatible babble processing, spreadsheets, presentations, bright alteration and database software. It’s been downloaded added than 100 actor times and is one of the best accustomed desktop attainable antecedent software suites. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

994. OpenOffice Certificate Reader

This attainable app lets you actualization and apprehend OpenOffice and LibreOffice abstracts from Android devices. It doesn’t admission alteration capabilities, but does abutment spreadsheets. Operating System: Android

995. Reveal.js

Another HTML presentation conception tool, Reveal.js actualization an absorbing three-dimensional aeronautics arrangement (go up or bottomward as able-bodied as backwards and forwards), and clashing Impress.js, it has an easy-to-use editor. The articulation aloft will actualization you Reveal.js in action; for the antecedent code, see the GitHub page. Operating System: Windows, Linux, Mac, iPad

996. Sparklines for Excel

Sparklines doesn’t adapt Excel–it extends its functionality with new functions that actualize simple, acute action accustomed as Sparklines. See the user manuals for examples of the blazon of annal and graphs it can create. Operating System: Windows

997. WriteType

This advantage doesn’t advise acceptance to type—it makes accounting easier, decidedly for adolescent users. It includes actualization like babble completion, apprehend aloud mode, grammar blockage and auto-correction that achieve it easier for adolescent bodies to actualize abstracts on their own. Operating System: Windows, Linux

998. X-OOo4Kids

OpenOffice.org for Kids offers a simplified adaptation of OpenOffice.org advised to be acclimated by those age-old 7-12. The advantage of this version, akin if you’re not a kid, is that it endless and runs absolute apprenticed and requires absolute little amplitude on your carriageable drive. Operating System: Windows

999. ATutor

ATutor was advised to accede with industry standards, such as SCORM Agreeable Packaging, SCORM 1.2 LMS RTE3, OAuth Affidavit Agreement and others, and accessibility standards, such as W3C WCAG 2.0, W3C ATAG 2.0, US Beyond 508 and abounding others. Try the online admirers to see it in action. Operating System: OS Independent.

1000. Canvas

This acquirements administering arrangement humbly hopes to “change the world.” It comes in K-12 and college apprenticeship versions, and the website has a archive of courses offered by organizations that use its software. Both chargeless and paid billow versions are available. Operating System: Linux, Unix, OS X.

1001. Chamilo

Based in Spain, Chamilo is accustomed with European universities and organizations. Paid casework are attainable through third-party providers. Operating System: Windows, Linux, Unix, OS X

1002. Claroline

Claroline claims to be “the aboriginal absolute acquirements administering arrangement committed to the acquirements action rather than the teaching process.” It has a ample all-embracing user abject from added than 100 altered countries. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1003. eFront

Unlike best of the added acquirements administering systems on our list, eFront places authentic accent on affair the training needs of enterprises. It’s attainable in paid hosted and action versions, as able-bodied as the attainable antecedent edition. Operating System: Windows, Linux

1004. ILIAS

Winner of abundant awards, ILIAS is a standards-based acquirements arrangement that complies with SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 and has been certified by NATO. Like Claroline it has a ample all-embracing affiliation of users and developers. Operating System: Windows, Linux

1005. Moodle

One of the best accustomed online acquirements platforms in the world, Moodle offers an automated interface, abandoned dashboards, collaborative tools, notifications, beforehand tracking and more. Microsoft has arise assorted plugins for the belvedere that affix it to Appointment 365 and added Microsoft services. Operating System: Windows.

1006. Sakai

Sakai counts abounding acclaimed organizations, including the University of Oxford, Stanford University, Duke University, The University of Melbourne, Stockholm University and the Arizona Department of Eduction, amid its users. It is both a acquirements administering band-aid and a assay accord tool, authoritative it acclimatized for abounding R&D groups. Operating System: OS Independent.

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1007. eduCommons

A cardinal of universities about the apple aren’t aloof utilizing open-source software, they’re “open-sourcing” the agreeable of their courses by authoritative it advisedly attainable online. EduCommons is a agreeable administering arrangement advised for these OpenCourseWare projects. Operating System: OS Independent.

1008. OpenCourseWare

The Attainable Courseware Consortium offers links to hundreds of “open source” university classes. Absorption about any accountable you appetite with abstracts from institutions like MIT, Johns Hopkins, University of Michigan, University of California and dozens of others. Operating System: OS Independent

1009. 64 Studio

Another Debian/Ubuntu variant, 64 Studio is optimized for multimedia and agenda agreeable creation. It hasn’t been acclimatized in a while, but paid abutment is available.

1010. andLinux

A acceptable advantage for Windows users who would like to try out some Linux applications, andLinux runs Linux applications on Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, or 7 machines.

1011. Android

Currently the best accustomed adaptable operating arrangement available, Google’s Android is an attainable antecedent project. Abundant manufacturers, including Samsung, LG, HTC and Motorola, action Android-based smartphones and tablets.

1012. Antergos

Previously accustomed as Cinnarch, Antergos is based on Arch Linux, which is accustomed with determined attainable antecedent users, but Antergos abundant easier for beginners to use than Arch. It comes with a graphical installer that allows the user to accept from amid several interfaces, including some that attending absolutely a bit like XP.

1013. AntiX

Designed accurately for beforehand systems, AntiX claims it can akin run on old 64 MB Pentium II 266 systems. It comes in full, abject and bulk distributions, with abounding actuality the best advantage for Linux newcomers.

1014. ArchBang

This Arch accession uses the Openbox Window Manager. It’s fast and lightweight, and offers abounding of the aforementioned customization capabilities as Arch.

1015. Arch Linux

Arch is absolutely not for Linux newbies, but its simple architectonics makes it a admired amid adept Linux users who are adequate with the command line. By default, it installs a basal abject arrangement but provides affluence of options for customization.

1016. Bio-Linux

Developed by the NEBC, Bio-Linux is a Ubuntu aberration that includes added than 500 bioinformatics programs advantageous for assay and healthcare researchers. You can install it on a workstation or run it animate from a CD, DVD or USB deride drive.

1017. Bodhi Linux

Another failing aberration of Ubuntu, Bodhi is a authentic minimalist administering that installs abandoned a few pieces of software by default. That makes it abundant for users with beforehand accouterments or users who appetite to admission a lot of say in which applications are installed; however, it adeptness not be as acceptable for new users who don’t admission acquaintance with attainable antecedent applications.

1018. CentOS

This “Community ENTerprise Operating System” is accession chargeless adaptation of Red Hat. It aims to be awful abiding and acquiescent to accommodated the needs of business users afterwards acute that they acquirement support.

1019. Chromium

Chromium is the attainable antecedent action abaft Google’s Chrome OS—the operating arrangement acclimated on Chromebook devices. It’s best for users who use Google’s billow casework heavily. Beneath abstruse users may accretion it arduous to install Chromium on a aloft Windows XP machine.

1020. Contiki

This attainable antecedent IoT operating arrangement boasts awful able anamnesis allocation, abounding IP networking, adeptness awareness, standards support, activating bore loading, abutment for a avant-garde arrangement of accouterments and more. There are a avant-garde arrangement of papers, books and added abutment abstracts to advice users and developers get started apparatus it.

1021. CoreOS

CoreOS is adaptation of Linux advised for massive server deployments. It’s a basal administering that includes annihilation but the Linux atom and systemd.

1022. CrunchBang

Because it’s adequately lightweight, CrunchBang (sometimes accounting #!) is a acceptable advantage for beforehand or underpowered systems that adeptness be animate Windows XP. It’s based on Debian but uses the OpenBox window manager, which will feel accustomed to Windows users.

1023. Debian

A absolute complete Linux distribution, Debian comes with 43,000 bales of chargeless software pre-installed. It has been acclimated as the abject for abounding added versions of Linux and charcoal accustomed with abounding adept Linux users.

1024. Debian Edu/Skolelinux

This Debian aberration incorporates abounding educational amateur and apps, and it’s attainable in assorted languages. The name “Skolelinux” is Norwegian for “school Linux.”

1025. Dyne:bolic

Dyne:bolic boasts that it is recommended by the Chargeless Software Foundation. Like Ubuntu Studio, it’s an operating arrangement for artistic professionals and has a avant-garde arrangement of audio and video assembly and alteration accoutrement congenital in.

1026. Edubuntu

For those adorable to adapt Windows XP on a PC primarily acclimated by kids, Edubuntu is an accomplished choice. It’s based on Ubuntu (and authentic by Canonical, the aggregation abaft Ubuntu), so it’s absolute user-friendly. Plus, it adds affluence of software tailored for use by schools or home users with children.

1027. eLinux

A cardinal of IoT accessories run the Linux atom (or a allocation of it). This armpit provides all-encompassing advice about apparatus Linux in anchored systems.

1028. eyeOS

Built for billow computing, eyeOS makes an absolute desktop, including appointment abundance applications, attainable from a Web browser. It additionally serves as a belvedere for creating new Web apps.

1029. Elementary OS

According to Distrowatch, Elementary is amid the ten best accustomed Linux distributions. It’s absolute failing and fast, and the interface, while added agnate to OS X than Windows XP, is awful intuitive.

1030. Fedora

Fedora is the affiliation adaptation of Red Hat Action Linux; in added words, it offers about the aforementioned technology but does not crave a paid abutment subscription. It comes in workstation, server and billow versions.

1031. FreeRTOS

With millions of deployments, FreeRTOS claims to be “the bazaar arch absolute time operating arrangement (or RTOS), and the de-facto accustomed band-aid for microcontrollers and baby microprocessors.” Accession bartering licensing and abutment are available.

1032. Frugalware

Like Slackware, Frugalware is best for users who aren’t abashed of the command line, although it does admission some graphical tools. It’s advised with artlessness in mind.

1033. Gentoo

First arise in 2002, Gentoo boasts “extreme configurability, accomplishment and a best user and developer community.” It uses the Portage amalgamation administering system, which currently includes added than 10,000 altered applications.

1034. GoboLinux

GoboLinux’s affirmation to acclaim is that is doesn’t use the Unix Filesystem Hierarchy Standard, but instead aliment ceremony affairs in its own sub-directory in the Affairs directory. That agency that it’s a little bit easier to use for Linux newbies or accomplished Linux users who like to install applications from the aboriginal antecedent code.

1035. gNewSense

Supported by the Chargeless Software Foundation, gNewSense is based on Ubuntu with a few changes, like the abatement of non-free firmware. The name started as a pun on “Gnu” and “nuisance” and is arresting guh-NEW-sense.

1036. Illumos

When Oracle discontinued development of OpenSolaris, some of the developers who had been animate on the action angled it to the Illumos project, beyond development and bug fixes continue. If you are adorable for a chargeless adaptation of Solaris, this is the advantage for you. To download the software, appointment the OpenIndiana folio above.

1037. IprediaOS

This Linux administering focuses on aloofness protection, and it automatically encrypts and anonymizes all arrangement traffic. Mail, peer-peer, bittorrent, IRC babble and several added applications are included.

1038. Korora

Based on Fedora, Korara “aims to achieve Linux easier for new users, while still actuality advantageous for experts” with an operating systems that “just works.” Several altered desktops are available, so users can accept the interface that seems the best adequate and familiar.

1039. Knoppix

If you aloof appetite to accord Linux a try afterwards installing annihilation on your adamantine drive, Knoppix runs from a Animate CD. You can download the bare and actualize your own CD or adjustment a absolute bargain pre-made CD from any one of a arrangement of vendors.

1040. Kubuntu

Kubuntu’s ambition is to “make your PC friendly,” and it’s adequately attainable for new Linux users to bulk out. It combines Ubuntu and the KDE desktop and includes affluence of congenital software, like a web browser, an appointment suite, media apps and more.

1041. Kwheezy

Kwheezy is based on Debian, which is accustomed with avant-garde Linux users, but it’s advised to be added attainable for Linux newcomers. It comes “with all the applications, plugins, fonts and drivers that you charge for circadian use, and some more,” and it uses the automated KDE desktop.

1042. Liberté Linux

Built for aloofness advocates, dissidents and sleeper agents, this adaptation of Linux runs from a deride drive and instantly turns any arrangement into a defended advice node. It connects users with the Tor arrangement to achieve their activities bearding and untraceable.

1043. Linux Lite

As its name implies, this is accession failing Linux distribution. Its website states, “The ambition of Linux Lite is to acquaint Windows users to an allegedly simple, accession operating system. Linux Lite is a advertise for aloof how attainable it can be to use linux.”

1044. Linux Mint

Linux Mint claims to be the “third best broadly acclimated home operating arrangement abaft Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS.” It offers four altered choices for the desktop interface, some of which feel absolute agnate to beforehand versions of Windows.

1045. Lubuntu

If you admission an beforehand arrangement that doesn’t accommodated the arrangement requirements for Windows 7 or 8, Lubuntu adeptness be a acceptable advantage for you. It’s a failing adaptation of Ubuntu that’s absolute fast and action efficient, and it’s a decidedly acceptable best for underpowered Windows XP laptops.

1046. LXLE

This aberration on Lubuntu was accurately advised to advice users accord new action to beforehand PCs. It has four altered desktop paradigms (basically altered looks), including one that mimics Windows XP. Users who admission developed annoyed of XP’s affiliated cossack times will additionally acknowledge the actuality that LXLE boots in beneath than a minute on best systems.

1047. Mageia

Forked from Mandrake (which was afterwards renamed Mandriva), Mageia is a community-driven Linux administering with a acceptable acceptability for actuality beginner-friendly. Because it’s acclimatized absolute frequently, it tends to accommodate added contempo versions of software packages, and it has accomplished abutment for several altered languages.

1048. Manjaro

Like Antergos, Manjaro aims to be a added convenient adaptation of Arch. It comes with desktop environments, software administering applications and media codecs pre-installed so users can get adapted to assignment afterwards installing it.

1049. Matriux

This Linux administering includes added than 300 accoutrement for “penetration testing, ethical hacking, arrangement and arrangement administration, cyber forensics investigations, aegis testing, vulnerability analysis, and abundant more.” It’s based on Debian and can run from a Animate disk.

1050. mbed

Developed by ARM and its partners, mbed is an operating arrangement advised for IoT accessories that run on ARM processors. It includes a C apparatus framework, and the aggregation additionally offers added development accoutrement and a accompanying accessory server.

1051. MEPIS

Popular with new Linux users, MEPIS aims at accouterment a Linux administering that’s absolute abiding and absolute attainable to use. It comes with hundreds of applications preinstalled and you can calmly dual-boot it alongside Windows so that you can abide apparatus XP software.

1052. Metasploitable2

While best of the operating systems in this beyond are added defended than normal, Metasploitable is carefully insecure. It was advised to advice alternation bodies in aegis administering and assimilation testing.

1053. Musix

Musix is a adaptation of Linux created to accommodated the needs of musicians. Agenda that while abundant the website is in Spanish, the OS and advice forums are attainable in English.

1054. Nanolinux

This desktop Linux administering is acutely small—just 14 MB—but still includes accustomed applications like a browser, altercation editor, spreadsheet, acrylic program, amateur and more. It can run from RAM, giving it acutely fast performance.

1055. Netrunner

Netrunner is based on Kubuntu, added some interface modifications to achieve it akin added user affable and some added codecs to achieve it easier to brawl media files. The action additionally offers a added adaptation of the aforementioned OS based on Manjaro.

1056. NetSecl

A accustomed adaptation of OpenSuse, NetSecl can be acclimated as a approved desktop/server operating arrangement or for assimilation testing. It includes accustomed hacking accoutrement like Metasploit.

1057. OpenMandriva

Like Mageia, OpenMandriva is a community-managed Linux administering based on Mandrake/Mandriva. It attempts to be simple and aboveboard abundant for new users but additionally to action the beyond and abyss of capabilities accepted by avant-garde users.

1058. openSUSE

OpenSUSE is based on the aforementioned technology as SUSE Linux Enterprise, but is absolutely chargeless with no abutment arrangement required. It comes in two altered versions: Leap and Tumbleweed.

1059. PC-BSD

Users absorbed in aggravating a desktop operating arrangement that isn’t based on Linux can additionally assay out PC-BSD. It’s based on FreeBSD, which is accustomed for its stability, and emphasizes user-friendliness. Beforehand versions authentic the KDE desktop only, but the latest amend allows users to baddest their best of desktop interface.

1060. PCLinuxOS

Like abounding added OSes on this list, PCLinuxOS was advised with annual in mind. It can run from a LiveCD, acceptation you can try it out while still befitting Windows XP installed on your PC.

1061. Peppermint

Also based on Lubuntu, Peppermint prides itself on “welcoming new Linux users.” It’s acutely fast and takes a web-centric admission to computing.

1062. Pinguy OS

According to the Pinguy website, “PinguyOS is absolute abundant advised for bodies who are new to the Linux world; abounding bodies advancing from both a Windows or a Mac accomplishments will accretion affluence of accustomed actualization forth with some new ones that aren’t attainable in either Windows or Mac.” It’s based on Ubuntu and uses the Gnome-Shell desktop.

1063. Point Linux

Also based on Debian, Point Linux uses the Mate desktop, which should feel adequate to best Windows XP users. It aims to be a “fast, abiding and predictable” desktop operating system.

1064. Puppy

Puppy is cool small—just 85 MB—so that is usually endless into RAM on best systems and runs abundantly fast, akin on beforehand systems that adeptness admission been animate Windows XP. Admitting its baby size, it includes a abounding bright interface advised for new Linux users.

1065. PwnPi

Built to run on the Raspberry Pi, PwnPi is accession Linux administering focused on assimilation testing. Although its failing abundant to run on Pi, it includes added than 200 of the best accoutrement for accolade vulnerabilities.

1066. Raspberry Agenda Signage

This action lets you use an bargain Raspberry Pi arrangement to run your agenda sign. It can brawl Web agreeable or locally adored video or photo files.

1067. Raspbian

Raspbian is a aberration of Debian Linux optimized to run on the Raspberry Pi. It includes added than 35,000 applications that can run on the device.

1068. ReactOS

Unlike best of the added operating systems on this list, ReactOS isn’t a adaptation of Linux or BSD; instead, it’s a absolutely new chargeless OS advised to be Windows-compatible. At this point, it’s still an alpha release, but it shows promise.

1069. Red Hat Action Linux

Red Hat’s best accustomed artefact is its flagship administering of Linux, which requires a paid subscription. According to the company, added than 90 percent of the Affluence All-around 500 companies use Red Hat products.

1070. RIOT

RIOT calls itself “the affable operating arrangement for the Internet of Things,” and it aims to be developer-friendly, resource-friendly, and IoT-friendly. Key actualization accommodate abutment for C and C , fractional POSIX compliance, multi-threading, action adeptness and more.

1071. Robolinux

Also agnate to Windows, Robolinux promises to acquiesce users to run all their Windows XP and 7 software afterwards authoritative themselves attainable to malware. It additionally includes added than 30,000 attainable antecedent applications.

1072. Sabayon

This Linux administering focuses on accouterment an accomplished “out of the box” user acquaintance beyond aggregate “just works.” At the aforementioned time, it attempts to absorb the latest releases of attainable antecedent software. And in case you were wondering, the name comes from an Italian dessert.

1073. Salix OS

According to the Salix website, “Like a bonsai, Salix is small, ablaze and the artefact of absolute care.” It’s based on Slackware, but it’s artlessness makes it added attainable for Windows users.

1074. Authentic Linux

Created by the association at the Fermi Civic Accelerator Chic and the European Alignment for Nuclear Assay (CERN), as able-bodied as assorted scientists and universities, Authentic Linux (SL) aims to anticipate scientists at ceremony of these altered institutions from accepting to charm a Linux administering that meets their needs. It’s basically the aforementioned as Red Hat Action Linux with a few slight modifications.

1075. SELinux

SELinux gives allows administrators to set bigger controls on what assertive users can or cannot admission on a system. It has been congenital into abounding security-focused Linux distributions.

1076. Simplicity

Simplicity is based on Puppy Linux and offers a hardly altered attending and feel. It comes in four altered flavors: Obsidian and Netbook are failing versions acceptable for beforehand systems, Media is congenital for PCs that are acclimated as media centers, and Desktop is the standard, full-featured version.

1077. Slackware

First arise in 1993, Slackware is one of the oldest Linux distributions. Accustomed with the geekiest of geeks, it relies heavily on command-line accoutrement and is absolute agnate to UNIX.

1078. Snappy Ubuntu Core

Ubuntu is one of the best accustomed distributions of Linux, and this aberration brings Ubuntu to the Internet of Things. It can run on billow accretion casework like Microsoft Azure, Google Compute Abettor and Amazon Elastic Compute, as able-bodied as on IoT accessories like the BeagleBone Atramentous and the Raspberry Pi.

1079. SUSE Linux Enterprise

Also accustomed with ample organizations, this enterprise-focused Linux administering additionally requires a paid subscription. The aggregation says it has added than 13,000 business users, accommodate the London Banal Exchange, SAP, Teradata and Walgreens.

1080. TinyOS

Downloaded added than 35,000 times per year, TinyOS is a accustomed operating arrangement advised for low-power wireless devices, such as those in IoT deployments. It boasts accomplished abutment for networking and low-power operation.

1081. Tizen

Governed by the Linux Foundation, Tizen is a Linux-based operating arrangement for adaptable and affiliated devices, and it comes in versions for vehicles, smartphones and tablets, TV and wearables. Samsung sells several accessories based on the operating arrangement and has been one of its bigger supporters.

1082. Trisquel

Trisquel is a Ubuntu-based Linux administering aimed at home users, baby enterprises and schools. The interface resembles the acceptable Windows attending and feels absolute agnate to XP or Windows 7.

1083. Ubuntu

Ubuntu offers desktop, server, cloud, phone, book and IoT versions of its accustomed Linux distribution. Reported users accommodate Amazon, IBM, Wikipedia and Nvidia.

1084. Ubuntu Aloofness Remix

This Ubuntu accession runs from a CD and creates a defended ambiance for animate with acute data. It’s not meant to be installed assuredly on a adamantine drive; instead, you use it aback animate with abstracts that you don’t appetite to be baseborn or in adjustment to anticipate others (like a government entity) from ecology your online activities.

1085. Ubuntu Studio

This Linux administering was fabricated for bodies who assignment with audio, graphics, video, photography or publishing files. It includes a avant-garde ambit of accoutrement for artistic work, including abounding of those on this list.

1086. VectorLinux

The self-proclaimed “best little Linux operating arrangement attainable anywhere,” failing VectorLinux aims to be absolute fast and absolute stable. It includes accoutrement that will be accustomed with avant-garde users but it additionally has an easy-to-use bright interface for newbies.

1087. Xubuntu

Like Lubuntu, Xubuntu is a failing adaptation of Ubuntu. It uses the Xfce interface, which is clean, avant-garde and attainable to use. It additionally runs able-bodied on beforehand hardware.

1088. ZenWalk

Formerly accustomed as “Minislack,” ZenWalk is a failing administering that focuses on fast accomplishment and abutment for multimedia. It includes some acclimatized actualization that abode to programmers, and the desktop adaptation can additionally be tweaked to action as a server. Agenda that the website is organized like a forum, so it can be a little catchy to navigate.

1089. Zorin OS

Built accurately to allure aloft Windows users, Ubuntu-based Zorin is apparently the Linux administering that’s the best agnate to Windows. It includes a altered “Look Changer” that switches the desktop to attending like Windows 7, XP, Vista, Ubuntu Unity, Mac OS X or GNOME 2, and it includes WINE and PlayOnLinux to acquiesce users to accumulate apparatus their Windows software.

1090. Cryptohaze

Cryptohaze brings calm three altered accoutrement for auditing passwords: two Muliforcers and a Bubble Tables tool. It runs on best types of systems, including those with Atom processors and those afterwards a GPU. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

1091. John the Ripper

John the Ripper excels at audition anemic passwords, but you’ll charge a annual of accustomed passwords to use with it. A paid pro adaptation is additionally available. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

1092. Ophcrack

If you charge to balance a countersign that has been absent or forgotten, Ophcrack can usually do the trick. It relies on both bubble tables and animal force techniques. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

1093. Encryptr

Encryptr can action both as a countersign administrator and as an e-wallet. Congenital on the Crypton framework, it aliment encrypted acute abstracts in the cloud, decrypting abstracts abandoned on your devices. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, Android.

1094. Entropass

Protect yourself online by apparatus this browser add-on to accomplish and bethink awful defended passwords. Clashing some added countersign managers, this one uses two-factor security: you accept any book to act as your clandestine key aback accessing a site, accouterment you with an added band of protection. Operating System: OS Independent.

1095. iKeePass

This apps ports the accustomed KeePass countersign safe for iOS. It saves all of your passwords in an encrypted database, so that you abandoned admission to bethink one adept password. It runs on both iPhones and iPads, and it is attainable through the App Store. Operating System: iOS

1096. KeePass Countersign Safe

Instead of autograph bottomward your passwords or, akin worse, apparatus the aforementioned one over and over, use a countersign safe. KeepPass aliment altered passwords for every annual or armpit in an encrypted database that you admission with a distinct adept password. Operating System: Windows.

1097. KeePassDroid

And this apparatus ports KeePass to Android. It doesn’t automatically accompany with the desktop version, but the website explains how to use Dropbox to accretion that functionality. Operating System: Android

1098. KeePassX

This aberration of the aboriginal KeePass supports Linux and OS X, as able-bodied as Windows. It additionally includes a countersign bearing utility. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

1099. MasterPassword

While best countersign aegis apps await on an encrypted database to abundance passwords, this app uses a altered algorithm to accomplish passwords on the spot. It requires no syncing, and passwords can never be lost. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS, Android

1100. PasswdSafe

There is a accustomed attainable antecedent countersign safe for desktops alleged artlessly Countersign Safe. This apparatus ports that app for Android. A accompaniment app allows syncing with a billow annual to abutment assorted devices. Operating System: Android

1101. Countersign Safe

Downloaded added than 4 actor times, this Countersign Safe installs in aloof minutes. The desktop adaptation is chargeless or you can acquirement the carriageable adaptation for use on a deride drive. Operating System: Windows.

1102. PWGen

Using easy-to-guess passwords is aloof as bad as apparatus the aforementioned countersign all the time. PWGen creates able passwords for you, so you won’t be tempted to use “password” or “123456.” Operating System: Windows

1103. Secrets for Android

This app not abandoned aliment encrypted passwords, it can additionally abundance added “secret” information, like annual numbers. There is additionally a accompanying adaptation for PCs and a apparatus to accompany your Android accessory with your PC. Operating System: Android

1104. Accustomed Countersign Manager

This cross-platform countersign administrator runs on Android as able-bodied as desktop operating systems. It claims to be simpler to use than some added countersign safes. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, Android.

1105. XPrivacy

This “ultimate, yet attainable to use, aloofness administrator for Android” prevents apps from accepting admission to your acute information, and if an app requires admission to acute information, such as your location, in adjustment to run, the app will absolutely augment it affected data. And BlackDuck alleged it a 2013 Attainable Antecedent Rookie of the Year winner. Operating System: Android

1106. jPDF Tweak

This Java-based app functions like a “Swiss army knife for PDF files,” acceptance users to combine, split, reorder, watermark or circle pages. In addition, it provides encryption and agenda signature capabilities. Operating System: OS Independent

1107. PDFCreator

This attainable apparatus allows users to actualize PDFs or angel files from about any printable book format. It additionally includes encryption and certificate absorb capabilities. Paid and chargeless versions are available. Operating System: Windows

1108. PDFedit

If you charge to adapt an absolute PDF file, this apparatus does the job. It allows you to insert, change, annul or highlight altercation and acclimate graphics. Operating System: Windows, Linux

1109. PDF SAM

The “SAM” allotment of this project’s name stands for “split and merge,” and aloof as it suggests, it allows users to bisect absolute PDFs into abstracted abstracts or amalgamate assorted PDFs into one document. It’s abnormally advantageous if you aloof charge to adapt the pages in a PDF. The paid added adaptation adds encryption and metadata alteration capabilities. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1110. Sumatra PDF

The chargeless Adobe software isn’t your abandoned advantage for annual PDF files. The Sumatra PDF clairvoyant offers agnate functionality with a lighter brand for faster performance. Operating System: Windows

1111. Buddi

The “personal annual software for the draft of us,” Buddi offers simplified cyberbanking administering that’s doesn’t admission as abounding actualization as Quicken but is easier for novices to use. The tutorials on the website action all the advice best bodies charge to alpha tracking their assets and expenses. Operating System: OS Independent

1112. dsBudget

This bare-bones allotment apparatus helps acknowledgment the question, “Where did my money go?” You can install on your bounded system, on a USB stick or on Dropbox. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1113. EclipseTrader

EclipseTrader includes real-time quotes, intraday and actual charts, cyberbanking news, assay accoutrement and dent trading capabilities. Aimed at austere traders, it collects a abundance of advice in a distinct location. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1114. Financisto

This attainable antecedent Android app lets you clue your annual from your smarphone or tablet. Key actualization accommodate Quicken and CSV import, abutment for assorted accounts and currencies, alternating transactions, budgets and avant-garde reports. Operating System: Android

1115. Grisbi

This advantage can clue affairs for a baby or home-based business in accession to claimed finances. At the time of writing, the home folio was beneath construction, but the software download is still attainable through SourceForge. Operating System: Windows, Linux

1116. HomeBank

Now about twenty years old, this cyberbanking administering software is attainable to use and can acceptation and consign to and from accustomed applications like Quicken and Money. Noteworthy actualization accommodate akin detection, appointed transactions, tagging, reminders, chic splits, budgeting, activating reports, auto-completion and more. Operating System: Windows, Linux

1117. JGnash

This Java-based claimed accounts arrangement actualization double-entry accounting, annual reconciliation, PDF abode generation, auto-completion, alternating payments, assorted bill abutment and more. It aims to be attainable to use, authentic and flexible. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1118. JStock

JStock allows investors to clue stocks on 26 apple banal markets. Actualization accommodate alerts, charting, bazaar badinage and billow storage. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

1119. KMyMoney

This double-entry accounting amalgamation strives to accommodate the aforementioned actualization as commercially attainable software, and it comes absolute abutting to that goal. It’s absolute attainable to use and has an adorable interface. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1120. Money Administrator Ex

Money Administrator Ex (a.k.a. MMEX) offers a simple, convenient interface that includes “all the basal actualization that 90% of users would appetite to see in a claimed accounts application.” Key capabilities accommodate AES encryption support, budgeting, abrasion tracking, reminders, one-click reporting, banknote breeze forecasting and more. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1121. Yapbam

Short for “yet accession claimed coffer annual manager,” Yapbam is a Java-based, carriageable claimed accounts manager. It now integrates with Dropbox, authoritative it attainable to accompany your cyberbanking advice if you use assorted devices. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1122. Coppermine Photo Gallery

If you admission your own Web server, you can use Coppermine to administer and allotment your photo accumulating with the world. It aliment photo advice in a MySQL database and allows you to acclimate your photos into online albums, upload photos, actualization slideshows and abundant more. Operating System: OS Independent

1123. digiKam

This able angel administrator for the KDE desktop aims to accommodated the photo alignment needs of able photographers. Key actualization accommodate photo import, tagging, auto-transformations, a ablaze table and more. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1124. Eye of GNOME

The official photo administrator for the Gnome desktop, Eye of GNOME supports a avant-garde arrangement of angel book formats. It offers a basal set of capabilities that acquiesce you to browse your images, actualization backdrop and metadata, and book your photos. Operating System: Linux

1125. gThumb

Also for Gnome, gThumb includes an angel browser, viewer, organizer and editor. Avant-garde actualization acquiesce angel import, slideshows, converting amid book formats, removing akin images, conception of Web albums and more. Operating System: Linux

1126. Gwenview

Another photo eyewitness for KDE, Gwenview makes it attainable to browse and actualization images, while additionally alms some basal alteration capabilities. It displays angel backdrop and meta information, and it can additionally brawl videos and animations. Operating System: Linux

1127. KPhotoAlbum

Also for KDE, KPhotoAlbum aims to achieve it attainable to accretion any photo on your drive in bristles abnormal or less. It offers automated accoutrement for annotating, categorizing, analytic and examination your pictures. Operating System: Linux

1128. RawTherapee

This action offers accumulation processing of raw photo files. It boasts “the best accommodation and atomic artifacts from your raw photos acknowledgment to avant-garde and acceptable demosaicing algorithms.” Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1129. Shotwell

This photo administrator for the Gnome desktop makes it attainable to import, organize, acclimate and broadcast your pictures. It offers basal alteration actualization like cropping, rotation, booze removal, saturation, cast and temperature, and it integrates with Facebook, Flickr, Picasa and YouTube. Operating System: Linux

1130. UFRaw

This annual can be acclimated on its own or as a Gimp plug-in. It allows users to dispense and actualization raw images and catechumen them to added formats. Agenda that like the added accoutrement for animate with raw images, you’ll charge to admission some adeptness to use this app. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1131. Step

Step is an alternate physics actor that allows acceptance to assay classical mechanics, particles, springs, gravity, coulomb forces, collisions, complete after-effects and abundant more. It additionally includes an blueprint solver and a assemblage about-face tool. (Note that in adjustment to use Footfall on Windows, you’ll admission to download KDE for Windows.) Operating System: Windows, Linux

1132. Attainable Antecedent Poetry

This website offers accoutrement to advice you abode your own composition or to coact with added poets on an attainable antecedent creation. You can save your ambit for your own advertence or for others to use in creating new works. Operating System: OS Independent

1133. Floreant POS

Designed to accommodated the altered needs of restaurants, Floreant offers actualization like kitchen print, food, admission absorb and split, affable instruction, discounts, tips, allowance cards, coupons and more. It was originally developed for a Denny’s in New York and is now acclimated in added than 25,000 establishments in 35 countries. Operating System: Linux

1134. Openbravo Java POS

Part of the Openbravo for Retail suite, this POS band-aid supports touchscreens, admission printers, chump displays and barcode scanners, as able-bodied as accouterment artefact admission forms and reporting. Openbravo additionally sells paid solutions based on agnate technology. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1135. POSper

A acceptable advantage for baby businesses and restaurants, POSper integrates with touchscreens and includes a abundant annual of features. The website includes a attainable admirers of the app’s backoffice operations. Operating System: OS Independent

1136. uniCenta

Downloaded added than bisected a actor times, this band-aid was originally developed by a business in Europe that bare a POS system. A redesigned amend is due for absolution absolute soon. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1137. AdBlock Plus

With added than 15 actor uses, AdBlock Added is one of the best accustomed add-ons available. It allows you to block all advertisements (and their accompanying tracking cookies) or aloof “unacceptable” advertisements that don’t accommodated the belief authentic by the app developers. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

1138. Basal Linux Aloofness Tools

The We Are Hidden accumulation packaged calm this set of aloofness accoutrement for Linux users. It includes Proxy Chains, Putty, Tor, Authentic Catacomb and more. Operating System: Linux

1139. BetterPrivacy

This Firefox add-on protects adjoin Beam accolade (a.k.a. “Super Cookies”) that websites can use to clue your activities akin aback you admission accolade disabled. Agenda that if you brawl any online Flash-based games, you will charge to admission this add-on disabled in adjustment to save your arrangement and bold progress. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1140. Collusion

Want to see which sites and organizations are tracking your online activity? This beginning add-on for Firefox can actualization you. Agenda that because it’s still in the aboriginal stages of development, Collusion can sometimes apathetic your browsing. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1141. Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster offers added abundant ascendancy over which sites can and cannot leave accolade on your system. It additionally makes it attainable to see and administer the accolade already on your system. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1142. GoldBug

This defended advice app offers encrypted afire messaging, e-mail, book administering and IRC. It additionally has the adeptness to accredit users and supports emoticons. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

1143. HTTPS Everywhere

A accord the Tor Action and the Cyberbanking Frontier Foundation, this Firefox and Chrome constituent accesses sites via https instead of http whenever possible. As a result, it encrypts best of your communications with abounding websites. Operating System: OS Independent

1144. LBE Aloofness Guard

The self-proclaimed “first aloofness aegis software for Android phones,” this app blocks malware and adware and prevents your Android accessory from accouterment acute advice to any apps. However, it is a little difficult to set up, and it requires a abiding phone. Operating System: Android

1145. Failing Carriageable Security

Used by the U.S. government, this action turns any PC (or Mac) into a defended accretion node. Aback you bung in a USB drive absolute LPS into your system, it enables secure, clandestine Web browsing and prevents the arrangement from downloading any malware. Operating System: OS Independent

1146. Lock Arrangement Generator

You adeptness anticipate you are convalescent your smartphone aegis by ambience a arrangement lock screen, but best bodies use one of a scattering of patterns that are attainable to guess. This apparatus generates a accidental arrangement (and helps you apprentice it) to beforehand your security. Operating System: Android

1147. Orbot

Essentially, Orbot is “Tor for Android.” It connects users to the Tor defended internet browser aback visiting websites, and it additionally allows added apps to affix to Tor in adjustment to assure users’ privacy. Operating System: OS Independent

1148. PeerBlock

If you are accessing a P2P network, you can use PeerBlock to anticipate your computer from abutting with “known bad” computers, such as those confined spyware. It comes with a absence annual of blocked addresses or you can actualize one of your own or use a annual created by added PeerBlock users. Operating System: Windows

1149. Places

Places is a belvedere for administering messages, photos and files securely. It encrypts advice end-to-end so that abandoned the advised recipients can actualization it. The antecedent bare is available, and for now, the beta annual is absolutely chargeless although the aggregation does intend to add paid casework in the future. Operating System: OS Independent.

1150. Privoxy

Want to set up your own proxy server? Privoxy describes itself as “a non-caching web proxy with avant-garde clarification capabilities for acceptable privacy, modifying web folio abstracts and HTTP headers, authoritative access, and removing ads and added abhorrent Internet junk.” It can assure networks or standalone systems. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1151. Appeal Policy

This Firefox addendum puts you in ascendancy of aback cross-site requests are allowed. It can advice you abstain tracking by business firms, and it can advice anticipate cross-site bogus attacks. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1152. Scotty

Scotty offers “a chargeless attainable antecedent proxy software for bypassing clarify and censorship systems.” To use it, you’ll charge a aperture (either your own Web server or one on Google App Engine) added a Java executable on your bounded arrangement which bypasses filters and encrypts communication. Operating System: OS Independent.

1153. Arresting Clandestine Messaging

Communicate deeply with individuals or groups. Arresting offers encrypted babble that uses your absolute buzz numbers and abode book. Operating System: Android

1154. SUM

Short for “Secure Ultimate Messenger,” SUM is a confidential, encrypted afire messaging program. Clashing abounding agnate programs, it doesn’t save belletrist on a server, accouterment an added band of security. Operating System: OS Independent.

1155. Torbutton

This Firefox add-on makes it attainable to about-face Tor (see above) on or off for bearding browsing. Agenda that aback you are apparatus it, you will not be able to admission sites that use JavaScript, some CSS features, or Flash. Operating System: OS Independent

1156. Web of Trust (WOT)

Downloaded hundreds of millions of times, this accustomed add-on ante sites as green, chicken or red, depending on their acceptability for security. It’s attainable for mulitple browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

1157. Dart

Another Google language, Dart can be acclimated to anatomy Web apps or server-based apps. It describes itself as “class-based and object-oriented, afterwards actuality dogmatic.” Operating System: Linux, OS X

1158. ECL

Enterprise Ascendancy Language, or ECL, is the accent developers use for creating big abstracts applications on the HPCC platform. An IDE, tutorials and a arrangement of accompanying accoutrement for animate with the accent are attainable on the HPCC Systems website. Operating System: Linux.

1159. Go

First arise by Google in 2009, Go is a changeless accent somewhat agnate to C but with debris accumulating and some activating capabilities. The Go website describes it as “a fast, statically typed, aggregate accent that feels like a dynamically typed, interpreted language.” Operating System: Linux, OS X

1160. F#

Created by Microsoft, F# is a cross-platform “functional-first” programming language. The website includes a huge cardinal of accoutrement for acquirements the accent and apparatus it to abode applications. Operating System: Linux, OS X

1161. Harlan

Many systems today accommodate GPUs, which affiance greater accomplishment and lower action use. Harlan is an beforehand at a programming accent advised accurately to booty advantage of the capabilities of GPUs. Operating System: Linux, OS X

1162. Java

One of the two best accustomed programming languages in the world, Oracle-owned Java enables developers to abode cross-platform applications. A huge arrangement of accompanying IDEs, libraries and accompanying accoutrement are available. Operating System: OS Independent

1163. Lua

Used by Apple of Warcraft and Angry Birds, Lua claims to the “leading scripting accent for games.” Developed by a Brazilian team, the name for this twenty-two-year-old accent is the Portuguese babble for “moon.” Operating System: OS Independent

1164. Perl

Often acclimated for Web development, Perl is now about thirty years old. It is object-oriented, procedural and functional, and it integrates calmly with databases. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1165. PHP

Another accustomed Web language, PHP admiral the server ancillary of some of the world’s best accustomed websites. It stands for “PHP:Hypertext Preprocessor,” and it is maintained by The PHP Group. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1166. Pig/Pig Latin

Another Apache Big Abstracts project, Pig is a abstracts assay belvedere that uses a textual accent alleged Pig Latin and produces sequences of Map-Reduce programs. It helps makes it easier to write, accept and beforehand programs which conduct abstracts assay tasks in parallel. Operating System: OS Independent

1167. Python

Known for actuality attainable to learn, Python is a dynamically-typed accent that emphasizes dispatch and bare readability. Its bulk aesthetics is bidding in twenty aphorisms, including “beautiful is bigger than ugly,” simple is bigger than complex,” and “special cases aren’t acclimatized abundant to breach the rules.” Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1168. R

Similar to the S accent and environment, R was advised to handle statistical accretion and graphics. It includes an dent apartment of big abstracts accoutrement for manipulation, abacus and visualization. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

1169. Ruby

Inspired by Perl, Smalltalk, Eiffel, Ada, and Lisp, Ruby calls itself “a programmer’s best friend.” While its acceptance has beneath somewhat recently, it’s still one of the twenty best accustomed programming languages. It’s dynamic, acquisitive and advised to assume “natural.” Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1170. Terra

Terra is a C-like accent that can interoperate with Lua, but it can additionally be acclimated alone. It’s advantageous for high-performance computing. Operating System: Linux, OS X

1171. TypeScript

Microsoft aboriginal arise this JavaScript accession in 2012. It works with JavaScript libraries and compiles to JavaScript code, but adds changeless accounting capabilities and bigger scalability. Operating System: OS Independent

1172. Achievo

This Web-based action administering apparatus includes time-tracking and scheduling capabilities. It’s attainable in added than twenty languages, and abutment is attainable through third-party partners. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

1173. dotProject

Another complete project, dotProject has been beneath development aback 2000. Key actualization accommodate an email-based agitation admission system, hierarchical assignment list, altercation appointment and more. Operating System: Windows, Linux

1174. GanttProject

Downloaded added than 20,000 times a week, GanttProject has been about aback 2003. It allows users to actualize tasks and milestones, acclimate and accent tasks, actualize PERT annal and more. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1175. Onepoint Project

This apparatus combines action administering capabilities and portfolio administering capabilities in a distinct package. It comes in claimed server (free), accumulation server (free), action server (paid) and action billow (paid) versions. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1176. openXprocess

A acceptable advantage for development teams, openXprocess includes actualization advised for alive and scrum methodologies. The alignment additionally offers paid training in alive and scrum, and paid abutment is additionally available. Operating System: Windows, Linux

1177. Plandora

Like openXprocess, Plandora is best for apparatus or software development groups. Key actualization accommodate time tracking, appeal management, customized reports, customized KPIs, dashboard gadgets, adeptness base, accident management, annual management, alive board, adeptness capacity, surveys, SVN integration, and Gantt charts. Operating System: OS Independent.

1178. Action Libre

This award-winning accession to Microsoft Action has been downloaded about 2 actor times. It has a affiliated annual of users that includes IBM, Accenture, the U.S. Department of Energy, Cisco, ATI and AMD. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1179. Project.Net

This PPM apparatus has been included in Gartner’s “Magic Quadrant for IT Action and Portfolio Administering Applications.” Paid support, enhancements and training are available. Operating System: OS Independent

1180. Redmine

Web-based Redmine offers Gantt charts, calendar, per-project wikis, an affair tracker, newsfeeds and more. It additionally integrates with best adaptation ascendancy systems, authoritative it a acceptable best for development teams. Operating System: OS Independent.

1181. Taiga

Still in beta trials, Taiga is a action administering belvedere advised to abutment alive development principles. In accession to the attainable antecedent download, the aggregation additionally offers a hosted annual that is currently free; they plan to activate charging cable fees in January 2016. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1182. TaskJuggler

Designed for “serious action managers,” TaskJuggler claims to be “more adjustable and aloft to the frequently acclimated Gantt blueprint alteration tools.” Key actualization accommodate an optimizing scheduler, adeptness balancer, bendability checker, accounting and advertisement capabilities. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

1183. web2Project

Offering “real action administering for absolute business,” this Web-based apparatus can administer assorted projects, companies, departments and users. Key actualization accommodate a modular infrastructure, congenital security, role-based permissions, project- and group-wide Gantt charts, and accumulation calendar. Operating System: OS Independent.

1184. Mdadm

Built into the Linux kernel, mdadm makes it attainable to create, administer and adviser accumulator arrays. It can additionally move spares amid RAID arrays. Operating System: Linux

1185. Raider

With Raider, you can catechumen any Linux deejay into a RAID arrangement with software RAID 1, 4, 5, 6 or 10. It works with abounding of the best accustomed Linux distributions, including Ubuntu, Debian, OpenSUSE, Fedora, Linux Mint and others. Operating System: Linux

1186. RaidEye

RaidEye isn’t so abundant a apparatus for creating RAID accessories as for ecology RAID volumes. It works with the AppleRAID software congenital into OS X. Operating System: OS X

1187. Salamander

Created to advice Ubuntu users apparatus RAID on their systems, Salamander is a adapted adaptation of the accustomed Ubuntu installer. The name comes from the actuality that it can change abstracts afterwards a hard-drive abortion the aforementioned way that salamanders can regrow limbs. Operating System: Linux

1188. SnapRAID

SnapRAID arrays can balance from up to six deejay failures. The apparatus was congenital for home media servers or added environments with a lot of big files that rarely change. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1189. BibleTime

Top-of-the-line Bible absorption accoutrement like Logos can bulk hundreds or akin bags of dollars, but BibleTime offers abounding of the aforementioned capabilities for free. It provides searchable admission to added than 200 Bibles, commentaries and accompanying resources. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1190. Gnaural

It already does aggregate else–now your computer or smartphone can advice you meditate. Apparatus commodity alleged the “binaural exhausted principle,” Gnaural generates audio tones advised to get you in the adapted anatomy of apperception for relaxation. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1191. Noor

Noor doesn’t action a lot of accretion and whistles, but it does let you admission the altercation of the Quran from your PC. It includes both the aboriginal Arabic and translations. Operating System: OS Independent

1192. Xiphos

Xiphos provides admission to the aforementioned Biblical texts and assets as BibleTime—it aloof has a altered interface. It additionally provides the capabilities for users to actualize their own modules such as journals, adoration lists and claimed commentaries that they can allotment with friends. Operating System: Windows, Linux

1193. Zekr

This app provides admission to the Quran and commentaries in a cardinal of altered translations. It’s absolutely chargeless and attainable antecedent because its developers chase a absolute simple rule: “Never Profit Off The Prophet.” Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1194. Android-VNC-Viewer

Are you a advice board artisan or do your parents anxiety you a lot for advice with their computers? This apparatus allows you to actualization and ascendancy desktop screens from your Android device. To use it, you will additionally charge a VNC server like TightVNC, RealVNC, x11vnc or Apple Conflicting Desktop. Operating System: Android

1195. OpenVPN

Connect to your arrangement deeply apparatus OpenVPN. It’s attainable as a paid action solution, a chargeless download or as a cloud-based service. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, Android, iOS.

1196. OpenVPN for Android

This VPN applicant allows you to affix to your accumulated server or added VPN server from your Android device. It’s a abundant apparatus for deeply accessing action networks. Agenda that in adjustment to use it, you will additionally charge a VPN server tool, such as OpenVPN. Operating System: Android

1197. TightVNC

This conflicting ascendancy apparatus allows users to coact with a arrangement in one beyond while apparatus a arrangement in accession location. In accession to its telecommuting uses, it’s additionally advantageous in abounding advice board situations. Operating System: Windows, Linux

1198. UltraVNC

UltraVNC offers agnate capabilities as TightVNC. Key actualization accommodate book transfer, video driver, accession encryption plugins, MS logon, altercation chat, eyewitness toolbar, eyewitness auto scaling, assorted adviser support, auto reconnection and more. Operating System: Windows

1199. Gourmet

Gourmet helps you acclimate your recipes. It imports recipes from assorted formats, including websites, added it generates arcade lists and counts the calories in the commons you’re making. Operating System: Windows, Linux


WIKINDX combines accoutrement for tracking bibliographic advice with accoutrement for collaboratively assembly papers. It can be deployed on a distinct arrangement or on a Web server, and it knows how to architectonics entries for the best accustomed actualization guides, including the Chicago Manual, APA and others. Operating System: OS Independent

1201. Zotero

Zotero aliment assay advice beyond you activate it—in your browser. It’s a Firefox constituent that automatically collects and organizes your assay so that you can calmly chase it later. Operating System: OS Independent

1202. ROS

Short for “Robot Operating System,” ROS offers a set of open-source libraries for authoritative robots. It includes accessory drivers, libraries, accouterments absorption and added capabilities. Operating System: Linux, OS X

1203. Akura

Akura was advised for a “college” (which equates to a K-12 academy in the U.S.) in Sri Lanka and serves abounding Asian institutions. It’s won abounding awards, and it’s decidedly accustomed with religious schools. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

1204. OpenAdmin

Popular with schools about the world, OpenAdmin has been downloaded added than 29,000 times. It’s Web-based and can be acclimated for a distinct academy or to administer assorted schools aural a district. Operating System: OS Independent.

1205. Open-School

This web-based academy administering arrangement “focuses on arete and change in the acreage of education” with an accent on acknowledging the latest trends. It comes in both a free, attainable antecedent adaptation and a paid, authentic edition. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

1206. openSIS

This attainable antecedent academy administering software claims to admission apprentice accomplishment and abecedary performance. It is attainable in the attainable antecedent version, a Pro adaptation for baby to medium-sized districts, and a awful scalable, cloud-based Surge adaptation for ample districts. Operating System: OS Independent.

1207. SchoolTool

Designed for schools in the developing world, SchoolTool runs on Ubuntu and has been translated into abundant languages. The latest amend can clue skills, outcomes and standards, which is attainable for acknowledging with regulations in abounding areas. Operating System: Linux.

1208. OpenBEL

Although the action was originally amorphous by Selventa, the Linux Foundation now manages this accomplishment aimed at creating a programming accent “representing authentic allegation in the action sciences in a accountable form.” The BEL allotment stands for Biological Expression Language. The action includes a framework, an editor and a navigator. Operating System: Linux

1209. Attainable Antecedent Malaria

This is accession archetype of the attainable antecedent movement overextension aloft software. It’s an attainable science accomplishment to accretion a cure for malaria. It’s hosted on GitHub, and anyone can contribute. Operating System: OS Independent

1210. OpenWorm

This abnormal action is committed to architectonics the aboriginal agenda action form—a basal adaptation of the C. elegans nematode. They admission bare for several projects attainable through GitHub, or you can accord artlessly by abutting in on a Google Hangout discussion. The absolute action (as able-bodied as the code) is guided by attainable antecedent principles. Operating System: OS Independent

1211. Celtx

Celtx bills itself as an “all-in-one arrangement for video and cine planning.” The capital website primarily promotes the online service, but it is still attainable to download the antecedent bare for the attainable antecedent version. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1212. ClearOS

ClearOS calls itself a “next-generation baby business server.” It incorporates networking, VPN, server capabilities, and enterprise-grade aegis into a distinct amalgamation with an easy-to-use Web-based interface. It serves a affiliated annual of acclaimed customers, including Google Maps, Cadillac, Samsung, Toyota, Hilton Worldwide, Xerox, Chevrolet, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Princeton University, Greenpeace and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

The ClearOS software is attainable in several altered editions. The Home and Business editions are attainable with a paid subscription, or you can download the Affiliation archetype for free. The aggregation additionally offers a avant-garde arrangement of pre-configured accouterments accessories with prices alignment from $1,199.00 to $34,832.17. In addition, it additionally offers paid abutment packages. Operating System: Linux.

1213. Koozali SMEServer

Based on the CentOS administering of Linux, SMEServer is advised for baby and average enterprises. Key actualization accommodate a book and book sharing, email server, firewall, conflicting access, RAID storage, backup, conflicting admission and more. Operating System: Linux.

1214. BuddyPress

Made by the WordPress team, BuddyPress offers “social networking in a box.” Its acclimated by bags of organizations to actualize amusing networks for a arrangement of altered groups. Operating System: OS Independent

1215. Diaspora

If you’d rather abstain the abeyant aloofness problems on Facebook by alienated the amusing arrangement altogether, you adeptness appetite to assay out Diaspora. It’s an attainable antecedent amusing arrangement advised with aloofness in mind. Operating System: OS Independent

1216. LiveStreet CMS

Similar to BuddyPress, LiveStreet is a agreeable administering arrangement for creating blogs or amusing networks. It boasts attainable installation, adaptability and multilingual functionality. Operating System: Linux

1217. Lunchbox

NPR created this apartment of accoutrement to achieve it easier for journalists to allotment images on amusing media. It includes three tools: Waterbug, which creates watermarked, attributed images; Factlist, which creates a bulleted annual of credibility about annual stories; and Quotable, which turns contemporary quotes into images. All can be customized to clothing altered organizations. Operating System: Windows, OS X

1218. Mcrouter

Mcrouter was aboriginal arise by Facebook on September 15, 2014. The aggregation describes the action as “a memcached agreement router that is acclimated at Facebook to handle all cartage to, from, and amid bags of accumulation servers aloft dozens of clusters broadcast in our abstracts centers about the world.” It can reportedly handle up to 5 billion requests per second. Operating System: Linux.

1219. Attainable Daylight

Open Daylight describes itself as “an attainable belvedere for arrangement programmability to accredit SDN and NFV for networks at any admeasurement and scale.” Its aboriginal absolution is alleged Hydrogen, and it comes in three versions: Base, Virtualization and Annual Provider. Operating System: Linux.

1220. eSpeak

Although not as human-sounding as some added altercation readers, eSpeak provides bright audio of the altercation on your screen. It supports dozens of altered languages, as able-bodied as several altered English accents. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1221. Btrfs

A collective action authentic by Facebook, Fujitsu, Intel, the Linux Foundation, Netgear, Novell, Oracle, Red Hat and others, Btrfs is a archetype on abode (CoW) filesystem for Linux. It focuses on “fault tolerance, adjustment and attainable administration.” Operating System: Linux

1222. Ceph

Owned by Red Hat, Ceph combines commodity and block accumulator capabilities. It’s a broadcast accumulator band-aid that boasts accomplished performance, scalability and reliability. Operating System: Linux

1223. CoprHD

CoprHD is an open-source adaptation of EMC’s ViPR Controller. According to the website, it “enables administering and automation of accumulator assets for block and book accumulator platforms.” Operating System: Linux

1224. DRBD

DRBD is an attainable antecedent band-aid for architectonics high-availability accumulator clusters based on RAID-1. Bartering accessories based on the aforementioned technology are attainable through LinBit. Operating System: Linux

1225. Ext4

Included in best accustomed Linux distributions, Ext4 supports book systems up to 1 EB in admeasurement with up to 16 TB per file. Added key actualization accommodate extents, multiblock allocation, delayed allocation, Fast fsck, account checksumming and more. Operating System: Linux

1226. FreeNAS

This attainable antecedent arrangement absorbed accumulator (NAS) software says it is “loved by” the United Nations, Disney Alternate Media Group, Reuters and Dr. Phil. It can be installed on about any hardware, and &TrueNAS offers pre-built accessories based on the technology. Operating System: FreeBSD

1227. Gluster

Gluster is a awful scalable arrangement filesystem that is acceptable for billow accretion environments. Red Hat offers a paid artefact based on the technology, and its users accommodate Casio and Intuit. Operating System: Linux

1228. IPFS

Short for “Interplanetary Book System,” IPFS is an abnormal action that uses peer-to-peer technology to affix all computers with a distinct book system. According to the action owner, “In some ways, IPFS is agnate to the Web, but IPFS could be apparent as a distinct BitTorrent swarm, exchanging altar aural one Git repository.” Operating System: OS Independent

1229. Kinetic Attainable Storage

Backed by companies like EMC, Seagate, Toshiba, Cisco, NetApp, Red Hat, Western Digital, Dell and others, Kinetic is a Linux Foundation action committed to establishing standards for a new affectionate of commodity accumulator architecture. It’s advised to accommodated the charge for scale-out accumulator for baggy data. Operating System: Linux

1230. Libvirt Accumulator Management

A Red Hat Emerging Technology Project, Libvirt is a accumulator pooling and virtualization API. Assay out the website for a annual of applications developed apparatus the API. Operating System: Linux

1231. Lustre

Intended to abutment high-performance accretion (HPC) environments, Lustre is accession awful scalable book system. Some of its ancient adopters included the civic laboratories at Lawrence Livermore, Sandia, Oak Ridge and Los Alamos. Operating System: Linux

1232. NAS4Free

Another advantage for DIY NAS, NAS4Free claims to be “the simplest and fastest way to actualize a centralized and easily-accessible server for all kinds of abstracts calmly accessed with all kinds of arrangement protocols and from any network.” Key actualization accommodate the ZFS book system, software RAID (levels 0, 1 or 5) and deejay encryption. Operating System: FreeBSD

1233. OHSM

Short for “Online Hierarchical Accumulator Manager,” OHSM can automatically move abstracts amid high- and bargain media depending on how about it has been accessed. It allows enterprises to set up and accomplish behavior for beyond accumulator should be allocated and aback it should be relocated. Operating System: Linux

1234. openAttic

OpenATTIC aims to be “the abandoned accumulator arrangement you’ll anytime need” and provides software-defined accumulator capabilities. It can arrange billow and on-premise accumulator and it can affix NFS, CIFS or iSCSI admirers with FibreChannel ESX or OpenStack KVM hosts. Operating System: Linux

1235. Openfiler

Openfiler aims to amalgamate the best actualization of NAS accumulator with the best actualization on SAN storage. Its users accommodate Motorola, Pratt & Whitney, Bill Me Afterwards and the London Metropolitan Police. A paid bartering archetype is available. Operating System: Linux

1236. OpenMediaVault

Based on Debian Linux, OpenMediaVault was advised to accommodate NAS for home users or baby offices. It offers a Web-based administering animate and includes software RAID capabilities. Operating System: Linux

1237. OpenSMT

This is accession advantage for architectonics your own NAS/SAN appliance—this time based on OpenSolaris. It uses the ZFS book system. Operating System: OpenSolaris

1238. openvStorage

This software-defined accumulator band-aid promises “zero downtime, aught touch, aught backup, aught copy, aught aerial and aught technology lock-in.” It’s actuality acclimated by several accumulator vendors about the world. Operating System: Linux

1239. oVirt

With oVirt, IT can administer basal machines, virtualized networks and virtualized accumulator via an automated Web interface. It’s based on the KVM hypervisor. Operating System: Linux

1240. Storj DriveShare and MetaDisk

Storj (pronounced “Storage”) is a new blazon of billow accumulator congenital on blockchain and peer-to-peer technology. The DriveShare app allows users to hire out their bare adamantine drive amplitude for use by the service, and the MetaDisk Web app allows users to save their files to the annual securely. It is currently in beta testing. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1241. Turnkey Linux

This action offers images for ambience up Linux-based servers for a arrangement of purposes, including a simple NAS device. There are additionally options for agreeable management, ecommerce, bug tacking, collaboration, Web servers, messaging and more. Operating System: Linux

1242. ZFS

Also congenital into abounding Linux distributions, ZFS is accession awful scalable book system. Originally developed for Sun Solaris, it is now endemic by Oracle. It includes compression, aegis adjoin abstracts corruption, snapshots, RAID abutment and more. Operating System: Solaris, OpenSolaris, Linux, OS X, FreeBSD

1243. Agentless Arrangement Crawler

This IBM apparatus helps adviser log abstracts for billow and containerized environments. It provides afterimage into what is accident with systems and enables analytics. It’s one of the abounding projects accommodate in IBM’s developerWorks Attainable website. Operating System: Linux, OS X

1244. Ansible

Now endemic by Red Hat, Ansible describes itself as “a radically simple IT automation abettor that automates billow provisioning, agreement management, apparatus deployment, intra-service orchestration, and abounding added IT needs.” Technology firms that use it accommodate Cisco, Juniper Networks, Evernote, Twitter, Verisign, GoPro, EA Sports, Atlassian and Verizon. It comes in both chargeless and paid versions. Operating System: Linux

1245. Chef

Another automation tool, Chef supports DevOps practices while convalescent speed, accord and security. Chargeless and paid versions are available. Its website lists Target, Nordstrom, Facebook, Etsy, IGM, Yahoo and Bloomberg amid its users. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1246. Difio

Difio beforehand the attainable antecedent bare abaft your applications. Aback that bare changes, it lets you apperceive what’s altered so that action IT can achieve abreast decisions about advance to the latest version. Authentic languages accommodate Python, Ruby, PHP, Perl, Node.js and Java. Operating System: Linux.

1247. Hudson

Popular with enterprises apparatus Alive and DevOps practices, Hudson is an adaptable affiliated affiliation server that can adviser the beheading of again jobs. The action is sponsored by The Concealment Foundation, Oracle, Atlassian and YourKit. Operating System: OS Independent

1248. OCS Chassis Manager

Designed for IT administrators, this Microsoft action helps administer billow accretion servers at the arbor level. It’s allotment of the Attainable Compute Project. Operating System: Windows.

1249. OSQuery

Developed by Facebook, OSQuery makes it attainable for sysadmins to adviser accouterments accomplishment apparatus alternate SQL queries. It’s ideal for advance detection, tracking basement believability or ensuring compliance. Operating System: Linux, OS X

1250. Packer

This apparatus allows IT agents to actualize identical apparatus images that can be deployed on assorted platforms. Microsoft’s GitHub athenaeum includes plug-ins for apparatus Packer with Azure and Hyper-V. Operating System: Windows, Linux, Unix, OS X.

1251. Puppet

The “most broadly acclimated attainable antecedent IT administering system,” Puppet includes added than 40 attainable antecedent projects for basement management. It comes in a paid action adaptation as able-bodied as the attainable antecedent edition. It boasts that its users accommodate added than 25,000 enterprises, such as Disney, Walmart, 1-800-Flowers.com, Heartland Acquittal Systems, Getty Images and Yelp. Operating System: Windows, Linux, Unix, OS X

1252. SaltStack

Another advantage for IT operations automation, Salt calls itself “the best intelligent, able and adjustable attainable antecedent software for conflicting execution, agreement automation, billow ascendancy and event-driven orchestration.” Aboriginal arise in 2012, it’s acclimated by tens of bags of organizations, and it has won abundant awards, including the Best of VMworld 2014 accolade for virtualization management, an InfoWorld 2014 Technology of the Year Award, and actuality alleged a Gartner Cool Bell-ringer in DevOps in 2013. The attainable antecedent adaptation is about referred to as Salt Open, and it additionally comes in a paid action adaptation alleged SaltStack Enterprise. Operating System: Windows, Linux, Unix, OS X.

1253. Serverspec

If your alignment uses Puppet, Chef, CFEngine or accession agreement administering tool, Serverspec can double-check to achieve abiding your servers are configured the way you appetite them to be. It’s currently a beta absolution with a added beta due in October. Operating System: Linux.

1254. Webmin

This interface allows you to set up Unix user accounts, change passwords, and achieve added arrangement admin tasks from any Web browser. You can achieve added than 100 altered functions. Operating System: Unix

1255. Zabbix

This enterprise-class systems ecology band-aid can accumulate clue of up to one actor metrics on up to 100,000 devices. Microsoft afresh arise a constituent for apparatus Zabbix to adviser Azure deployments. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

1256. ATPad

Designed for developers who adopt animate in a altercation editor rather than a full-fledged IDE, ATPad offers a alleged environment, band numbering, bookmarks, a atom system, absolute undo/redo and more. Operating System: Windows.

1257. CodeMirror

JavaScript-based CodeMirror makes it attainable to bury a altercation editor in a Web browser. It supports added than 90 languages with autocompletion, bare folding, bracket and tag matching, and more. Operating System: OS Independent

1258. Edhita

If you’ve anytime capital to abode bare from your iPhone or iPad, Edhita can help. It’s a altercation editor accounting in Swift. Operating System: iOS

1259. Emacs

Since the 1970s, ancestors of developers admission acclimated Emacs for autograph code. It offers content-sensitive editing, syntax coloring, abounding Unicode support, customization capabilities and a ample library of extensions. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1260. jEdit

This Java-based altercation editor supports added than 200 programming languages. It includes a congenital macro accent with hundreds of pre-written macros and extensions available. Operating System: OS Independent

1261. Notepad

Based on Scintilla, Notepad was acclimatized beforehand this ages with a new Ghost accounting feature. Added capabilities accommodate syntax highlighting and folding, a customizable GUI, certificate map, auto-completion, alleged interface, WYSIWYG printing, bookmarking, macros and more. Operating System: Windows

1262. TEA

This fast, cross-platform altercation editor boasts hundreds of authentic functions. Admitting its failing size, it includes a spellchecker, alleged layout, syntax highlighting for dozens of languages, abutment for bare snippets and templates, bookmarks, a agenda and more. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1263. Textmate

For Macs only, this altercation editor says it wants to accompany bare and markup into the 21st century. Agenda that it is attainable antecedent but not necessarily free; bartering licenses are awash on the site. Operating System: OS X

1264. Vim

Vim is a complete altercation editor with abounding die-hard admirers and a adept animosity with Emacs. It’s awful configurable and is sometimes alleged a “programmer’s editor” because it has abounding of the actualization of abounding IDEs. It is charityware, so those who use it are asked to accord to an alignment that helps beggared accouchement in Uganda. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1265. XML Archetype Editor

This fast, failing editor is acceptable for aloof one thing—writing authentic XML code. It actualization syntax highlighting, folding, tag completion, spell and actualization assay and acceptation and consign from Microsoft Word. Operating System: Windows, Linux

1266. Zile

Short for “Zile is Lossy Emacs,” Zile is a baby altercation editor that looks absolute agnate to the accustomed Emacs editor. It packs abounding actualization into aloof 100KB, including multi-level undo, multi-window display, killing, yanking, register, and babble wrap. Operating System: Linux/Unix

1267. A Time Tracker

Based on TimeTracker , this apparatus helps freelancers, arrangement workers and added professionals accumulate clue of the time they absorb on assorted projects. It comes in four languages in accession to English. Operating System: Android

1268. eHour

This web-based apparatus beforehand projects, admirers and time spent, authoritative it attainable to accomplish invoices. It’s a acceptable advantage for freelancers, SMBs and teams aural a aloft organization. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1269. TimeTrex

The latest adaptation of this abettor time tracking arrangement includes a facial acceptance affection that allows workers to alarm in aloof by adorable at a smartphone or tablet. Besides the attainable antecedent version, it comes in professional, accumulated or action versions, and billow hosting is available. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

1270. Todomoo

Todomoo combines a hierarchical assignment administrator with a time tracker that allows you to bill for your time on assorted projects. It’s additionally attainable in a carriageable archetype that you can run from a USB drive. Operating System: Windows

1271. Cheddar for iOS

This attainable antecedent iOS app makes it attainable to clue your agitation annual on the go. The app is chargeless for one or two lists, but requires a cable for added lists—or you can download the antecedent bare and actualize your own agnate app. Operating System: iOS


Makagiga offers the aforementioned schedule/journal functionality as RedNotebook, added it adds a adhesive addendum accoutrement and a feedreader. Added accession add-ons are additionally available. Operating System: Windows, Linux

1273. NoNonsense Notes

Another note-taking option, NoNonsense Addendum aims to be simple and beautiful. Key actualization accommodate agitation lists, notifications, accoutrement support, countersign support, synchronization with Google Tasks and more. Operating System: OS Independent

1274. Omni Notes

This accustomed and awful rated note-taking app is both simple and lightweight. However, it doesn’t skimp on actualization and includes accoutrement like accumulation editing, full-text search, allocation and Google Now integration. Operating System: OS Independent

1275. Attainable Tasks

OpenTasks actualization a clean, Material-Design based interface and provides basal assignment administering capabilities. The developer has abounding added avant-garde actualization planned, but the app is already absolute useful. Operating System: OS Independent

1276. RedNotebook

A chargeless accession to Evernote, RedNotebook combines a calendar, journaling and babble clouds. Actualization accommodate hashtag support, spell-check, animate search, automated saving, templates, consign and more. Operating System: Windows, Linux

1277. Assignment Coach

This agitation annual administrator comes in both desktop and adaptable versions. It can handle blended tasks, and includes accomplishment tracking and allocation features. Abutment is free. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS, Android

1278. Ted

This app has annihilation to do with Ted Talks or with the cine Ted. Instead, it’s a simple, failing altercation editor. It’s meant for accounting abbreviate files, not for autograph code. Operating System: Android

1279. ThinkingRock

This app helps you put into convenance the “Getting Things Done” alignment featured in books by David Allen. Altered screens advice you aggregate your thoughts, action thoughts, afresh organize, review, and do. Operating System: Windows, Linux

1280. OpenTripPlanner

This action aims to achieve it attainable for government entities to acquaint advice about attainable alteration schedules, walking and biking routes and added travel-related information. Portland’s TriMet, one of the sponsors of the project, currently has a animate admirers of the software in action. Operating System: OS Independent

1281. Chantry Awesome

Developed for Bootstrap, Chantry Awesome is a set of icons accompanying to Web activities. They’re abettor action (meaning they’re attainable to scale) and they attending acceptable on high-resolution screens. Operating System: OS Independent

1282. Hack

Released beforehand this year, Drudge is an attainable antecedent book advised for use in autograph antecedent code. It aims to achieve it attainable to analyze amid agnate characters like 0/O and 1/l, accident at absolute baby sizes. Operating System: OS Independent

1283. Roboto

Roboto is the chantry that Google uses for Android and ChromeOS, and the aggregation arise it beneath an attainable antecedent authorization beforehand this year. It’s additionally the acclaim chantry for developers who appetite to anatomy apps that abutment Google’s Material Design. Operating System: OS Independent

1284. Klavaro

Humble Klavaro describes itself as “just accession chargeless draft accounting babysitter program,” but it’s absolutely absolutely altered for its keyboard- and language-independent operation. In accession to the accustomed “QWERTY” keyboard layout, it supports six added congenital layouts, or you can use the keyboard editor to actualize your own. It’s additionally attainable for 25 altered languages, authoritative this a acceptable best for users alfresco the U.S. Operating System: Windows, Linux

1285. Coffee

This attainable app keeps your arrangement “awake” during downloads, book transfers, etc. It’s absolute attainable if you don’t appetite your arrangement action into standby admission while it completes a authentic activity. Operating System: Windows

1286. Archetype Handler

CopyHandler improves on the congenital book affective and artful actualization in Windows, abacus assignment queuing, filtering, pause, resume and added features. It’s awful customizable and makes it easier to apple-pie up or acclimate stored files. Operating System: Windows.

1287. HDGraph

Wondering how in the apple you managed to ample up 300 GB annual of adamantine drive space? HD Blueprint lets you see the affidavit in a beam by action a multi-level pie blueprint that accommodation how abundant amplitude ceremony agenda and subdirectory is consuming. Operating System: Windows

1288. KShutdown

Need to about-face off, about-face on, or restart your computer at a afterwards time? This app lets you agenda all those functions so they appear automatically and adds several added actualization as well. Operating System: Windows, Linux

1289. QEMU

This adversary can run applications fabricated for any operating arrangement on any added operating system. In added words, you can use it to run Windows XP software on Linux systems or to run Linux applications on Windows (in case you appetite to try them out afore you install Linux on your adamantine drive). It’s best for added accomplished users; beneath technically adeptness association should apparently stick with Wine.

1290. UltraDefrag

Need to defrag your adamantine drive? Clashing the defragmenter apparatus that comes with Windows, UltraDefrag lets you defrag on startup for best speed. You can additionally configure it to shut bottomward your arrangement aback it’s finished, so you can leave it animate at night afterwards you go to bed. Operating System: Windows

1291. WINE

WINE (which stands for “Wine is not an emulator”) allows users to run Windows programs on Unix-based systems, including Linux distributions and OS X. It offers absolute fast accomplishment and accomplished stability. A authentic adaptation accustomed as Crossover Linux is additionally attainable for sale.

1292. WiKID

WiKID promises to booty the altercation out of two-factor authentication. The articulation aloft will booty you to the chargeless affiliation version, but the aggregation additionally offers paid products. Operating System: OS Independent.

1293. Bazaar

Managed by Canonical, Bazaar is acclimated by a lot of attainable antecedent projects, including Ubuntu, the GNU Foundation, the Linux Foundation, MySQL, Bugzilla, Debian and Maria DB. It’s attainable to learn, supports any workflow and workspace model, and promises aerial accumulator adeptness and speed. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1294. Git

This adaptation ascendancy arrangement has become abundantly accustomed acknowledgment in allotment to the growing use of the GitHub service. Companies and projects that use it accommodate Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, LinkedIn, Netflix, Perl, PostgreSQL, Android, Rails, QT, Gnome and Eclipse. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1295. Mercurial

Mercurial is a broadcast antecedent ascendancy administering apparatus focused on allowance teams assignment calm added calmly and added quickly. Its users accommodate ample projects like OpenJDK and NetBeans. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1296. Subversion

Supported by Apache, this enterprise-class adaptation ascendancy arrangement was aboriginal arise in 2000. Organizations that use it accommodate the Apache Software Foundation itself, Hobby Lobby, Mono, Plone and GNU Enterprise. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1297. TortoiseSVN

For Windows only, TortoiseSVN is based on Subversion but provides an alternative, easy-to-use interface. It works with any blazon of book and any IDE. Operating System: Windows

1298. Aegisub

This chargeless apparatus focuses on authoritative it fast and attainable to actualize or acclimate subtitles. It includes congenital real-time examination capabilities. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

1299. AHD Subtitles

AHD creates subtitles automatically afterwards the charge for scripts. It provides “an all-encompassing ambit of alteration options and a ample annual of explanation formats.” Operating System: Windows.

1300. Amara

This award-winning app aims to achieve it easier to actualize subtitles and translations for agenda video. In accession to the attainable antecedent subtitling software, the action additionally sponsors a collaborative subtitling website and an attainable agreement for subtitles. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

1301. Avidemux

While beneath full-featured than some of the added options on our list, Avidemux handles simple editing, clarification and encoding tasks with ease. It additionally offers some automation capabilities, including a job queue. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1302. Explanation Workshop

Subtitle Workshop supports added than 60 altered formats and has an easy-to-use interface. Key actualization accommodate actualization tags, dent video player, assorted undo/redo and multi-language support. Operating System: Windows.

1303. Cinelerra

Downloaded added than a actor times, Cinelerra is a full-featured video alteration suite, and it boasts that it was the world’s aboriginal chargeless 4K editor. Key actualization accommodate real-time processing, cede acreage support, amphibian point imaging, 64-bit compliance, abutment for best codecs and more. Operating System: Linux

1304. DVD Flick

DVD Flick boasts abutment for added than 45 book formats, added than 60 video codecs and added than 40 audio codecs. It can bake DVDs, actualize airheaded and add subtitles. Operating System: Windows.

1305. DVDx

With DVDx, users can archetype best DVDs and Blu-ray discs to their adamantine drives. It can additionally transcode movies from one architectonics to another, reformat video with an incorrect aspect ratio, add or abolish subtitles, abstruse audio and abolish letterbox atramentous borders from movies. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

1306. FFDShow

This codec decodes abundant book formats. It provides accomplished video affection while arresting few accretion resources. Operating System: Windows

1307. HandBrake

HandBrake is a chargeless apparatus for converting video files apparatus a avant-garde arrangement of codecs. It promises fast, simple, attainable operation. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

1308. Hyperlapse

This apparatus uses Google Street Actualization images to creating time-lapse videos that additionally move from one beyond to another. The after-effects can be absolutely amazing. You can brawl with the apparatus online or download the bare to absorb agnate capabilities into your own website. Operating System: OS Independent

1309. Jubler

Winner of several awards, Jubler can columnist new subtitles or edit, convert, transform or actual absolute subtitles. It supports best accustomed explanation formats. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

1310. Kaltura Affiliation Edition

Kaltura is home to a cardinal of video-related projects, including a player, editor, widgets, processing, and abundant more. Their latest absolution is a Joomla addendum that makes it attainable to add video to your Joomla-based Web site. Operating System: OS Independent.

1311. Kdenlive

This video alteration apparatus describes itself as “an automated and able multi-track video editor, including best contempo video technologies.” An amend was arise in August with new actualization like OpenGL support, an bigger blush alteration interface, and a new aftereffect examination capability. Operating System: Linux, OS X

1312. LiVES

LiVES can be acclimated to acclimate approved video or to actualize able VJ performances. It supports the latest standards and is frame- and sample- accurate. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

1313. OpenShot Video Editor

Suitable for amateurs and hobbyists as able-bodied as added avant-garde users, OpenShot is a simple but able video alteration tool. Its capabilities accommodate 3D animation, curve-based camera motion, compositing, transitions, audio mixing, abettor titles, subtitles, acclimatized effects, chroma-key and more. Operating System: Linux, OS X

1314. PhotoFilmStrip

If you’re adorable to actualize a slideshow video for a wedding, graduation, ceremony or added acclimatized event, PhotoFilmStrip is a acceptable option. It supports HD video and offers the “Ken Burns” aftereffect beyond the camera pans aloft the photos. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

1315. Pitivi

The developers abaft this video alteration apparatus appetite to acquiesce “everyone on the planet to authentic themselves through filmmaking, with accoutrement that they can own and improve.” It boasts a admirable interface and hundreds of activated effects, alteration and filters. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, others

1316. Explanation Workshop

With abutment for added than 60 altered explanation formats, Explanation Workshop is a versatile, easy-to-use explanation architect and editor. It supports actualization and blush tags, and it includes an dent video player. Operating System: Windows.

1317. VirtualDub

Another automated option, VirtualDub is a Windows-only apparatus for video abduction and processing. It is primarily advantageous for charwoman up AVI files. Operating System: Windows.

1318. xVideoServiceThief

This apparatus allows you to download clips from added than 93 altered websites, including YouTube, Yahoo Video, Vimeo, Boing Boing and others. It can additionally catechumen clips amid accustomed formats. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

1319. KVM

Short for “kernel-based basal machine,” KVM is a abounding virtualization assemblage for Linux systems. It is included in the mainline Linux kernel. Operating System: Linux.

1320. MidoNet

Released beneath an attainable antecedent authorization aftermost November, MidoNet is awful scalable arrangement virtualization software. It is advised for use in billow accretion environments, decidedly those animate OpenStack. Operating System: Linux

1321. OpenVZ

OpenVZ takes a altered admission to virtualization: clashing VMware, VirtualBox and abounding added virtualization solutions which use VMs, OpenVZ offers container-based virtualization through VEs or VPSs. Bartering accessories based on OpenVZ are awash as Parallels Virtuozzo Containers. Operating System: Linux

1322. VirtualBox

VirtualBox offers virtualization for x86 and AMD64/Intel64 servers and desktops. Pre-built VirtualBox accessories are attainable for download from Oracle. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, Solaris, others

1323. Xen

Xen boasts that it admiral “the bigger clouds in production,” including those run by Amazon Web Casework and Rackspace. It is a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project, and it has been dent into abounding added attainable antecedent billow accretion projects, including OpenStack. Operating System: OS Independent.

1324. Metasploit

The “world’s best acclimated assimilation testing software,” Metasploit is acclaimed as a vulnerability appraisal tool. The website additionally includes a lot of accustomed advice about assimilation testing and security. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

1325. Nikto

Easily browse your Web server for added than 6700 potentially alarming files and programs. It additionally checks for afraid configurations and anachronous software. Operating System: Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, BSD.

1326. Nmap

This accustomed arrangement mapper has been featured in abundant movies, including Elysium, G.I. Joe: Retaliation and The Matrix. In accession to allowance with aegis audits, it’s additionally advantageous for arrangement administering purposes. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

1327. OpenVAS

OpenVAS claims to be “the world’s best avant-garde attainable antecedent vulnerability scanner and manager.” It provides a framework for vulnerability administering and added than 33,000 vulnerability scans. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

1328. OWASP Zed Beforehand Proxy

Also accustomed as ZAP, this assimilation testing apparatus is easier to user than some of the added options, authoritative it a acceptable best for those who are new to this blazon of aegis testing. It’s an award-winning apparatus advised to accretion vulnerabilities in web applications. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

1329. Samurai

Samurai is a Linux-based animate CD that brings calm abounding altered assimilation testing accoutrement in a distinct framework. It includes assets for reconnaissance, mapping, assay and exploitation. Operating System: Linux.

1330. w3af

This Web apparatus aegis auditing framework searches for added than 200 altered kinds of vulnerabilities, includes cross-site scripting, PHP misconfiguration and SQL injection. Abundant add-ons are available. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

1331. Wapiti

Another advantage for accolade vulnerabilities in Web applications, Wapiti does atramentous box scanning of apps. It can ascertain XSS, SQL and XPath injections, book inclusions, command execution, XXE injections, CRLF injections and added aegis flaws. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

1332. DansGuardian

DansGuardian filters out abhorrent agreeable apparatus byword matching, PICS clarification and URL filtering. It allows users to acclimate the settings to block as abundant or as little as desired. Operating System: Linux, OS X.

1333. Amaya

Managed by the Apple Avant-garde Web Consortium (W3C), Amaya integrates web browsing and editing. It supports HTML, CSS, XML, and some accompanying accoutrement like XHTML, MathML and SVG. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1334. Aptana

A bigger advantage for able Web apparatus developers, Aptana supports HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Ruby, Rails, PHP and Python. It additionally offers Git affiliation and attainable deployment to Heroku or EngineYard. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1335. Bluefish

Aimed at developers creating added avant-garde Web applications, Bluefish supports abundant programming languages. It boasts fast startup and performance, the adeptness to attainable hundreds of abstracts at once, action support, able chase and replace, snippets sidebar, absolute undo/redo, programming language-aware spell checker and more. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1336. BlueGriffon

Like SeaMonkey, BlueGriffon is additionally powered by Firefox’s apprehension engine. It includes a WYSIWYG agreeable editor that simplifies the action of creating websites. Operating System: Windows, Linux

1337. Firebug

If you’re adequate alteration code, Firebug is a aces apparatus for alteration your Web pages live. It integrates with Firefox and makes it attainable to search, edit, and accretion errors in your HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1338. Kompozer

This “complete web assembly system” offers a WYSIWYG folio editor or the advantage to anon in the folio code. It’s a acceptable advantage for beginners as able-bodied as added avant-garde Web developers and designers. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1339. SeaMonkey

In accession to Webpage editing, this complete Internet apartment additionally includes a browser, email client, IRC babble and more. Closely accumbent with Mozilla, it is based on a lot of the aforementioned bare as the Firefox browser and Thunderbird email application. Operating System: Windows, Linux

1340. XML Archetype Editor

For XML only, this editor is failing and fast. It validates your bare as you blazon and offers a simple, basal interface. Operating System: Windows, Linux

1341. Apache HTTP Server

Now added than 20 years old, Apache claims to admission been the best accustomed Web server on the Internet aback 1996. According to W3Techs, it currently admiral 55.3 percent of all websites. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1342. AppServ

The ambition of the App Serv action is simple: acquiesce users to set up a Web server with Apache, MySQL and PHP in one minute or less. Agenda that this action originated in Thailand so some of the English affidavit reads a little strange. Operating System: Windows, Linux

1343. EasyPHP

EasyPHP lets you set up a WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL and PHP) ambiance on a arrangement or a deride drive in aloof minutes. It additionally includes accession modules for WordPress, Spip, PrestaShop, Drupal, Joomla, and added apps. Operating System: Windows

1344. Nginx

Also acutely popular, Nginx (pronounced like abettor X) is acclimated by about a division of all the websites on the Internet. Its users accommodate Netflix and WordPress.com, as able-bodied as abounding high-traffic sites in Russia. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

1345. XAMPP

Most of them time aback you appetite to install the Apache Web server, you’ll additionally charge added tools, like MySQL, PHP and Perl. This accumulation of downloads bundles calm all of those tools—along with a arrangement of added attainable antecedent software that’s attainable for animate a Web server—in an easy-to-deploy amalgamation customized for ceremony of the aloft operating systems. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, Solaris

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